What Documents Do I Need For An Indian Business Visa?

Required Documents For An Indian Business Visa
Published on: 21-07-2020

What Documents Do I Need For An Indian Business Visa?

An Indian Business Visa is a legal document that is issued for the people who want to do business in India. This visa is issued to foreign nationals and the people who do not live in India. This type of visa is released for those who want to make sales and establish business contacts in India on behalf of the company they work for outside India. A business visa for India can be valid from anywhere between three months to one year. These types of visas are different than the regular visitor and tourist visa. Since the nature of this visa is work-related, people can have single or multiple entries in the Indian subcontinent. But, the period of stay for one visit can only be for six months straight.

What is the purpose of the Indian business Visa?

The Indian business visa will allow all the visa holders to get associated with many kinds of business activities when they are staying in India. You can obtain the business e-visa that will allow you a total of 180 days to stay from the day of entry in the country.

E-Visa is an electronic Visa that is processed electronically. The visa application procedure is done online and the visa is also received via email. The e-Visa is divided into three major categories. One of the most important categories can be a business visa. The immigration authorities have now made it possible for people to submit their visa applications via electronic visa processing from thirty days to one-twenty days. This allows all the foreign nationals to seek a business visa to apply for the business visa one-twenty days before they arrived in India.

The immigration authorities always advise all the business visa applicants to apply for the visa four days before their trip. The visa application process can take up to 4 days and in some cases, it could take longer than that. After the business visa is approved, it holds validity for one year.

indian business e-visa

Business e-Visa

All travelers that want to obtain the Indian e-Visa will have to follow a few rules and make certain formalities. Some of those are as follows-

  • The business visa for India is valid for 180 days.

  • A business visa is usually a double-entry visa.

  • A business visa for India cannot be extended and it cannot be converted.

  • People can apply for two business visa in a matter of one year.

  • All the travelers will have to show proof of income or they will have to show that they have sufficient balance in their bank account to support their visit to India.

  • When you travel to India on a business visa, you will be required to keep a Visa copy that will be approved and signed by the respective authority. You should keep this document for authorization throughout your stay in India.

  • You will be required to have a return ticket when you apply for a business visa. This is a mandatory requirement.

  • As a business visa applicant, you should be a holder of a valid passport of your residing country, no matter what your age is.

When you are applying for a business visa for India, you should be very clear on the matter that your passport should hold validity for six months from the date you arrive in India. The last two pages of the passport should be blank for the official purpose of entry and exit stamps.

apply for an indian business visa

Apply for an Indian Business Visa

The procedure of applying for a business visa for India has become very simple ever since the introduction if the online visa application. A person who is the holder of an Indian business visa can arrive at any airports out of the 28 designated airports in India. They can also enter India from the designated and major five seaports. They can also leave the country from any of these airports and seaports. There will be an authorization process that will be conducted at every airport. The travelers will have to go under the security check when they arrive and leave India. The travelers coming to India for business purposes will have to show the visa and passport at the times of security check.

What documents do I need for an Indian business visa?

This section will cover all the documents that shall be required from the applicant to get a business visa for India. You will have to carry all the original documents while traveling to India and as well as at the time of the visa interview. You will have to submit visa fees to process the application..it us important to fill out the application form for visa accurately and completely.

Must have documents for Indian Business Visa

  • You will have to have a visa application form. You will submit this form when applying for a visa otherwise you will not obtain the visa.

  • Visa application fees payment receipt is another important document to obtain a business visa.

  • Visa appointment letter for the visa interview.

  • All the old passports for a background check.

  • It is mandatory to have a passport from your country. It should be valid for at least six months.

  • Photographs of the applicant.

  • Proof of employment.

  • Bank statements and previous month?s salary slips.
documents for indian business visa

Supporting Documents

To obtain a business visa, you will have to go through an interview process where you will let the immigration authorities know the purpose of your visit. You will also state the details about your ties in your home country during this stage. Your reason to travel India should be valid and hold a reason.

An invitation letter or business letter

When you travel to India, you will be most likely employed. You will have to offer a letter of invitation to the party you are visiting in India. This party could be a sponsor or an employer. This invitation letter will consist of all the details regarding your stay in India. It will state the purpose and intent of travel and the dates of entry and exit. The letter will be signed by the concerned authority who will take full responsibility for the information provided in the invitation letter. The details in this letter must match the details in your visa application form.

If you are a business owner traveling to India on business, you will have to show financial soundness that you will be able to support your stay. You will have to show your bank statements in such a case.

Business Card

If your purpose of travel is business, you should also submit a copy of your business card, if you have one. You can also bring the documents regarding the company market, finds, tax papers, and advertisement brochures.


Q. What is the purpose of travel is business and professional events??

Ans. If you have to be in India to attend an educational, business, commercial, professional, medical, and any other such seminar at the conference, you will have to present proof of that event. It could be a brochure or letter of invite or a media outlet print-out.?

Q. For what business-related matters is the business visa issued??

Ans. The Indian Business Visa can be issued for sales or purchases or trading, technical and business meeting, business ventures, seminars and conferences, work tours, deliver lectures, recruit employees, specialization in a project, and more.?

Q. How long will it take to process the Indian visa application??

Ans. The business visa application can take from anywhere between four days to two weeks to get processed and approved.?

Q. How will I receive a business visa??

Ans. After the application is processed, you will receive a copy of your approved visa via email. The visa will be sent to your registered email that you mentioned in the visa application form.?

Q. When is a business visa needed after arriving in India? ?

Ans. You will have to show your visa to the immigration officer right after you land in India at the airport.?

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