India Business Visa For Australia
Published on: 03-08-2020

India Business Visa For Australian Citizens

The culture and tradition of India combined with the scenic beauty and some world-class cuisines have made it a major tourist destination. People from all over the world like to include India in their Travel book as it has a lot to offer to the tourists. One can find mountains, rivers, beaches and almost everything a tourist place to see in India. People don't only visit India for tourism purposes but also for business. India is a developing country and has immense opportunities for our people to start doing business.

India allows foreign citizens of 150 countries to travel to India but only with a visa in their hand. Visa is like a travel Authorization certificate granted by the government of India. Without a visa, no one is allowed to enter India. Also, one has to apply for or visa type according to their purpose of visiting India. If one is entering India for some business work, then the person needs to have a valid business visa. Similarly, if one wants to get engaged in tourism only then a tourist visa is required while for medical purposes, the medical visa is required.

Indian business visa

How Can Australian Citizens Obtain Indian Business Visa?

Applying for an Indian Visa, each of the 150 countries needs to follow the same procedure where one can easily apply for an Indian e-visa online. Australian citizens are also supposed to apply for the Indian Visa through the same process. Nothing changes except the time of approval and duration of stay. Australian citizens just need to apply for their Indian E-visa online on any of the visa application websites and receive their E-visa following which they can enter India and engage in their respective purposes.

E-visa refers to an electronic visa or visa which can be obtained online. The Indian government has allowed the citizens of all the 150 foreign countries applicable to obtaining Indian Visa to apply for their visas online and obtain their visa in a few days without the need to go anywhere. The online application of visa was facilitated in the year 2014 by the Indian government. This has taken away a lot of hassle from the people.

What Is The Exact Procedure For Filing An Online Indian Business E-Visa Application?

The Indian government designates the following process for filing an online application for an Indian E-Visa:

online visa application

Step 1: Fill Up The Online Application

The foremost necessary step towards obtaining an Indian e-visa is downloading and online application form from any of the visa application websites. The Indian government also has its website where people can apply for an Indian e-visa. The online application form tries to seek all the personal details of the applicant. One should ensure that there is no mistake in filling up the details as varying details from the documents you upload leads to rejection of the application.

upload necessary documents

Step 2: Upload All The Necessary Documents

The second but very important step is the upload of all the required documents for Visa approval. The documents which are required by the government of India is your passport size photograph and the last page of the photograph. You have to scan these documents and upload it using the upload option given. You have to make sure that you upload all the documents carefully as any error whether major or minor can get your application rejected. In case of a business E-visa, a document providing proof of your business activity like an invitation should be provided.

designated fee online

Step 3: Pay The Designated Fee Online Itself

After submitting the application form and uploading the documents required, you need to pay the online fee which is designated by the government of India online. Payment can be made via debit cards, credit cards and also via payment apps.

Step 4: Print Out Your ETA

After completing the payment, you have to wait for a day or two to follow in which you receive your electronic travel authorization on your email ID. You have to get your electronic travel authorization print out and you are all set to travel to India.

Upon reaching the airport, you are supposed to present your travel authorization so that your e-visa is stamped on your passport and you can enter India without any legal implications.

Choose The Most Appropriate Processing Time Option

The Indian government further facilitates the foreign citizens to cut down the processing time by opting for an option that speeds up the processing time of your Visa but requires you to deposit a bit more than usual. There are a total of three options of processing time one gets to choose from:

  • Standard Processing: This is the first option where you half to weight for 5 business day is to receive the travel authorization. People use this option the most as most of the people apply for their visa many days before their intended travel date.

  • Rush Processing: By taking up this processing option, one can obtain their Indian Visa before 3 business days. People who cannot wait for more than 3 days can use this rush processing option to their advantage.

  • Super Rush Processing: In this type of processing, a person can obtain an Indian visa in 2 business days. This processing option of Indian Visa facilitates an urgent visit.

Important Things One Should Be Aware Of About Indian Business Visa

Visa is an important travel authorization without which no one is allowed to enter the boundaries of India. One needs to be careful about certain things to avoid complications. Firstly, one should know that the type of visa you have applied for cannot be changed later on. It means that if you have a tourist visa with yourself, you cannot get it changed into a business visa so that you could engage yourself in some business activity in India. For that, you are supposed to apply for a fresh Business Visa.

Secondly, no one can get their visit extended through any provisions. If one holds a business visa, one cannot stay in India for more than 180 days. Although, US citizens get more days to stay in India. But if an Australian citizen obtains for Indian Business Visa, he or she can stay for 180 days only.

Thirdly, a business visa extension can be requested under a few terms and conditions. If the net sales of the business established are less than 1 crore, then there is no chance of an extension to the business visa. In the latter case, an extension of 5 years maximum is possible. Extensions can only be obtained through higher authorities like the first extension is possible only after the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

One should very importantly know that if the Ministry of Home Affairs rejects the request of the business visa, then the concerned person is required to leave the country before the visa expiry date. This also indicates that a person applying for visa extension should make sure that the extension request is filed will before the visa expiry date.


Q. Who Are All Applicable For An Indian Business Visa? ?

Ans. An Indian Business Visa can be obtained by the foreign nationals who seek to establish a business venture or want to get engaged in selling commercial goods. An Indian person representing established firms who need to visit India for any important business work relating to their business.?

Q. Can Business Training Help You Obtain An Indian Business Visa? ?

Ans. People belonging to Multinational corporations who have scheduled in-house training in any of the regional training hubs can obtain an Indian Business Visa. Also, students of AISEC can obtain an Indian Business Visa for pursuing an internship in Indian companies.?

Q. What Type Of Visa Do The Family Of A Business Visa Holder Get? ?

Ans. Any foreign national who obtains an Indian business visa for engaging in business activities within the territory of India can also take their families along with them through an Entry Visa which is granted to them. The family which the business visa holder can take along should only include the spouse and the children who are of dependent age. ?

Q. What All Documents Are Needed For A Business Visa? ?

Ans. One needs to submit a passport photograph, the last page of the Passport and the business document providing details about your business work in India.?

The process of obtaining a business visa to India has become simpler than before with the introduction of online application of Indian Visa which is known as E-visa. Now Foreign nationals don't need to hassle around authority buildings to get a Visa. Instead, one can obtain one by simply sitting at home and getting along with the designated process online.

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