Guide On How To Apply For An Indian E Visa For US Citizens

Indian E Visa For US Citizens
Published on: 20-04-2020

Guide On How To Apply For An Indian E Visa For US Citizens

Technological development has made travelling to a distant country easy. It is does not take more than a couple of days to get your visa to travel to India. If you are an American citizen here is a little information on how you can avail an e Visa if you are planning to visit India.

Types of e-Visa

For citizens of United States, there are three types of Indian eVisa where are prominently available. Based on the purpose of your visit to the country such as tourism, sightseeing, visitation of friends and relatives, recreation, business visit, and duration of visit you can choose the suitable option. The types include:

  • Indian e-Tourist Visa ? Which is for 90 days or 180 days per entry depends on your nationality with a validity of 1 years or 5 years. It provides you Multiple entry. You can also get one for 30 days with double entry.

  • Indian e-Business Visa - This visa is for 180 day/entry and has a 365-day validity. It allows multiple entries.

  • Indian e-Medical Visa ? Which allows triple entries and allows 60 days/ 3 entries. It has a 120-day validity.

The next integral step is compiling the important information. Certain essential information behaves as a prerequisite to obtaining an e Visa and that is ? your personal data, flight information, a recent photograph in colour, a valid credit card or debit card and a scanned bio-page of your passport in PDF format.

There is a fee that is to be paid when obtaining an e-Visa. The fees to be paid depends on your visa type and processing type. If it is being done in an urgent, it will cost you more then normal processing time.

Processing of Obtaining eVisa

A Guide on how to avail an Indian eVisa for all American citizens would be incomplete without providing the steps on how to obtain an e Visa. The steps are the following:

The first step is the fill the online application form. This requires you to provide the flight details, which must be inclusive of the airport of arrival, date of arrival and certain personal data such as name, passport number, nationality as well as date of birth.

The next step would be to pay the application fee. This can be done online through your debit card or credit. You will have to follow the guidelines provided on the website. Once you finish paying, you will receive an email which will confirm your e Visa order and documents, and request you to further complete your Indian e Visa application. They will then proceed to send you the e Visa by mail.

The last step would be to print out the Indian e-visa you receive. After which you must present the e Visa for checking in the airport once you land in India.

The process to get an eVisa is very simple. Just make sure to follow the guidelines and check for any minor errors.

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