How Do I Get A India Visa From The UK?
Published on: 24-03-2020

How Do I Get A Visa For India Visa From The UK?

In this era, you can get an India visa online for Uk because it is true that government offices take lots of time for approval and this is the reason why people prefer to use the user-friendly method. If you don't want to fill the form or not have time to do it then try to get a recommendation from any travel agent so that you will become tension-free.

What to do if it is required to extend the date of expiry in the visa?

If you want to apply for a visa as per your desired period then you have to get a visa for 1 year and then re-apply for the extended expiry date. You can take the help of the internet so that it becomes easy for you to fill the form and submit the documents.

How to apply for an Indian Visa from UK

Many ways will help you to apply for a visa but in those two ways are most important that will help you in getting a visa for India. You can apply by using the site of eVisa Mart where you have to fill the form of visa to get entry in that country.

What are the necessary documents for an Indian visa?

If you are using an online portal for getting visa then you have to submit only two documents these are as follows-

  • Passport in PDF format
  • Photograph with white or plain background in JPEG format

If you think that you are unable to fill the form of visa or facing a problem in understanding the term of the visa form then you have to take the help of someone who already applied for that or takes the help of a visa agent so that you will understand all the terms and condition.

Necessary documents to keep in hand things while traveling to India

There are many things that you have to know and keep to avoid any type of trouble at the time of entry. These are as follows-

  • Spouse information
  • Information related to work
  • Port of entry
  • Personal identification card

If you have all these documents in your hand then no one going to decline your entry at the airport and this is the reason why it is required to take care of all the necessary things while traveling especially if that is out of the country.

Things to do if the website continually crashes while applying for a visa

If you are filling the form of a visa then you may face the problem of website crashing. But this not means that you have to stop using it as it is required to follow safety precautions so that you will be able to make all the transactions without any type of hassle.

Hence if you don't want to waste your time by waiting in a queue then try to take the help of an online site that will help you in getting the desired result.


Q.How do I get an e-visa for India from the UK?

Ans. All visitors need to apply for e-visa in advance of travel. The Indian High Commission has launched a double-entry e-Tourist Visa for UK citizens staying under 30 days. You must apply for an e-visa at least four days before travel and enter India within 120 days of its issue.

Q. Can I get an Indian e-visa in one day?

Ans. With a Super urgent India e-visa in 1 working day, it takes 1 working day as maximum after your full payment confirmation to receive India e-visa approval letter and other important things and guidance to enter India.

Q. Can you apply for an Indian e-visa online?

Ans. Yes, You still have to apply for your e-visa online at least 4 days in advance of your date of arrival to India, but now your India eVisa will come with a window of arrival 120 days.

Q. Do I need an e-visa for India for UK citizens?

Ans. All UK citizens need a valid passport and valid Indian visa to enter and exit India for any purpose. Many visitors, including those on official UK government business, must apply for e-visa at an Indian embassy or consulate abroad before entering the country.

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