Avoid An Indian Visa Rejection For US Citizens

Indian Visa Rejection For US Citizens
Published on: 27-05-2020

A Few Useful Tips To Avoid An Indian Visa Rejection For US Citizens

India is one of the primary tourist destinations around the world. People wish to visit from places across the globe for a variety of reasons. The old age and well- preserved monuments, high beautiful mountains, gorgeous valleys, clean beaches, evergreen forests and even the growing cities attract thousands of tourists every year. Several of these are American citizens visiting the country from United States of America.

Tips To Avoid Indian Visa Rejection

The general process of the foreign citizens is to apply for an Indian Visa. This can also be done online through an application for an e-Visa. Most of the times, if there aren?t any discrepancies you are most likely to get the required Visa. However, sometimes they can be rejected. Here are a few useful tips to avoid visa rejection for US Citizens:

  • Ensure that there is no concealing of any important facts such as criminal history or records. No attempts should be made to hide such facts from the Indian Government when filling out the application for obtaining a Visa.

  • Make sure that the right procedure is being followed. For example, there are diverse procedures for getting Visas to visit India based on your passport. There is a different process for when you hold an ordinary passport and for when you hold refugee travel documents, diplomatic passports and even official passports.

  • Confirm that you have enough funds to pay the application fees as well as support your stay in the country. Insufficient funds or lack of funds can be a reason for the rejection of your Visa to visit India.

  • The photograph of your face must be clear. There should be no blurriness and extreme clarity from the top of your head all the way to your chin.

  • Your passport copy must not be blurred. All of the details such as the date of birth, name, passport number, passport issue as well as expiry date must be indicated clearly and must be visible in the photograph or scanned copy of the passport that is uploaded.

  • There should be no information mismatch in your application for obtaining an Indian Visa. Any sort of mistake in the passport fields or any detail such as passport number, DOB, name, surname etc can lead to a rejection.

  • Wrong reference from your home country or the country of your passport can lead to a rejection as well.


Q. What is the procedure for applying for on online Visa to India??

Ans. The process to obtain an e-Visa is very simple. You have to fill in an application form online and pay the required fees.?

Q. What does the form for obtaining a Visa to visit India require??

Ans. The form requires certain basic information such as your name, address, passport number, passport validity and details, date of birth, the reason for a visit, etc. It is just the primary information that the Government needs to decide if you can visit the country or not. ?

Q. What is the minimum time that an e Visa processing takes??

Ans. If you have filled the form properly and left no scope for any sort of mistake, then the minimal processing time that your e Visa will take is about 3 to 4 days.?

Q. What are a few tips for when your Visa to visit India when you are an American citizen is cancelled? ?

Ans. Make sure your form has been properly filled. Ensure that there are no mistakes and you have eliminated all chances of fault.?

Q. Can you do anything to prevent your Visa to get rejected when you are an American citizen planning to visit India? ?

Ans. There isn?t actually much you can do to prevent your Visa from getting rejected besides proving honest and accurate information in your form. Any attempt to lie or hide information from the Indian Government will result in a rejection.?

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