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Published on: 21-08-2020

An Ultimate Guide To India Visa: Can I Renew My Indian Visa Before It Expires?

The travel industry in India is considered an important task in the nation's economy, & it continues to expand day by day. In November 2014, the administration of India introduced the facility of eVisa for India; it is an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) accessible to residents of 40 countries. In 2015, this eVisa was extended and is currently offered to travelers from 166 countries. Indian eVisa is offered for various purposes, where it has three subcategories: business, clinical, and tourist eVisa. Indian electronic visas can be used to arrive via 28 assigned air terminals and five ports. You cannot extend the duration of your e-visa, and it is not valid except for ventures for limited territories.

Indian E Visa Online

Benefits of E Visa in India

In 2017, more than 10 million tourists showed up in India, as opposed to 8.89 million in 2016. The growth was 15.6%. You can find many reasons why India draws such a large number of individuals. It has a remarkable and beautiful nature, sanctuary, history, and traditional culture. When you have an e-visa confirmed, you can go around the nation and examine its vast urban areas, taste its delicious food, and lot more that you will love to see.

Note: India does not allow you to extend the e-visa, and your passport must be valid for half a year. Get further information below.

How long to stay in India with Indian eVisa?

The length of time you can stay with e-visa in India will be contingent on how you apply. If you get an e-tourist visa, you will be allowed to remain stationary for 90 days. In any case, on the occasion that you are residents of the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, and Canada, you will be allowed to stay for 180 days continuously. If you are going to India for business-related work, the e-business visa will be legal for 180 days.

When approved, the one-year visa will be granted to both traveler and business is sufficient. E-medical patient and e-medical attendant visas are sufficient for only 60 days. Neither can this electronic visa be extended. When you enter India, it is valid for the displayed length of time. Applying for eVisa for India is a really basic process. Residents of 166 countries may fill the online application with their precision, identifying information, and contact data. As a candidate, you must have an email address, a valid identity that is a passport and a fee or MasterCard to take care of the expenses of the e-visa.

Is it needed to visit the government department or any other office even after applying via Online mode?

When applying for an India eVisa, your identity that is a passport should be valid at any rate within one and a half years from the date of arrival in the nation. Similarly, your passport should have at least clear pages that will stamp the report on the given movement and flight and the flight control specialists.

Getting an e-visa to India is of some interest. Due to the India e-visa online application, candidates are not required to travel to a government office or department. The application is clear and simple to finish. In any case, you are encouraged to audit your answers prior to submitting the form. In fact, even minor mix-ups or grammatical mistakes can cause an application to be rejected. In particular, see that you enter your identity information correctly.

Indian Online eVisa

Can Indian online visa be extended?

As of now, the Indian E Visa cannot be extended. The procedure is basic and direct to apply for another Indian Visa Online. Once issued, then it cannot be revocable, extensible, adaptable, or amendable. The e-Visa can be used for the following purposes-

Visiting relatives and family members, coming to India to meet your colleagues, going to a yoga program, a course that not extending half a year and a course that does not offer a degree or confirmation declaration, required to participate in the work related to trading, recruit staff or Labor from India, going to presentations or exchange fairs, career expos, business endings or a business meeting, going to India as an expert or supporter for any other or continuing work, need direct visits to India, gave a lecture to convey in your journey and seeking medical treatment or going with the understanding of who wants medical treatment.

Things you need to know other than an extension of e-visa to India

If you have an approved electronic India Visa Online, you have the opportunity to visit and check all the states and association domains of India. There is no barrier you can travel to. There are some limitations that you have to know- If you are seeking a business visa, at that time you should hold a visa that is for business and not a tourist visa. If you are in control of an Indian tourist visa, then you should not participate in the business, mechanical, enrollment of Labor, and Financial Valuable Practice. In this way, you should not mix the reasons; you should apply for a tourist visa and business visa independently if you want the possibility of two exercises. You can get an entry in India for the most extreme time of 180 days on this Indian visa.

How long to stay in India with India eVisa if you cannot renew the Indian Visa?

The period for which you will be able to stay in India relay on a few variables, these are as follows-

  • The chosen duration of the Indian tourist visa for the purpose related to tourism must be 30 days, one-year, or five-years.
  • The 30-day tourist visa in India is a double-entry visa.
  • 1-year and 5-year Indian tourist visa allows you multiple entries.
  • India Business Visa is for a static term of 1 year with multiple entries.
  • Indian medical visas are lawful for 60 days with Triple entries.

Some nationalities are permissible 90 days, with the most extreme being the constant. Permission to stay in India continuously for 180 days on Indian e-visa. Applying in India for Indian Visa (eVisa India) on the web is a straightforward process. Almost all 180 nationalities are eligible to apply on the web. Just barely any necessary subtlety is required to complete a process like your own subtlety, visa subtlety. You need an adequate email address and payment method. There is no need to visit the Indian Embassy or High Commission of India or any things related to the process. You will get brief information related to this topic at Evisa Mart.

In case you lost your passport, at that point, you will have to apply for an Indian visa once again. Additionally, when you are going to apply for an e-visa, you may be requested to provide evidence from a police report for a lost identity.

Any other details that you may need before applying for an electronic Indian Visa on the Web

Your six-month valid passport from the date of entrance to India. You must apply for a long-drawn length of India visa; you may apply for a visa of 1-year. If your visit is near three weeks, you can be fined, sentenced, or charged within the hour of exit in case, whatever happened during your journey. If you remain in India, you may be banned from entering India or various nations since the excesses of the law. You have to plan the dates prior to applying for a visa by checking the validity of your identity that is a passport. In case you have questions in spite of everything, you can contact Evisa Mart because there you will get an answer to all the questions.


Q. Is it possible to enter any airport in India? ?

Ans. Yes, you can enter from any airport, but there are few places that need special permission, and for that, you must have written documents, then only it will be easy for you to enter from that place else authority will not allow you to do so. ?

Q. Is passport being enough for the application of a visa??

Ans. No, there are few other documents that might be needed with a passport-like if you are going for business purposes, then you have to provide the letter related to that, or if you are applying for a medical reason, then so the documents related to treatment and so on.?

Q. Which type of visa is acceptable in India? ?

Ans. Both online and offline visa is acceptable, but it is preferable to apply online so that you don't have to waste your time. ?

Q. Is it possible to extend the duration visa in any case? ?

Ans. No, you cannot extend your visa in any case. So, try to complete your work before the expiry of the visa. ?

Q. I lost my passport, is it possible to exit from India without applying for a new one? ?

Ans. No, you have to apply again with the proof of lots so that you can exit the nation without any trouble. ?

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