Australian Visa for Singapore Citizen

The Australian Department of Home Affairs offers the Electronic Travel Authority (visa subclass 601 or subclass 651) before their travel for Singapore residents traveling for short-term tourism or business to apply online. The ETA is valid for one year whenever ETA is issued and will allow Singapore residents to return for as long as 90 days for each visit on various occasions.

how to apply visa to australia

Before making a trip to Australia, Singaporeans are expected to get a visa. It is possible to apply for a few visas online, while others can apply to the Australian Visa Application Center (AVAC) in Singapore. You will continue to apply online if you are eligible for an Australia ETA for Singaporeans and have checked off the items referenced. To see if you meet all requirements for an Australia ETA or not, you may use the Check Visa Requirement, eVisaMart made accessibly obtainable to you. You will know, amazingly fast.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

What are the required documents?

Undoubtedly, applying online has made it considerably easier for Singaporeans, but that doesn't mean you don't have to fulfill a few criteria. It is suggested for you to collect all the required documentation before you start finishing the application structure. Not many documents are asked by eVisaMart. Here is the thing you're going to need:

  • Legitimate Passport: Without a passport, Singaporeans do not have permission to visit Australia. If you have a passport, ensure that it remains valid in Australia for three months from your entry date.
  • Payment Options: To apply for it, you will have to pay eVisaMart administration fees during the application process. Your credit or debit card is available for you to use.

You will also be asked to answer a few questions, only as a quick update. Since it is just daily inquiries, you don't have to stress; just a few questions, such as the intent behind your movement, etc. Although not unbelievably enormous, if you don't mind, react honestly.

You can start and fill out the application if you have the two documents listed above. The method is simple, and eVisaMart has an outstanding customer support service that can be accessed every minute of every day, i.e., 24/7.

What is Australian Visa Processing Time for Singaporean?

For every country, the pace of handling a visa fluctuates. Travel visas can be managed by eVisaMart for as little as a day. We have three open processing times, with respect. The sooner you get the ETA, the better it. Your options are here:

  • Standard Processing- This is the least common option. It takes almost 48 to 72 business hours to get your ETA concerning your submission's tight hanging period. Although this is the slowest choice, 48 to 72 hours is nothing but a considerable burden.
  • Rush Processing- This approach is much quicker than the first. In just 24 hours, you will have your Australia ETA for Australia. You need to pay more, as can be expected.
  • Super Rush Operation- eVisaMart offers the fastest elective option. For your application to be ready, it only takes 4 hours.

How long do I have a valid passport to fly to Australia?

Most nations require a passport to be valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date in Sri-Lanka. You have to apply to renew your passport if your passport lapses earlier than that. If your passport is due to expire, you can get assistance from eVisaMart.

What is the Australia ETA Application Procedure for Singaporeans?

The application form is simple and can quickly be completed. It is divided into two systematic steps:

  • First, you will request that the information listed is the same as in your passport and fill in your details and choose the processing time.

  • Second, if you review and then pay, you can require that you check your application data or modify any error. Please apply your application with fees from that point forward, and that is it.

Having an ETA to Australia for Singaporeans is probably the best thing you can do. It only takes a little time and commitment, and you will be out on the next plane out. Compared with visiting an embassy for a consular visa, it is undoubtedly a simple operation.

Is there a range of Australian ETA types?

Yes there are two forms of Australian visas. These are Tourist ETA and Business ETA. 

For travel or tourism purposes, a tourist visa (ETA) is applicable. Holidays/vacations, entertainment, and seeing relatives and companions are part of the tourism activity. It is lawful for 1 Year for multiple entries of up to 3 months stay duration. 

The Business ETA refers, as it were, to business purposes. Business goals can include attending a conference or meeting, sharing, or an exploratory business visit. It allows multiple entries of as long as three months, and it is legal for 1year. To get your tourist Australian ETA, go to the Australian ETA page of our website.

Do I need an airplane ticket before I submit an ETA application?

No. Before applying for an ETA, you do not need to get your airplane ticket to Australia.

Is it appropriate for children and newborns to hold their own Singapore passport?

Each person resident of Singapore should have their own passport. Within your passport, you are not entitled to represent another family member. Babies should get their passports now.

Do my kids need visas to travel?

The necessities for travel visas are equivalent for all passengers, paying no attention to age. If you want, visit our Visa segment for your kids' current, explicit travel visa requirements.

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