How Long Does It Take To Get A 10 Year Indian Visa?

How Long It Take To Get A 10 Year Indian Visa
Published on: 18-08-2020

How Long Does It Take To Get A Ten Year Indian Visa?

The Consulate carefully selects the legitimacy of the Visa you are given. As a rule, the department will grant a visa with the validity equal to or close to the expiration date of Passport. For example, if only four years are left for the expiration of Passport and you are demanding a five or 10-year visa, as a rule, the Consulate will coordinate visa validity for the passport expiration date. It would be ideal if you remember this when choosing the validity of the Visa, you are referring to.

things you need to provide for getting visa

Things you need to provide for getting Visa

You must provide your actual Passport, which is signed, including a copy of your Visa's Personal Data page. Your identity should be:

  • Stay valid for half a year of the validity of your specified Visa
  • Two clear visa pages at any rate for stamps of Visa (change and underwriting pages cannot be used to satisfy this requirement)
  • Not to be torn, or adjusted in any other way

The type of photos you have to provide for the completion of the process

You should provide two visa type photographs that conform to the standards:

  • Most recently taken within three months and inscribed on great photo paper
  • Can be taken contrary to white background
  • Make two crawls up to two inches
  • Give a full-frontal perspective to your head by your face placed in the center and show a nonpartisan appearance
  • You can neither wear glasses nor headwear for strict purposes
  • Your photos should not be included in your application and may not show evidence of sticky tape or staples
  • Glasses may not be worn while clicking photographs
drivers license

Driver's license

You must give a copy of your license permit. The copy must show your residence as it looks on your form of visa application.

Note: Your identity will be sent back to the location displayed on the application under "Current Address" The location must match your permit or service bill.

For business visa Business cover letter is important

You are mandatory to provide a business cover letter from your organization. All letters should be inscribed on the letterhead of the organization that is a mailing street number. The business cover letter must follow the same format of invitation letter so that they can easily get a visa for the desired period.

why provide the incorporation certificate

Why provide the Incorporation Certificate

You should provide a certificate of incorporation from the organization that is welcoming you to India. Where they have to send you an application of Invitation. You should receive a greeting letter. The association you will go to is responsible for giving greetings. A copy is satisfactory. Following are the type of things that must be included in the application-

  • On letterhead, there will be a name of the organization
  • Include a telephone number of association or individual's entire residential area
  • Uniform validity of Visa in Business Identity Card
  • Match the specific organization as the example greeting letter given in this unit
  • Ideally, show a ticket from the organization or administration office
  • Include a declaration of the full obligation of support for the tourist in case the duty was not referred to in the business introduction letter

The validity of Visa and who can get up to 10 year

A person going to India for transient business, special functions, and others should apply for the Visa of 1-year. The Visa of 5- and 10-year will not be granted for transient commercial ventures.

Additional things to know
  • The Traveler Visa is, for the most part, granted with underwriting.
  • The tourist visa's validity starts from the date of the issue of Visa and not from the date of the section in India.
  • The length of stay for each trip is the largest for 6 (SIX) months from the date of passage.
  • Passenger visa validity can be up to 10 years.
  • All Indian origin candidates with the Passport of other countries are applying for a tourist visa, which can apply for ten years.
Extra particular form

You should sign & complete the added specifics found in this pack. All inquiries should be replied with "yes" or "no." Try not to use the term like N / A while filling the form. To apply for any minor child, both parents have to sign this form to get their Visa as soon as possible.

The application form of Visa

The Consulate General of India requires a visa application structure that can be filled on the web. For structure, you have to visit the original and official site of an Indian visa. To start the process, mark "Custom Visa Application" in the base left corner on the blue catch. Your application must be:

  • Show your name exactly as it appears on your Passport.
  • Include responses for all the fields.
  • The type of Visa you are applying for, and the length of validity must match the posting on all other brochures.
  • Include at least two signatures: the first one on page 1 below the photo and the second one mark on page 2. These two signatures should match with the signature of your Passport.
  • Include an email address for getting the further details related to the online application your application does not have any email address then the department will reject your application, and you have to apply again. This is very time to make the process, so try to be very cautious while filling the form.
  • Be inscribed on single-sided pieces of paper. Two-sided submissions will be vetoed. You should fully print the scanner tag at the base of page 1.
  • Your Passport will be validly sent back to the "current address" shown on your India application. No replacement address can be given.

Most sites used to provide the instruction of filling the form so that people may not face any problem later.

Who can get a Short-term or Momentary visa?

Indian origin applicants are given for Momentary Visa (less than ten years):

  • Just applied for PIO / OCI, and the process is expected to end.
  • Candidates applying for emergency visa.
  • For minors (especially five years)
  • Any other important category, as indicated by the government. The final decision will be on the Consulate for granting a visa.
Whichever other class chooses the Consulate as per the rules of the Government of India.

The length of Visa or the number of classes is entirely the credit of the Indian Embassy / CKGS, and the Consulate has no business to carry out the dynamic process. Candidates should pay attention and understand that the Visa does not include the right. Consequently, the Embassy / Consulate can reject the Visa if found that the applicant is not eligible as per norms or does not have sufficient necessary documents or the period mentioned. Offers a visa for a period shorter than that. The application and what the candidate has paid. There would be no explanation about this and choice.


Q. Is there an alternate version of the application that can be emailed? ?

Ans. No. You should use the online application structure. This structure is bar-coded & will securely store your data for quick handling. Manually written application structures are not accepted. ?

Q. About "qualifications," would it be appropriate for me to enter in case I am in the college??

Ans. This segment is according to the level of education of the candidate. For example:?

  • Below Matriculation: Applicants who have finished the elementary
  • Higher Secondary: Candidates who finished secondary school
  • Senior Secondary: Applicants who are presently going to college/university
  • Graduate: Bachelor Degree or equivalent
  • Postgraduate: applicants that have further limits than Bachelor degree
  • Professional Degree: Someone who has his/her doctorate or PhD
  • Unskilled: Applicants who have no rudimentary or advanced education

Q. I am in college; what should I enter as an "Occupation/profession'? ?

Ans. This will be ideal if you select 'Student.' The application will request the subtleties of your father's or the business of your spouse's. Enter the location of the business and telephone number. If your father/life partner resigns or retired, select the retired option and enter your residence and telephone number. ?

Q. Do children need a visa to visit India? ?

Ans. All tourists, including children, should have a lawful visa to visit India. Please complete a separate application for each youth. In the case of minors, parents must sign the application. ?

Q. At the time, I click on the India Online Visa application, a note displays which says 'untrusted connection.' What I do now? ?

Ans. This happens on the basis that you are finding a site that is accessible and functioning outside of the United States. You have to click 'I understand the danger,' and 'include a special case.' You will be directed to the Visa Application Principles page of India. ?

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