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Published on: 03-06-2020

A Detailed Guide To E Visa For India

Every individual travelling to India needs a Visa, barring people from neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bhutan. While the citizens of a few countries can get a visa on arrival at selected airports in India, the other ones have to apply for a regular visa or eVisa in order for successful immigration. The eVisa involves a hassle free process to obtain it and heres a detailed guide to eVisa for India.

Validity of eVisa for India

The validity of an eVisa and an e business Visa for India as of February 2019 is one year. This validity shall begin on the day of arrival and one cannot apply for the visa more than 120 days before the stipulated arrival. The continuous permitted stay for one visit is capped at 180 days for citizens of the USA, UK and Canada. For people belonging to countries other than these, it is 90 days.

Number of Permitted Entries on eVisa

The eVisa for India permits multiple entries. This category was at first limited to two, but it was relaxed in 2019.

Indian E Visa restrictions

For a successful application of an eVisa for India, one should make sure to arrive India via plane through one of the listed 28 airports which can be found on the government?s website/ Other than this, one can also enter from a few seaports. One, however, can exit the country from any point of exit.

Requirements for an online visa application

One should keep the essentials ready; the first one being a valid passport (valid for at least 6 months after date of arrival) and a scanned passport size photograph, with a recent digital photograph of oneself.

After making the online payment, one shall receive an e-mail from the officials with the visa after a few days which can be printed and taken to the airport. The printed copy shall be checked by the immigration officer and a visa shall be appended to one?s passport then and there.

Getting an eVisa is not a very difficult process, and it is not time consuming at all; one can get it done in no time if one follows the instructions.


Q. How is the eVisa received??

Ans. The eVisa is now made exclusively online and hence, one shall receive it in PDF form on their registered email ID. This is electronically linked to one?s passport, so one shall no longer receive a visa sticker like usual.?

Q. What is the minimum processing time for eVisa??

Ans. Minimum processing time is 3 to 4 days on proper compliance with due procedure and payment.?

Q. What can delay the processing time for application for eVisa??

Ans. An incomplete or improperly filled application with mistakes can cause delay. Moreover, non payment of fees or non fulfilment of other requirements can lead to rejection of application as well.?

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