Belize To India: Get Quick E-Visa From eVisa Mart Website

Belize To India
Published on: 14-10-2020
Belize To India: Get Quick E-Visa From eVisa Mart Website

Planning to visit India in near future? Well, then it is better to get the required documents ready. One of the most crucial papers that every foreign visitor to India must-have is the visa because without it they will not be allowed to enter the country. And nowadays even applying for it has become a very easy process with the introduction of e-tourist visa in 2015.

What are various visas to India? (E-visa, traditional visa, ETA and visa on arrival)

E-visa is not the only way for applying for visas; there are other types and ways to get visas.

  • Traditional visa: it's the old way of getting the visa that is visiting the Indian embassy and going through all those lengthy documentation processes. But the traditional visa may involve much paperwork; it also gives longer validity with multiple entries.

  • E-visa: e-visa is the process in which the applicant can use online portals to apply and receive visas, without actually visiting the embassy. Once the application for visa gets processed, the applicant will receive it through their e-mail. On arriving in India, they will have to show the e-visa to the immigration office to get the grant for staying in the country.

  • Visa-on-arrival: Visa on arrival was introduced in 2010, which allowed visitors to arrive in India and get their visa on arrival. For this, the visitor should have the appropriate documents, passport size photographs and a completed visa application. On approval, they will get a stamp on their passport as visa on arrival. The validity is sorter in case of this visa type.?

  • Electronic Travel Authority (ETA): in 2014, the government replaced the visa on arrival with ETA that allows the online application of visa, which later changed to E-tourist visa in 2015.?

Who are eligible to apply for e-visa?

Every Belizean visiting India for sightseeing or work will have to apply for a visa. In the case of e-visa, around 165 countries are allowed to apply for e- visa. But the eligibility for applying for any type of e-visa will be for the person who has any one of the following reasons:

  • E-tourist visa: visiting family/friends or for pleasure, for some short term yoga retreat or any other small (not more than 6 months) program or course, any kind of short term work that does not include any pay.

  • E-medical visa: Entering India for some medical reasons with a written letter from the concerned Indian hospital that also contains the date of treatment.

  • E-business visa: Attending some business or trade-related event or coming to sell or purchase goods and services, for opening a new venture or to give some lecture in some event. The visitor should have the invitation to the event or any related document to prove the reason for visiting.

  • E-conference visa: Visiting India for some conference. Again, should have the appropriate invitation to the event.

Other than these categories, if the visitor is from Pakistan descent or have grandparents/parents who are Pakistani citizens, then they will have to apply for a visa through their Nearest Indian Consulate through Offline mode of application. They cannot use the e-visa procedure.?

What is the process of getting e-visa?

Applying for a Indian visa through online portals has made the process very simple and quick. If one is prepared with all the documents and information, it takes around 10 minutes to fill the application form.

  1. The first step is to input all the personal information along with passport information and travelling dates. In the first step, only one will be required to select the processing time and the visa type. This will, later on, determine the cost of the form.

  2. The second step is for the applicant to recheck all the information that was filled in the first step. Check to make sure that there are no mistakes to avoid rejection of the application. Once satisfied by the information proceed to the payment stage and submit the form.

  3. The last step is to add some additional documentation related to the type of e-visa one is applying for along with uploading passport size photo.?

After completing the steps, submit the form. After the form gets processed, the applicant will receive the e-visa through their e-mail.

What are the requirements of documentation of to e-visa?

The important documents required while filing in the e-visa form are:

  • A valid passport and its scanned copy of the information page that also contains the photograph.

  • A clear and recent scanned digital photo with a white background. Make sure there are no hand or face gestures in the photo.?

  • Copy of any kind of invitation, letter or business card when applying for medical or business e-visa.

  • A debit card or credit card used for payment and PayPal can also be used. All the payment methods will have its own bank/gateway charges.

What is the cost of getting an e-visa to India?

The cost of e-visa depends on applicants Nationality, its processing time if one wants to pay less then it is better to apply early for a eVisa than rushing in the end.

One gets three processing time options: -

  1. Standard processing: The best option is standard processing and also chosen most of the times by every Belizean traveller because it is cheaper. Visa will be ready in 3 days.

  2. Rush processing: A bit costlier option than the previous one because it takes only 1 business day to process the visa.

  3. Super rush processing: The processing time difference between rush and super rush is of 6 hours, that is super rush processing option takes 18 hours to process and approve the visa. The fee charged goes higher.

This is the cost structure for e-tourist visa type, for another e-visa type such as business or medical, additional fees can be charged.

There will also be additional bank charges of 2.5 percent on the fees paid.?

What is the validity of e-visa and how long one can stay?

The validity of the visas differs from type to type.

  1. E-tourist visa: 1-month e-tourist visa stays valid for 30 days starting from the day the visitors arrive in the country with only 2 entries.1 year and the 5-year e-tourist visa stays valid for 1 year (365 days) or 5 years from the day the e-visa was granted and allows multiple entries.

  2. E-medical and e-medical attendant visa: Both the visa types stay valid for 60 days starting from the day of arrival with each type permitted 3 entries. These visas are also non-convertible and non-expandable.

  3. E-business visa: The validity is of 365 days starting from the day the e-visa was granted. And this e-visa type allows multiple entries.

  4. E-conference visa: The validity for this e-visa type is of 30 days starting from the day of arrival in the country. Also just like e-medical and e-medical attendant visa, this is non-convertible and non-expandable.

Now, even if the validity of each of the visa ranges from 30 days to 365 days, a visitor cannot stay for more than 90 days continuously on India with exception of UK, Japan, US and Canada citizens, who can stay for 180 continuous days.

In the case of e-business visa, the visitors can stay in India continuously for 180 days, and this is same for all countries? citizens.

So with the e-visa, every Belizean visitor can easily apply, process and receive Indian visa and enjoy the diverse Indian culture. One can also take the advantage of the e-visa validity and the double or multiple entry grants.

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