Australian Visa for United Kingdom Citizen

To enter Australia, UK residents do not require a stamp visa or any paperwork visa. All that the UK citizens need is an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) / e-visitor visa to enter Australia. Through the Australian e-visitor visa, UK citizens will get a permit to enter Australia for multiple purposes such as business, travel, etc. Hence, in this thread, we will help you clear all your doubts.

how to apply visa to australia from uk

For UK Citizens, the most important thing they need to check before they enter Australia is if they have an E-Visa. It has become really easy for UK citizens to get access to the Australian e-visitor visa, which is undoubtedly an excellent option as it helps save a considerable amount of time and effort. UK citizens are required to have the e-visitor visa set before they arrive in Australia.

The Australian e-visitor visa is valid for tourism or business purposes. The visa's maximum validity is for 1year, and a non-stop stay is allowed for a period of 90 days with multiple entries.


What Should I Know First About the Australian E-Visitor Visa?

The best thing about E-Visitor Visa, as the name suggests, is that it is an electronically approved document. This document is gotten through an online structure you and the e-Visitor works with the Australian ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) strategy. The visa-waiver system is endorsed for the citizens who do not required to hold a paper visa to enter Australia and the UK are very much on this list.

Do I Need an Australian E-Visitor If I'm from the United Kingdom?

The answer is "YES," as a United Kingdom resident; you do require an Australian E-visitor visa to enter the country.

What Documents Do I Need to Get the Australia E-Visitor Visa for the Citizens of the United Kingdom?

The list of documents you would require when you are applying for an E-Visitor Visa: -

  • Passport: - The passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the departure date.

  • Credit/Debit card: - This is required to pay the online visa fees.

  • Email id: - The applicant is required to submit a valid email id, to get all communication on that email.

  • Supporting documents: The Australian government will request that you give a valid reason to remain in Australia as a vacationer upon arrival. 

In case you are looking for more information regarding the Australian e-visitor for UK citizens, click here.

How Might I Get the Australia E-Visitor Visa?

If you hold a UK passport and you are looking forward to applying for the Australian E-visitor visa, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps: -

  • In the first step, you must provide the basic data in the application form that includes the reason for your visit to Australia. It would be best to choose processing time, which directly decides your cost of obtaining the visa. 

  • The next step is to continue with the application fee. 

  • The next step is where you are required to review your details in the form, check out everything. If you need correction, then correct it and then submit it.

  • You will get the approved online visa via email within a few days. You can always contact the supporting staff, in case of further queries. 

  • Your details that you filled in the e-Visitor application should be the same as the passport details. 

Start your application here.

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Does Age Limitation Apply?

There is no age limit. All qualified and have a passport of the UK can apply for the Australian e-visitor visa.

Discover More Information About the Australia Visitor Visa for the Citizens of the United Kingdom?

There is undoubtedly much more data regarding the Australian ETA. Although we have tried to cover the full information in this thread, if you feel you still have more doubts or queries, you can undoubtedly contact our customer support staff here, to help you out with all the questions you have. 

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