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Published on: 19-03-2020

How can I apply for Indian Visa?

For visiting India every country required to have a visa except Nepal (India's neighboring country). Though the people who travel from abroad to India got so many benefits now as the Indian government has interposed the e-visa for about 1 month, 1 year, and 5 years these are for those who travel India for business reasons, medical checkups, tourism and so on. Indian visa can get by the person for reasons like business, tour, medical, etc. As for traveling in India for business purposes you have to be clear about the kind of business and the cover letter from the company so you can go for a short-term visa like 1 year, there is no issuing of vis for 4 to 5 years for short term business. Before going to apply for a visa you must have to be clear with your documents and purpose for traveling as these are some basic information you will have to give while applying for the visa at the center.

Steps to apply for an Indian visa

For traveling in any country, you are always required to get through the process of getting a visa from that country and for India, there are 3 major steps that you have to follow so that you can get your visa. Here are those 3 steps:

  1. In the very first step gets to the portal and apply online for the visa application form
  2. In the second step, you have to fill the form securely and submit it with all those asked documents to attach with it to the Indian visa application center
  3. Once the process and submission done by the visa office you can collect your visa and passport from the application center.

General instruction one must know before applying for the Indian Visa

Before applying for the Indian visa there are some of the basic term and conditions as well as instruction one must know that-

  • You are required to have a passport for traveling to India that will be the hardcopy of the passport with your signature on it.
  • Fully completed and approved online application form of your visa on which your name, Q/A, general info about the traveling, everything would be there in the form.
  • Your passport size photo is must to be with the person traveling, Photo must be colored with the white background and not attested with the form.
  • And last but least all the further documents that are given in the instruction of your visa and also as per the term and conditions of traveling to the country you must carry all those documents.

Hence, applying for Indian visa required to go through the process and after the competition of those process given above you can easily travel to the country by keeping in mind the time duration and the purpose you have came and after the competition of the validity of your visa you have to visit back to your country or penalty will be applicable.


How many types of Visas Are there in India?

Visiting another country may have different purposes and you may get a visa according to your purpose only. Yes, if you reside outside India and looking to get the Indian Visa, you will have to specify the reasons for traveling to India. According to your purpose, you may get Tourist Visa, Employment Visa, Business Visa, Student Visa, Intern Visa, Medical Visa, Journalist Visa, Conference Visa, Film Visa, Research Visa, etc.?

What Documents are Required for Visa?

If you are applying for a Visa, you must have a valid passport, One recent size photograph, Proof of residence, proof of profession, Proof of financial soundness. For any assistance, a Visa consultant can be hired and he will assist you with the documentation process.?

Can I get an Indian visa in 24 hours?

In case of emergency, you may get the visa within 24-48 hours, else it may take up to 1 week. the applicant is required to provide the exact reason for applying for Visa.?

Can I get a visa online?

While hunting for Visa applications, one may apply for an online visa as well. Although we try to save our time, it may be time-consuming. If you are new and looking to get the visa work done at the earliest, better to hire the Visa Consultant as he will complete the Visa formalities on Your behalf.

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