Places To Visit In Goa With Family
Published on: 30-06-2020

Best Places To Visit In Goa With Family ? All In One Place!

We as people live in a society that has a lot of rules and regulations. We may not be able to cope up with all of them. We may be allergic to all those conditions that we must follow. We may not be good at them. We may have got into trouble due to them. The problem might have disturbed your mind. It might have made you worry about your family too. All these are symptoms of something like a disease that is common in most of us. There is a remedy for this too! The treatment for this problem is to leave the place for some time. We can bring our family with us and become tourists for a while. Places in India are the best to comfort our minds. Goa is the place that is filled with joy. Let us take a look at the Best places to visit in Goa with family in words.

Goa overview

Goa ? An Overview

If you have never visited Goa, only beaches and coconuts cross our minds, when we think we think about it. Even if we think twice or thrice, there will only be beaches and coconuts. Goa is known for its beaches. Several beaches in Goa attracts tourists worldwide. But it also has many other places to visit. There are sky aiming waterfalls that rain down from the rocks of Western Ghats. There are Sanctuaries, Conservatories, and Nature Parks for nature lovers. Butterflies cross the roads of Goa, following traffic rules. Historic Caves and Temples are scattered all over India. Goa is not an exception. The Museums are the history books in Goa. Its forts don?t defend the city anymore. They are in tourist places now. Every place in Goa is unique. All these places can?t be covered in one day. Take a break from your normal life and arrive at Goa to see all these wonders with your eyes shining.

beaches and coconut trees

Beaches and Coconut Trees

The very first thought about Goa, always tells that it is a place of Beaches and Coconut trees. Even if we ask a kid to draw something about Goa, there will be Beaches and Coconut trees in the paper. Such a way, Goa has taken place in the minds of people in the form of Beaches and Coconut trees. The Ashwem Beach, Harmal Beach, Velsao Beach, Tiger?s Beach, and Butterfly Beach are some of the notable must visit Beaches in Goa. The Beaches attract international tourists from all over the world. There are Resorts, Hotels, Boutiques, Lodges, and many more accommodations for anyone to stay when you visit. All these accommodations envelop all over the roads in Goa.

waterfalls in Goa


Goa has splendid waterfalls that suit the best for admiring and get attracted to. The drizzling environment and the raindrops falling from a height makes us feel the beauty of it. The most notable one is Dudhsagar falls. Its majesty and prosperity made it to be called the sea of milk. It is a four-tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi river. It is one amongst India's tallest waterfalls and it ranges up to a height of 310m. It is more attractive during the monsoon season than the dry season. Being fed by rain, it fascinates every eye by showing its majesty. The other notable waterfalls situated at the land of Goa are Hivre waterfalls, Arvelam waterfalls, TambadiSurla waterfalls are also attractive to the eyes that seek to admire the beauty of Goa.

Sanctuaries and Conservatories

Sanctuaries and Conservatories

Every creature born in this land of grandeur is more ravishing than it. The spectacular view of every unique creature found can be showcased at sanctuaries and conservatories. The Butterfly conservatory and Dr. Salim Ali bird sanctuary are the notable ones. Butterfly sanctuary at Ponda has over 100 species that are not locked up in a cage. They are let to fly free and explore the trees and flowers around it. At the peak season, different kinds of butterflies would wander over the area which attracts the people who get inside it. Dr. Salim Ali's sanctuary of birds also has a large variety of birds that we have never seen before. The chirps and tweets of birds sound so sweet for the ears. Sanctuaries like Netravali, Cotigao, and other renowned parks are there with unique animals and exotic ones.

Caves and Temples

Caves and Temples

If you love archaeology, you would love those caves and temples in Goa. The PandavaCaves are the notable caves in Goa. The Arvalem cave is located near to the Arvalem waterfalls. These caves are centuries old. Admiring the beauty of the oldness is so special. The temples in Goa are important to the people who live there. They have historic importance too. Any Indian would have known about the Shri Mahalakshmi Temple at Baroda. Shri Shantadurga Temple and Mangesh Temple are some of the other Hindu temples found in the area.

Parks and Museums

Parks and Museums

After all those enjoyable moments in different places, we can have a small walk in the museum with our family. The Naval Aviation Museum is the museum in Goa. If you are fond of relics and ancient things, you must never miss this place. After having a small walk in the museum, we can take a look at the parks in the evening time. The parks are good for family time in any tourist place. Goa has Mollem National Park for this purpose.

forts in Goa

Defending Forts in Goa

Defending architectures that were built long days ago are forts. They were built for inspecting the activities of enemy forces who stand against them. Forts like Chapora, Aguada has many distinctive features in it. They stand majestic despite facing many calamities till today. Sunrise and sunset view and the overall scene of Goa's landscape can be viewed at forts. The ancient architecture and its firmness can be proclaimed by seeing the grandeur of forts found there.

These are the Best Places to visit in Goa with family. All these locations are best at what they are. Goa is an amazing place to wander. Other locations at Goa reflects the integrity and cultures of India. Goa is a world-class tourist location. A ?Goa hater? would surprise any visitor to this place.


Q. What is the famous local food in Goa??

Ans. Goa will offer you some of the refreshing, exotic, zesty, and amazing food mainly Goan food which includes seafood, coconut milk, fish curry, and rice.?

Q. Name some of the best hotels in Goa??

Ans. Some of the famous hotels in Goa are Aspire Casa Amarelo, Sabinas Nest, The Secret Garden Goa, 2BHK Apartment In Candolim CM011, and Beaumonte by Vista Rooms.?

Q. Is it something that is not good about Goa??

Ans. Goa can be very expensive at peak times like in New year as it is a very crowded place. In summers the weather at times can be very hot.?

Q. Which is the most beautiful place in Goa??

Ans. Goa is famous for its beaches and some of the most beautiful ones are Aarambol in North Goa and Palolem in South Goa. ?

Q. Which is the most happening beach in Goa? ?

Ans. If one is looking for touristy beaches in Goa, then Baga beach is one of the happening places to visit in North Goa.

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