How German Citizens Can Enter India During Coronavirus?

German to Indian During Coronavirus
Published on: 16-09-2020

How German Citizens Can Enter India During Coronavirus?

This pandemic situation has created havoc in the minds and hearts of billions of people all over the world. People are stuck in their homes without work or any other activities. Life has become almost meaningless for so many months. People have stuck in distant lands away from their homelands. There are a few sets of rules that people now have to follow to enter countries and travel internationally. There are protocols now that allow German citizens to enter India during coronavirus. However, these protocols need to be strictly followed before entering this country.

What is the functioning of international air flights in India?

functioning of international air flights

Since the inception of the virus spread in India, entry gates had been temporarily closed. This was an initiative on behalf of the Indian Government to curb the spread of this disease among the entire population. However, with time, the Indian Government has been taking measures to normalize everything around. The very first initiative that they have taken is to end this period of lockdown and start trains and flights.

Both domestic and international flights from India have been functional as of recently. India has been allowing entry to citizens from Germany to India even amidst this coronavirus pandemic. But, it is only the cardholders of OCI Germany who can now enter India. Even for them, there are certain strict protocols that the visitors need to follow. You will be allowed to enter the country only after you are thoroughly checked.

Citizens who can travel from Germany to India during Coronavirus

 travel from Germany to india

The Ministry of health and home affairs have most recently signed an air bubble agreement and arrangements with Germany. According to this agreement, citizens from Germany and many other foreign countries can fly to India even during Coronavirus. Other foreigners from Germany apart from the cardholders will also be able to visit India and get a permit for an Indian visa. However, the purpose should be restricted to employment, business, and medical.

India shares such an air travel arrangement with Germany that is bilateral due to the international travel restrictions. When applied with proper documents, the visitors would be granted an appropriate visa so that the German citizens can travel India without facing any problems. There are certain restrictions that both countries need to maintain to ensure a safe flight of passengers. You will learn about these safety measures and restrictions in the next section.

Travel Requirements For Visitors Traveling From Germany To India

Travel Requirements For Visitors

There are certain international travel requirements and regulations that every visitor in India needs to be aware of during this pandemic situation. These new guidelines for international travel are to be followed by all the citizens of Germany who are thinking of traveling to India. Some of these requirements include:

Self-Declaration Application Form: This application form is the topmost priority for the citizens who are coming from Germany to India during coronavirus. The visitors need to very carefully fill up this form without leaving any detail or making any mistake. This form is meant for foreign visitors traveling to India during this coronavirus pandemic. India can allow visitors from Germany only if they carry this form. Visitors need to fill this form at least 72 hours before they travel to India. You can choose the processing time for your form accordingly for you to get hold of it. You need to then attach your passport with this form along with other documents.

Need To Be In Quarantine: This is the most crucial requirement for all the visitors from Germany entering India. The moment they land in this country, it is important that they are in a 14-day quarantine. The Indian Government strictly advises that the visitor stays at a quarantine institution arranged especially for these passengers. In the next 7 days, however, these passengers can settle in their homes. If you wish to stay at the comfort of your home for the entire quarantine period, then you need to provide valid reasons to the Indian Government. Visitors who are pregnant, have serious illness, have kids who are below 10 years of age, or had a death in their family can get special permission to stay at home for 14 days. The visitors also need to submit their corona negative results to the Indian authorities.

Passport Scan: This is another important document that you need to carry while traveling from Germany to India during the coronavirus pandemic situation. The passport scan should hold some very specific details of the respective visitor. It should contain your photo as well as your email address and permanent address for verification. These addresses need to be valid.

Valid Indian Visa: It is another document that is a must. Without a valid Indian visa, no citizen of Germany would be allowed to fly to India. You also need a valid reason to visit India all the way from Germany during this crucial time. However, to get a visa permit from Germany to India, you also need to apply and fill the self-declaration form in advance.

Safety Measures Taken After Reaching India

After all the requirements mentioned above are taken care of, then comes the next set of requirements. These are not as such requirements but some very important measures that are taken by the Indian authorities right when you enter the gates of this country either by water, air, or land. There would be a medical screening for a medical check up that will take place here to ensure that the visitors do not have any symptoms of the coronavirus. After all these important tests are done, then the authority will check your details in your self-declaration application form. The form should either be in your electronic device or in a printed form. Once all these procedures are done, the visitors would then be assigned to their quarantine institutions.

Summing Up!

Since the end of the last year and the beginning of this year, all people can think of is this coronavirus. People are fighting against this deadly virus daily. It has almost become an unbearable challenge that the entire world has taken up. In this situation, if the citizens of Germany make sure to follow each rule and restrictions authorized by the Indian Government, then the foreigners would not be stopped from flying down to this country and entering this country. These procedures are easy to understand and not very difficult to follow. So, make sure to maintain your safety and visit India amidst this difficult time.

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