How can you acquire a visa online? Try the best method now!

How can you acquire a visa online
Published on: 03-10-2020
How can you acquire a visa online? Try the best method now!

Every time you want to go out for traveling, you have to think about a lot of things and plan way ahead. Whether the purpose of your visit is medical related or you are going for a tour, the one thing that is the most vital is your visa.

What is it, and why do you need it? Well, if you are traveling outside the country for the first time, then you may not have enough knowledge of these things. As such, this article contains all the information that you may need before you make your travel plans.?

So, if you are traveling from Russia to India? Read this article now!

What is a visa, and why do you need it?

A visa is an official document that contains all your information. This document explains the purpose of your visit, and it is the one document without which you will not be allowed to travel or visit most of the countries. The immigration department and the country's policies oblige you to follow these rules and regulations. While some countries provide you with a visa on arrival, most of the countries have a strict protocol that states that you cannot enter their boundaries without a legitimate visa. All these factors make this document one of the most critical components that you need to have.

What is the best method of acquiring a visa?

Well, you have two options to acquire a visa. These choices include:

  • The first option is to go to the Indian embassy. What do you do there? Well, when you go to the embassy, you have to undergo a lot of paperwork. It includes all the forms that you have to fill, communicate with some people, and then apply for the visa.?

  • The second option is to go for an online visa. What is that? Well, it is similar to the offline model, except it is less time-consuming, and you do not need to leave your home. You can visit the online portal and select to fill a form. You will have to choose the type of visa and the processing time. This way, your burden gets reduced, and you can focus on other vital aspects of your travel.?

Which of the two methods is the best? Well, when you have to travel outside the country, you cannot focus on one or two aspects. You have to make a lot of decisions. Sometimes, people in this hard-fast life find it challenging to pick out a time to go through the entire process physically; as such, one of the best methods is to go for an online visa or the e-visa.

What are the different categories of visas you can choose?

In terms of the type of visas, you have three categories:?

  • Tourist visa?

  • Business visa?

  • Medical Visa

In terms of validity, you have five types of visas:?

  • The Tourist e-visa that lasts for 30-days.

  • The second Tourist e-visa lasts for 1-year.?

  • The third type of the Tourist e-visa lasts for 5-years.

  • Next is the Business e-visa viable for 1-year .

  • The last is the Medical e-visa with the validity of 60-days.

You need to understand that each of these documents allows multiple entries in the country so you can come multiple times to the country on the same visa. This way, you do not have to apply every time you decide to leave the country.?

One of the most necessary factors is to understand that the cost of your visa will depend on the category and the processing time. So, the prices can vary accordingly.

What is the processing time?

Processing time refers to the duration that you have choosen to provide you with your visa. Since most of the people prefer to stay on the safer side, they try to ensure that they get the document at least a week before their departure, but if somehow you miss it, then rest assured that you can get it within 2-days of application, as well. So, you can choose the time duration under which you require the visa, and they will send it to your email address immediately.

What are the documents you need to apply for the visa?

The documents depend on the type of visa you choose, but the fundamental remains the same. In every case, you will need a valid passport, the image of the last page of it, and applicant photo. Apart from that, if you are going for business purposes, then you have to send a business card, and if you are going for medical reasons, then you have to show the required paperwork from the Indian hospital. All these documents will act as proof of your statement and will make acquiring the visa all the more effortless.

Would you need a visa if you are traveling on a cruise?

In India, you have 5-seaports through which you are allowed to enter the nation. So, it does not matter the transport you choose to visit, as the rules are the same for all. Whether you book an air ticket or you decide to travel through the cruise, you will have to carry your visa irrespective of that. So, make sure that you have a hard copy of the document while you are traveling from a ship to the country. You need to keep in mind that you cannot enter the country if you come from any other seaport.

Is it possible to extend your stay beyond the limit?

People wonder whether they can extend their stay in the country, but that is not possible. You cannot increase the limit. You can stay continuous in the country for 90 days on Tourist visa or 180 days on Business Visa, and if you want to be there for longer, then you will have to return and then re-enter the nation on the same visa. As long as your document does not expire, you can enter multiple times.

One can say that an online visa is the best mode of authorized document you can get.?

So, visit the online portals today!

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