What Is The Difference Between E Visa And Regular Visa For India?

E Visa And Regular Visa For India
Published on: 21-08-2020

What Is The Difference Between E Visa And Regular Visa For India?

Do you want to visit India for tour purposes or business purposes? You are perplexed about which type of visa you should apply for; this article is meant for you. Now, there are two options available to get a Visa for India. One is a traditional paper visa, and the second one is called e-Visa. A traditional paper visa is also known as a sticker visa or regular Visa. There are differences between both of them in terms of the process of applying, needed documents, and completion time. So if you are looking for What is the difference between eVisa and a regular Visa for India? It would be best if you took a walk through this entire article once.

One of the things that you might have heard before that paper visa is better than e-Visa. It might be indeed. But there might be a pair of conditions that show that. So what are those conditions? To know more about e-visa and regular Visa, please stay tuned here.

The application process of e-Visa and Paper Visa for India

What is the process of applying e-visa for India? This is a question that might pop up in your head before you think of applying for an electronic Visa. As you might know, some essential documents are needed. The applicants have to fill out an online application form. That?s easy, not a big deal.

Then after completing the application form, it is needed to submit. And within a few days, the applicants get the e-Visa through their email address. This is a genuine process that you might have heard of. The compelling thing about applying for e-Visa is that you are provided a Visa within a few days. Even it takes a long time to get a regular Visa.

The worst part about a traditional paper visa is that it needs so many documents. That means, documentation and verification processes take time. That could be two weeks and maybe more. And it not only takes a lot of time but also it costs more than the e-Visa process. In some conditions, a traditional paper visa plays a vital role.

Basically, for tourist purposes and medical treatment purposes, e-Visa plays a vital role. As you go below, you will get to know more about both types of Visa. After reading that, you will be able to decide which type of Visa is well-suited for you. So take a moment on this screen, and have a glance underneath this page.

pair of points about eVisa for India

A pair of points about eVisa for India

  • There are a couple of purposes for which foreigners are allowed to visit India with the help of e-Visa. They can visit here for tourist, business, and medical treatment purposes. That means if you want to visit India for another reason except them through e-visa, then you might have to face a problem. You would not be allowed because it is restricted.

  • Those who got to attend conferences and something else in India, then they have to have a sticker or paper visa. Otherwise, they may not be allowed if they are carrying e-Visa. The readers now got an answer regarding What is the difference between eVisa and regular visa for India? There is more to know about it, so keep reading.

  • Those who haven?t got e-visa for India before may know that e-Visa is applicable for a few months. That could last for two months or maybe three months based on rules. So this is something fundamental to know before you decide to apply for e-Visa. During this all, the fascinating thing is that it is economical to apply for e-Visa.

  • Applicants do not have to waste time and money to get prepared for the file of documents. They do not have to go to different places where visa-related deals are taken into place, and much more. Sometimes, it is not possible to go somewhere to file the documents and then for verification. And sometimes, it could be painful to go for that.

  • Applying for e visa not only an economic process but also a hassle-free process. You are going for a life-changing adventure every time to decide to travel to India. Readers must be aware of that e visa to india allows Double entry, triple entry or Multiple entry depends n the visa type which you select at the time of your visa application submission.
couple of points about Regular Visa

A couple of points about Regular Visa

  • The paper visa or sticker visa can be prepared for any purposes, whether it is tourist purposes or conference purposes. So you want to apply for a Visa to visit India for business deeds, medical treatment, or anything else, you are allowed for that. What is the difference between eVisa and regular visa for India? This is one of the paramount reasons that many people prefer sticker Visa rather than e-Visa.

  • If you are the person who likes to tour India at least three to four times a year, you then should go through a paper Visa. The best part is that it is applicable for ten years. On the contrary, e-Visa is applicable for two months. That will not be a good deal to go through e-Visa if you go to India four and five times a year. The paper business Visa is applicable for one and five years that is up to the applicant?s requirements. But for business Visa, there are a couple of more documents needed to file while applying.

  • The hassle part is that when it comes to getting a paper Visa for India, it then takes much time to do so. Many times, people don?t like to go through this process, like going to the embassy and file the documents. And there are more requirements there that the applicant has to go under. That takes many days; you can say around two weeks or maybe more. And this process of applying for Visa costs more.

  • The best part is that the sticker Visas last for long in comparison to e- Visas. Most importantly, if you are going to do too many ins and outs of India, it is better to have a regular visa. For some reasons and rules, some people are not eligible for e=Visa; they then need to go for a traditional paper visa.

E-Visa Key Points

  • It is easy to apply for e-Visa online.
  • This process does not take more than a few days.
  • E Visa is available for tourist, business, and medical treatment purposes.
  • It is very economical and fast.
  • This visa is not attached to your passport, you need to travel with a print out of the visa.
  • You will need to apply and pay for another visa if you decide to go back to India after this visa expires.
  • When you arrive in India there may be a long line some travelers have reported a 30-minute wait, others hour wait to get through customs.

Traditional paper Visa key points:

  • This Visa type is applicable for long, like ten years for tourist purposes.
  • Paper Visa holders are allowed for too many ins and outs of India.
  • It is allowed for all purposes one might have.
  • It takes a long time to get a paper Visa for India.
  • It costs much more than e-Visa.
  • Many documents are needed to file.

Now, the readers can easily understand What is the difference between eVisa and regular visa for India? They can also decide prudently what is well-suited for them. So take a walk through this article once.

Final words

So if you are looking for differences between e-Visa and Regular Visa for India, you are suggested to take a ride around this page once. You will find what are the pros and cons of both types of visas, too. There is more information dropped here that you should know before you apply for Visa.


Q. How much time does it take to get an e-Visa prepared for India? ?

Ans. It is an easy process and does not take so much time. On the contrary, it does not take more than two days. The best part is that it is easy to submit an application form and documents online. ?

Q. Does e-Visa cost more than a regular visa??

Ans. The e-visa process does not cost more than the regular visa process. Instead, it is a very economical and hassle-free way of applying for a Visa to visit India.?

Q. Which type of Visa lasts for long? ?

Ans. One point is needed to know here; eVisa does not last more than two months if you apply for tourist purposes. On the contrary, if you apply for a paper visa for tourist purposes, it lasts around for ten years. ?

Q. Which visa is suitable for 5 years of business purpose? ?

Ans. For such a long period, a traditional paper Visa is more suitable. You can get a paper Visa for five years to do trade or business in India. But e-Visa does not last that long. ?

Q. How many entries are allowed for those who carry e-Visa in India? ?

Ans. The number of entries may vary according to the nationality of the applicants. But at least two entries are available in all types of e-Visa. ?

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