What Is The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Visa On Arrival In India?

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Visa On Arrival In India
Published on: 27-08-2020
What Is The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Visa On Arrival In India?

India is a place of beauty and traditions and has a ton to offer for travelers, however before the visa change, India was accepting fewer guests than places like Malaysia or Thailand. With India more open than any other time in recent memory, it presents an ideal opportunity to design a mind-blowing outing. If you are looking to enjoy the beauty and tradition of any place then no need to worry as you have the option to apply for a visa online. If you are the one who is looking to travel India then no need to worry as here in this post you will get detailed information related to VOA.

Who Can Exploit The Visa On Arrival?

Starting in 2016, more than 100 nations were incorporated for the E-Tourist Visa requirement. More will be added to carry the aggregate to 150 nations. If you mean to visit India for 30 days, you ought to positively investigate getting an E-Tourist Visa. Residents of endorsed nations with Pakistani inceptions are not qualified for an Indian E-Tourist Visa on arrival and should follow the old procedure. Explorers wishing to visit controlled regions, for example, Arunachal Pradesh require a unique license and may not be qualified for a visa on arrival.

appeal of visa on arrival

The Appeal Of Visa On Arrival Is Engaging

Indians would seldom be able to make a minute ago arrangements. Going on an Indian identification implies applying for a visa for most nations heretofore. But when you check the rundown of nations where you could acquire a visa on arrival you will be delighted. Applying for VOA implied that you could go at short notification. While the appeal of a VOA is extremely engaging, there is a ton of data that isn't promptly accessible on the web. Without this data, venturing out to an outside land can at times end up being a bad dream.

Get detailed information about Visa on Arrival

In this post, you will get the data that would take reams of search pages to discover, and give a direct record of certain issues that were confronted when deciding on the VOA alternative during the path. At the start, it would be ideal if you note that this post isn't comprehensive. If you have not made any single trip to all the nations that give the VOA office, so your insight is restricted.

The experience to draw from the VOA system is exclusively founded on the nations or if you made a trip to/data acquired from companions who have headed out to such nations, and in this manner, this issue may not be experienced by you during your movements to such nations/whatever other nation that offers this alternative. You have to attempt for refreshing the data on this page.

Working of the New Visa on Arrival for India

You will initially apply for your ETA using a basic, online form. A sweep of your visa photograph page and a full-face image of yourself on a white background should be transferred.

existing tourist visa process

The Existing Tourist Visa Process

The current visitor visa application process for India was full of traps, some of which botched itinerary items and asserted numerous non-refundable application expenses. Expected guests to India were required to finish a protracted and confusing form, at that point hold on to hear back. If you mean to remain in India for longer than 30 days, need different passages, or are from one of the nations?s not yet included, you will despite everything need to apply for a visitor visa through the ordinary application form.


International or Universal Travelers whose sole target of visiting India is amusement, touring, easygoing visit to meet companions, the brief term clinical treatment, or easygoing business visit. Visa ought to have at any rate a half year legitimacy from the date of arrival in India. The visa ought to have two clear pages for stepping by the Immigration Officer.

  • Travelers ought to have a return ticket or ahead excursion ticket, with adequate cash to spend during the stay in India.
  • Travelers having Pakistani Passport or Pakistani birthplace may please apply for an ordinary Visa at Indian Mission.
  • Not accessible to Diplomatic or Official Passport Holders or travel archive holders.
  • Not accessible to people embraced on Parent's/Spouse's Passport for example every individual ought to have a different identification.
  • Not accessible to International Travel Document Holders.

When to settle on a Visa on Arrival

At the point when you intend to enter a nation just a single time and not on different occasions and a Great alternative for a minute ago journey plans. This is the main reason behind applying for VOA but you have to be aware of all the things like advantages and disadvantages so that you will be able to know how worth it is and why you should go for it.

Advantages of Visa on Arrival

  • The entire application process is finished on the web and takes around 15 minutes, it is extremely simple.
  • Beset up to have an output of your identification and a visa photograph with white background to transfer.
  • If you are getting an electronic business visa, you likewise need a business card picture that you can transfer.
  • The visa is given in 2-4 business days, mostly 2-3 days.
  • You don't need to send your identification to Swift.
  • No delivery included.
  • No hanging tight an ideal opportunity for visa applications.
  • A great choice for a minute ago journey plan.

Disadvantages of Visa on Arrival

  • Not a decent choice for different passages into a nation. VOA is normally substantial just for a single passage.
  • Applying for the visa in advance can cost lesser than a VOA.
  • A few nations have pre-imperatives before profiting of the VOA choice, so you should be cautious and check for data on the web about the pre-states of VOA.
  • Need to have every one of your records all together before voyaging.
  • Longer hang tight time at the air terminal for movement, and longer queues.
  • Absence of data about a change of law on VOA.
  • Not a decent alternative for travel when you take two unique trips of two distinct carriers.
A Brief Of Visa On Arrival

While there are huge points of interest in applying for Visa on Arrival, the lack of data on the web can prompt some serious consequences on your journey plan. So, it would be advisable, applying for a Visa on Arrival and putting money on that alternative can be unsafe. If you are on a careful spending plan, are hazy on the data on the VOA and don't need glitches in your excursion, at that point it is ideal to apply for an e-visa or a visa from the government office/department before leaving on your outing.

If you are arranging a very late excursion and make certain of your examination on the Visa on Arrival prerequisites, at that point this is an incredible choice for Indian travelers. At long last, it must be a painstakingly considered choice that is most appropriate to your needs. You should take the advantages of this facility but never forget any necessary document which is required for getting a visa on arrival.


Q. What is the Visa Approval Letter? ?

Ans. Visa Approval Letter is a report that permits a traveler to continue to visit the place that allows the approval of VOA to get a passage visa at the purpose of entry. If you don?t have any preplan then this is the procedure that allows you to travel to different nations. ?

Q. Are there any limitations with this sort of visa? ?

Ans. Yes, Visa on Arrival isn't legitimate for work or home. If you have a reason for work or buying a home then you have to apply for those visas. It is a time taking process and this is the reason you have to be very cautious otherwise your entry at that place will be rejected.?

Q. What credit/platinum cards are acknowledged for online payment? ?

Ans. Credit Card and Visa cards are adequate to make payments. You can use any of these for getting a detailed result. If you have to net banking or mode like that then you can choose to pay visa those methods. ?

Q. How protected are my card subtleties? ?

Ans. For profoundly secure online payment exchange, you can utilize Secure Socket Layer (SSL) alongside encryption to guard your Mastercard subtleties. With this innovation, the transmission of card subtleties over the web is constantly encoded. Hence you are safe to use such facilities.?

Q. Can I get a VOA in India? ?

Ans. No, it might not be possible for everyone as India does not allow people to visit here without a pre-applied Visa. Many countries do not allow this facility to tourists. Hence you have to take the help of an online portal for getting detailed updates regarding Visa on arrival.?

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