Get An Urgent Visa For India
Published on: 28-08-2020

How Do I Get An Urgent Visa For India?

Do you plan to travel the world, or do you have to visit another country because of some emergency situations? Traveling to a different country is not like a road trip which one can plan anytime and set off immediately. It takes time for the preparation of all the necessary things. One must get a visa which is an important document that gives your permission to enter a different country. If you are of a different nationality, you cannot enter a different country with a passport alone, but you need verification that allows you to stay for a while in a foreign country. The process of getting a visa may not be easy and it can take some time. If one is in an emergency, getting a visa may delay their schedules. This can be solved by applying for online visas which take lesser time and are more convenient.

Indian Visa online

Why should one apply online?

The process of applying online is easier and it is more convenient. Since the process is computerized, the instructions are clearly given in text form. One can read them carefully and apply for the visa. When one enters an office to apply for a visa, there are a lot of people trying to get visas or are there to solve their queries. One may get lost in the crowd and may not be able to get the help one wants on time. Waiting in a queue and searching for information takes up a lot of time and it can take up your whole day. You can complete the work within an hour when one applies for Indian E Visa Online. One can also get great customer support from the websites that one is applying from. They provide you with 24/7 customer care and one can get professional help through various platforms such as email, call center, and chat.

process of applying for Visa online

What is the process of applying for a visa online?

  • One can visit any of the authorized sites that provide visas online and use it to start the process of accessing an online visa. One can give the required information and upload their documents. The documents are needed by the authority for verification processes. After you have submitted your online application, one can proceed towards the payment.

  • There are some mandatory fees involved when applying for a visa. One can pay them quickly using any of the internet transaction facilities. Depending on the site and the payment options that they accept, one can pay with debit or credit cards, wallets, and internet banking The sites are protected by good security encryptions that keep your banking details safe. So, one need not worry about security. Also, if one wants the visa process to be shorter than the average, one can apply for urgent visas. This may cost more money, but one can use the Indian E Visa facilities online to quickly secure a visa in case of emergency situations.

  • The visa that one has applied for will be sent to the email address you provided after it has been approved. One can access them through the contact details you have given, and the respective authority will handle the matters. While the visa is under process, one can even keep track of the status of the visa through the websites. This will ensure that the process is going smoothly, and one will be able to receive a visa on time.

eligibility criteria for applying for an online visa

What are the eligibility criteria for applying for an online visa?

  • The visa is permitted to people that are visiting India for a short duration of time. They may come to India for recreational purposes such as vacations or honeymoons. These visas are also given to the people that are visiting the country to visit friends or relatives. Some people may need an urgent visa to the country due to medical situations. They may need to get treated in India and these visas can be applied online. Business and conference trips are allowed, and visas can be applied online.

  • The passport of the person opting for the visa should have at least two blank pages for stamping purposes. It should also have at least six months of validity left from the date the person arrives in the country. This helps ensure a smooth process.

  • Travelers should be prepared for their future such as return or further travel. They should have their return ticket ready or if they are planning to go somewhere else after they traveled in India, they should have that ticket planned. These travelers should be able to provide for themselves while they are staying in India. They should have sufficient finance that will help them in enjoying their stay.

  • People of Pakistani origin and those who hold a Pakistani passport are requested to apply for regular visas.

  • The Indian E Visa is not available for diplomatic passport holders.

  • One should have their own passports to apply for an online visa. The children and the spouses are not covered by the passport of the parent or the spouse.

  • People who have International Travel Document Holders are not eligible for applying for online visas.

What are the types of E-visas that one can find?

Visas online are not applicable for all categories and these are the visas that can be applied online:

  • e-Tourist Visa: Travellers visiting the country for a while for sightseeing purposes can take advantage of this visa.

  • e-Business Visa: One can access business visas if one is traveling to India due to business. One may be a step in the Indian market for the expansion of their business or one may need to come to the country as a representative of a company.

  • e-Conference Visa: People attending a conference in a country can apply for this visa. This may be for a short duration and one can access the visa quickly through an online method.

  • e-Medical Visa: This visa can be used when one needs to visit India to seek medical attention. One may be in an emergency, so one can apply for an urgent Indian E Visa through the websites and get the needful done at the earliest.

  • e-Medical Attendant Visa: One may want to pay a visit to a sick individual that has come to India for treatment. In such cases, one can apply for the medical attendant visa which can be easily accessed online.

What are the additional procedures on arrival?

  • When one arrives in India, one should have a hard copy of the Electronic Travel Authorization that allows them to enter the country.

  • One's details are accessed by the officials and they collect the biometric details of the individual. This is to ensure that all the details are correct. This is a precautionary measure taken by the authorities.

  • It is also important that one should have their return ticket or ticket to a different area if they plan to travel somewhere else when their visa expires. One cannot stay in India after the visa expiration and the officials make sure that one has planned for their further travels. When one applies for visas online, one cannot extend the visa, so you would have to leave the country by the time the visa expires.

  • If one is from a country that has a history with battling Yellow Fever, these individuals need to carry a Yellow Fever Vaccination Card. If one does not have this, one may need to undergo a period of quarantine which is for six days. One can go through the websites of the Ministry of Health Affairs to find more about this matter before applying for a visa online on sites such as Evisa Mart. It is better to take all precautionary measures to prevent any hassle after arriving in India.


Q. Can you extend an E-visa? ?

Ans. No, E-visas cannot be extended. One needs to keep a return ticket or a ticket for a further journey ready at the time of arrival to India. ?

Q. How long can one stay in India with an E-tourist visa? ?

Ans. E-tourist visas are available for 1 month, 1 year, and 5 years. Depending on the number of days one plans to stay in India, one can apply for a visa accordingly. ?

Q. What is the duration of a Business visa? ?

Ans. A business visa can be applied for multiple entries for a maximum duration of 1 years. ?

Q. Can one travel to India with their parents? or spouse?s passport or visa? ?

Ans. No, everyone, minor or adult, should have their own passport and visa to travel to India. ?

Q. Is it possible for a person with a Tourist visa to get employment? ?

Ans. No, this counts as a visa violation. A person with a tourist visa should not seek employment as this would create complications for them. It is also a violation if they start a business with a Tourist visa. ?

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