How Long Does An Indian e Visa Take
Published on: 16-04-2020

How Long Does An Indian E Visa Take?

A travel eVisa is a type of authorization which is needed to be granted by a country to a foreigner which allows him or her to enter and stay in the country for a limited period. Visas include the duration of time for which a foreigner can stay, areas in which he or she is permitted to enter and the right of the individual to work, receive education or travel in the country.

Types Of Travel Visas

There are different categories of visas which are provided by different countries, based on their purpose of for the duration to stay, which are:

  • Transit visas: These visas are for passing through the country of issue to a destination outside that country. The validity of transit visas is usually limited by short terms such as several hours to ten days depending on the size of the country or the circumstances of a particular transit itinerary.

  • Short term stay visas: These are for short visits to a country such as for short business or tourism-related trips, or for another different number of reasons which require a short term visit to a country.

  • Long term stay visas: If someone needs to stay in a country for a long time then these visas are made, such as student visas to receive education in a foreign country, temporary working visas, resident visas, and asylum visas.

  • Immigrant visas: These are granted by the countries to a person of foreign origin when it is issuing a permanent settlement to them.

  • Official visas: These are granted to the officials who are representatives of their countries and are visiting the host country for any diplomatic reasons.

Time Taken For Visa Processing In India

For entering or visiting in India people need to follow a proper application procedure for travel visas for visiting through different countries. Although there are different regulations for some countries such as freedom of movement allows people from Nepal and Bhutan do not require any visas or passports to enter India and can stay in the country for as long as they desire, they can also work freely in India.

  • The exact processing time for an Indian Visa keeps on varying. Sometimes due to high travel volumes during holiday seasons the visa processing time can increase even more. The general processing time for an application process usually takes 3-5 working days for processing. For the people from the US visiting India for a short term basis, it can take from up to one to two weeks for processing.

  • However, the processing time for the visas for Pakistani Nationals or the people of Pakistani origin it can take from a minimum of 6 weeks as the concerned authorities of India need to examine the application thoroughly due to the diplomatic reasons.

  • The processing time for the visa application of Sri Lankan citizens can also take a significant amount of time.

People who need to visit India and want to apply for Indian eVisa can easily complete the application procedures through the e-visa facility.

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