India Business Visa For US Citizens
Published on: 20-08-2020

Things you Need to Know for Indian Business Visa for US Citizens

Traveling to various countries of the world with the purpose of attaining business goals is a common affair. One of the major considerations for individuals in need of business travel is a visa. A business visa is your first-hand ticket to engage in partnerships and reach all common business goals.

As a US citizen, traveling to India for business dealing and collaborations also requires fulfilling critical steps for processing the Visa. You may directly get in touch with the consultant or invest some time for online application. The clear requirements for business E-visa for India have made matters easier for both countries when it comes to business management.

eligibility criteria for business visa

The eligibility criteria for getting your first business visa for India:

Getting the Indian Business visa for citizens of the United States is a less complicated affair if you fulfill your eligibility criteria. Only those candidates are eligible to get the visa, who fulfill the conditions below:

  • Nationals who are traveling to the country for the sake of establishing new industries, or for planning major business partnerships. Venturing into India for fulfilling business goals should have a particular aim.

  • US Citizens who are part of the consumer forum and are responsible for the marketing and sales of products in India.

  • Individuals who are assigned to take care or handle important business meetings, meet new clients, get in touch with industrial support, create a new business space, etc.

  • Nationals who are newly recruited to India for any kind of business work.

  • US Citizens who are directors of a company and plan on going for promotions to India.

  • Individuals who are chosen to represent themselves at a business fair in India.

  • US Business specialists who are part of the training team and need to travel to India for multipurpose tasks.

What are the conditions for getting an Indian Business Visa for US citizens?

If you are an eligible candidate for the Indian Business Visa, the basic conditions are listed below:

  • The applicant must have a proper financial record of the company he or she is working with.

  • The individual should not be tied up with any criminal activity in or outside the country. Involvement in illegal business trade or petty activities like money lending can also lead to cancellation of the Visa application.

  • The candidate must duly follow all the prescribed rules for the Visa application, as stated in the rule book of the Government of India.

  • Finally, the applicant must produce a valid photo ID, along with a passport, proving his or her US Citizenship.

If you fail to comply with the aforesaid conditions, the Government shall be liable to cancel your visa application immediately!

apply for Indian business visa

How to apply for the Indian Business Visa?

Applying for Indian business E-visa is simple. There are a couple of steps that you need to follow before you successfully pass the Immigration procedure. These are as follows:

Step 1-

Individuals must visit the eVisa Mart website to check the regulations for a business visa. You can directly click on the "apply for business visa" link or let the company do it for you. Before you start to fill out the form, take note of the following:

  • The mandatory checklist for business travel.
  • Things to avoid.
  • Documents required.
  • The type of Visa.
  • Duration of the visa.
  • Processing fee and time.

You can now start to fill the application without any errors. A single mistake can strike down your visa application and even delay your business trip.

Step 2-

Now that you are filling up the business visa application, it is mandatory to upload all documents asked for. Some of the major ones are as follows:

  • Your Identity card that proves you are an American citizen.
  • Business papers or even the business card.
  • A copy of the Passport.
  • Letter of recommendation from the company stating clearly your purpose of visit, minimum and maximum time of stay, time of travel, departure and return dates, etc.
  • A health certificate that shows you are physically well without any major disease.
  • Other documents like Passport-sized photography, digital signature, etc.

These documents should be clearly attested by the business executive as well as the applicant before they are uploaded.

Step 3-

Once the uploading is done, it?s time to proceed with the payment of the business visa. The fee structure varies as per the type of visa you have applied for. There is a small questionnaire available, which answers all your questions one by one. You can look up to check the fees and then proceed to pay accordingly. Once the payment is completed, you will be directed to a separate window for approval of the visa application. You may click on the ??given link?? to start the processing.

Step 4-

The final step is regarding the processing of the Indian business visa. There are basically three types of processing available, as per the fee you have paid. If you are in a hurry, super and rush processing is available that can guarantee you the visa within 5 days. If you have enough time at your disposal, the visa application will go through its normal stages. It may take about 10 to 12 days to get it done!

The validity of the Indian business Visa for US citizens:

US applicants for the Indian business Visa should check the terms of validity too. Normally, the visa is valid for 1 year business trips. US citizens with a valid passport can apply for business visas for a year. It all depends on the type of work you are traveling for and how long it is going to take. The visa can be further extended on request if there are still some things left undone.

Under special circumstances, business visa insurance is available. This can be claimed along with the application only. You can choose the insurance term and pay for its fee separately!


Q. Can the business visa be used for tourism purposes? ?

Ans. The Indian business visa can be used only for business operations. If you want to tour India, application for a tourist visa is mandatory. ?

Q. What is the working method of a business visa??

Ans. The business visa is processed by the "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" under the "Government of India". All information of the candidate is saved in the Government portal. For any assistance, you can call the helpline number mentioned on the application website!?

Q. Can I get a business visa for my spouse? ?

Ans. If your partner is traveling for work, a spouse visa can be applied for. Nonetheless, it is necessary to have all relevant documents so as to take care of the application process quickly! ?

Q. What should I do if the business visa isn?t approved? ?

Ans. There are so many grounds available that can lead to the cancellation of your Indian business visa. In order to avoid inconvenience, make sure to read the regulations or conditions before applying. ?

Q. Can the business visa application be processed offline? ?

Ans. No! Indian business visas for US citizens are processed online only! It is also known as E-visa!?

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