Get An Indian Visa On The Same Day
Published on: 27-08-2020

Can You Get An Indian Visa On The Same Day?

Nowadays people want to travel to many countries, but when it comes to India they all are excited about it. India is a country with so many things, culture and many other beautiful places. India is a country with so many world-class hospitals where you can get your treatments done with the best doctor's. There are a lot of educational institutions which you can?t get to any country in the world. There are educational institutions like IIMs, IITs, NITs and a lot more with the list. This country is a hub for a lot of foreign investments and businesses. This country's administration process is also good therefore, all the people visiting in this country get a privileged treatment.

If you also want to visit this country, then apply for the visa of the country. This process is very easy and you can get your visa within a short period. There are two methods of applying for an India visa. We will be going to discuss both the methods of applying for the visa and you can choose the best suited for you.

What is a visa?

A visa is a certificate on a passport which allows the person to enter, stay, visit, and leave the country. This is issued by the concerned country, in which the person is entering.

types of Indian Visa

How Many Types of Visa?

There are different types of visa which are granted to the person depending upon their preference.

  • Indian Visa for Residence: This visa allows the person to stay in a particular country but not allow him to work in that country.

  • Indian Visa for Business: This visa is granted to the person who visits the country for the international business. This visa is valid for a short period and can which is around 5 years. Its validity can be extended.

  • Indian Visa for a Tour: This visa is granted for a tour in Indian country. This visa is granted for 5 years except for transit visit which is granted for 15 days. Its validity can?t be extended.

  • Indian E Visa: Indian E Visa is granted only for the categories which are tour, business, conference, medical, medical attendant.

  • Student Visa: This Visa is granted to students who want to study in the country.
apply for these visa

How to apply for these visas?

Step by step procedures for applying an Indian visa which is not an Indian e visa is as follows:-

  • Application form: First, the foreigners who are applying for an Indian visa has to fill the application form which can be accessed from the official website of the government of India, for a visa. The application form needs to be filled with a lot of care and caution. This information will include name, address, date of birth etc. Once you filled the application form double-check the form you filled, as it may not allow you to amend it once it gets submitted.

  • Photograph: Upload the digital photograph with the application form. This photo should be latest and should be in the proper size, as required by the application form. The size of the photograph to be uploaded is available in the description of the application form. The face of the applicant should be visible in the photograph as it helps in the verification of the person with their identity.

  • Appointment: The applicant has to schedule an appointment with the concerned mission. This appointment can be scheduled with the convenience of the applicant. This process is needed for every applicant who is applying for Indian visa.

  • Online or Offline: Once you submit the application form you will have a choice of having a hard copy or not. If the person selects yes he can take a print out of the form and do physical signature to it. After signature, they have to take this application to the concerned application office for verification where they can pay the required fee for the visa. If the person selects no, then the application form will be redirected to the payment site where they can pay the required fee through e-payment option.

If there is a disturbance due to interrupted internet connection, you can fill the application form, from where you left. Once the above steps are completed the application form for a visa is completed and proceeded for further approval. You will receive the receipts once the application is submitted. Please note the application number for future reference. Once the application is approved within 3-4 days depending on the country from which the applicant is applying.

When to apply?

Now the next question arises when to apply for these visas. The answer to this is a minimum of 4 days from the date of travel, as the processing of the visa takes 3-4 days from the date of application. The applicant can apply for a visa before the maximum time of 180 days.

How to check application status?

After the applicant has filled the form and paid the required fee he/she can check the application status online. Follow the steps below to check the application status;

  • Search for status option: Search for the application status option from the official website where you filled the application.

  • Application ID: Once the applicant submitted the visa application he/she will receive the application ID. Use this application Id for checking the application status which was submitted.

How to apply for Indian E Visa Online?

For applying Indian E Visa Online there are two methods, One is through offline mode and the second one is through Online mode. Both the methods we are going to discuss in the below points;

For official e visa sites follow the below steps:-

  • Open E-visa site: Open eVisa Mart website of India evisa which provides e-visa service. Once you open the website you will find several options on the mind.

  • Click apply online: Once you open the eVisa Mart website, click on the option ?apply here for e-visa?.

  • Fill the details: Fill the details on the application form correctly. This details will be verified further with your original Ids.

  • Upload photograph: Upload the photograph with the face visible on it properly.

  • Pay for e-visa: Once the applicant is done with uploading a photograph, he/she pay the requisite amount of fee for e-visa. This payment can be done with credit card/debit card/payment wallet. Be cautious about the payment, it will not be refunded once paid.

  • Receive electronic travel authorisation: After paying the requisite fee, the applicant will receive electronic travel authorisation from the official website in an email which was given earlier.

  • Print the Electronic travel authorisation: Print the electronic travel authorisation which was received in an email. This will be used at the immigration check post for stamping the e-visa on a passport.

For applying e-visa through Indian E Visa Consultation websites follow below steps:-

  • Search for the sites: There are numerous consultation sites available on the websites which provide Indian E visa Online but choosing the best one is crucial for the applicant.

  • Choosing the site: Choose the sites which have the best reviews of customers. The sites which you choose should have some extra benefits which official websites may not give. But before choosing the sites, check for the countries for which they provide e-visa.

  • Choose e-visa type: Once the applicant selects the best site, he/she needs to select the category of e-visa they want. As there are five categories on which e-visa is granted.

  • Select the term of visa: After selecting the type of e-visa, select the time for which the visa is to be granted. Visa is granted for one month, one year, five years.

  • Fee payment: Once the applicant selects the time for which visa is to be granted, payment of e-visa charges will be taken accordingly. Make sure that site you choose has the secure payment option available otherwise you might be get cheated by these websites.

  • Receive e-visa: After payment of a requisite fee, the e-visa application is submitted. Then the applicant will receive their e-visa within a day depending upon the site they prefer.

The site which applicants use is eVisa Mart. This site has the facility to give e-visa within a day which will be very beneficial for all the applicants who are applying for e-visa. This facility is not available in the official website of the government of India. The crucial thing you have to check before is the country to which this site provides Indian E visa. This can be checked through the ?check for eligibility? option available in their site. Once the country from which the applicant belongs is available on the site, then the applicant is at full advantage of getting e-visa within a day.


Q. When should you apply for a visa? ?

Ans. You should make a visa application as early as possible, before 120 day time of travel. ?

Q. Can you convert your e-visa into any other visa? ?

Ans. No, you can not convert your e-visa into any other visa. ?

Q. Can you change the destination of arrival? ?

Ans. Yes you can change the destination of the port you arrive within 28 international airports or 5 sea ports. ?

Q. Can you get a payment refund? ?

Ans. No, You can?t get e-visa payment once you paid the fee. ?

Q. How many attendees can get e-visa with e-medical visa? ?

Ans. Only one attendee can get e-visa with one e-medical visa. ?

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