eVisaMart: Trusted Site For India Visa Application

eVisaMart: Online e Visa Website
Published on: 18-09-2020

eVisaMart: Trusted Site For Online Visa

OCI card is very important for those who travel a lot from one country to another. The OCI (Overseas Citizens of Indian card) is must for them. It helps them to travel very easily back to India without any problems of travelling. The one who is in another country and visiting India frequently for their family will be knowing the importance of this card. This card is very important to fix the issues of travelling. Sometimes we cannot simply cancel the trip because of silly reasons. Sometimes getting a visa also becomes a huge problem. So at those times, we understand the importance of OCI.

Importance of OCI:

what is OCI

It's such a kind of document like Indian e-visa. But it's a physical card, so the chances of losing it are more. So when you lose the card, you think of cancelling the trip or to get a new one. But getting a new one is not so easy because the process is so long and if you have to travel in a week like that the card may take more time to arrive which will make you cancel the trip. And mainly to get the new card firstly, you have to file the complaint even though you only have lost it. Next, you have to give a personal interview and lastly, you have to apply online to the card. But the process is so long that you can't get it urgently. At that time you will need a visa which you can get easily. Sometimes getting a visa online is not so easy because not every visa provider will be certified some might be a scam.

An alternative way of getting visa: eVisaMart

get visa from evisamart

To fix this kind of problem, here is a site for you. You can apply for the e tourist visa at eVisaMart. This visa will help you to get back to India without any delay at the airport. eVisaMart is a trusted visa providing site. Many individuals have got their visas through this site and they have come back to India. If you lose your OCI it doesn't mean you have to cancel the trip. Apply this online and get your visa. This visa is valid for 180 days. You can get your visa online. You will receive a message to your mail and it will be safe in your email. So it would be best if you were not worried about losing your visa again and getting back to India.

Requirements to get the visa online:

The required things for getting visa online are:

  1. Passport size photo which is needed to identify you.

  2. Passport person details scan. The information which u provide must be the scanned one.

  3. Last page of the passport. This may not be the necessary one by sometimes you have to provide the last page of the passport that too the scanned copy.

The valid email address and the convenient means of payment make your application filling easier. The email address which you provide must be the correct one because your visa will be sent to your email address. This is made in order to avoid the loss of visa again

Cost of e-visa:

The cost of the visa depends on the type of visa and processing time which you choose. There are three best options to get your online visa faster:

  1. Standard processing : Since it's the cheapest alternative, most candidates go for the standard. It permits you to get your e-Visa within 5 days.

  2. Rush processing : With this, the cost tends to go a bit higher when compared with the previous alternative. You will receive the visa quite sooner, i.e., in the next 3 days.

  3. Super Rush processing : You may expect, the price going even higher. The price is higher only because you will get the e-Visa as soon as within 2 days.

Compared to other sites the cost for the visa is less in this site. You can get the visa at a cheap rate.

How to apply?

The application process is quite easy. You just have provided the personal information like name, address along with the passport info. And you have to select the processing time. In the next step, the payment and the revision process to make sure that the information provided is correct because after applying you can't make corrections. So while applying check everything at every step to avoid future loss.

About eVisaMart:

This site is the trusted site by many. They have an excellent working team and working fantastically from 2013. Getting something online is a kind of fear for everyone. Because of personal information leaking and spams many people won't trust the online sites. But this site is completely different from that kind. It never leaks or promotes to leak the information. The excellent team takes care of the works very smoothly that we have many trusted customers with good reviews. And we also provide information about Indian tourism along with the visa.

This is one of the best use for the visa application. You can apply through online on their website. You can get further instructions on their website. So it is very much easy to get a visa like this because we can avoid the loss of visa again and again. You can get the visa very much easier and very speedy response will be there. Therefore if you get any situation like this just check the eVisaMart website and apply and enjoy the trip to India from Several Countries Such As US, UK, Australia, Germany, and more counties such as.

Andorra Austria Belgium Brunei Bulgaria
Canada Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France Germany Greece
Hong Kong Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy
Japan Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg
Malaysia Malta Monaco Netherlands Norway
Poland Portugal Romania San Marino Singapore
Slovakia Slovenia South Korea Spain Sweden
Switzerland United Kingdom United States Vatican ( Holy See)

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