How Many Times Can You Apply For An Indian E Visa?

Apply For An Indian E Visa
Published on: 20-08-2020

How Many Times Can You Apply For An Indian E Visa And What Are Other Important Things?

Suppose you want to travel to India due to any reason. In that case, you may apply for a visa without any restrictions. If you want to visit again and again, then try to apply for a longer period so that it will be easy for you to travel and avoid lots of documentation again and again. No one wants to face such an issue, and this is the reason why people used to prefer Indian E Visa Online.

types and duration of Indian Visa

Types and duration of different Visa's in India

E-Visas can be separated into the following categories-

You can choose any of the above-mentioned visas per your need, but you have to show all the necessary documents for the visa approval. Other vise departments will reject your approval.

Indian e-tourist visa

The options of e-tourist Visa

The three options for e-tourist visa these are as follows-

  • 1-month e-tourist visa: valid for 30 days and contains a double-entry system.
  • 1-year e-tourist visa: valid for one year and covers various routes.
  • 5-year e-tour visa: valid for five years and contains various routes.

Significant Note: If you are taking one and multi-year visas, then do not think that you will stay in India till the expiry of the visa. You should leave the nation after 90 days. In case you are from Canada, the US, UK, or Japan, you may stay for 180 days before you expect to leave. If you have different routes selected, you can re-enter India at the time, yet you should leave before your visa laps and keep following the number of days/ visits that are - 90 or 180. If you don'tdon't want to face any further problem, then this article is for you. Here you may get all important information related to visa and government norms.

Step by Step Instructions to apply for your India Tourist Visa

There are mainly two different ways of applying. The first is the most direct route, which is via offline mode, and the second is through another related site, which eVisa Mart always preferred.

Fortunately for you, this process has become much more direct throughout the years. Along these lines, you allow yourself to do everything, and you essentially follow the bearings that the site has spread.

Step 1- Go to the official page

This is the administration page where you will start filling your application. It should be obvious; you currently have a ton of data to take you out when applying; Including an example application page.

Step 2- Fill in your application

Depending on the site page, click "Apply here for e-visa." When you experience the application, you will be urged to upload all essential documents so that it will be easy to check your eligibility for a visa. Remember the details they have for each and ensure that your identity is left at one and a half years at any rate.

Step 3- Upload your passport size photo and copy

You have to make sure your identity is in a copy PDF design, and your photograph in the passport has a white color background and is in a JPEG.

Step 4- Payment

You will get them to a page that prompts you to pay now or pay later. If you decide to pay later, you should be compensated at any rate four days before the travel, despite everything happening. You can select among a payment gateway or PayPal. The gateway of payment will cost 2.5% though PayPal will charge 3.5%.

Step 5- Approval

From that point on, within 72 hours, you must have a duplicate of the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). You can usually follow the status of your application on the site to confirm that you have an ETA status.

Step 6- Print

When you hit it, you will have a confirmation email from the site. When they have your e-visa, they will send it to you by email. Print and show at the air terminal. If you have a problem, you can use their client support, which is accessible at any time.

Step 7- At the airport

You will need a physical duplicate of your advertisement at the air terminal; there, the authority will stamp your identity.

In the same way, you can take the help of another related site for getting a visa that might help you in easy approval so that you can get a visa at the right time or even before they travel. Many people want to get visas in an emergency and for the government the process is very hectic. So, try to get Indian E Visa from another eVisa Mart.

apply for an indian e-visa

Who can easily apply for an online Indian Visa?

In the case of going for work or pleasure, half a month, or a few months, essentially every nationality (except Nepal or Bhutan) people going to India will need e-visa. For travelers, you will need a special Indian e-waste visa, accessible to residents of 160 plus countries. If you go to India together, then it is accessible:

  • Entertainment, excursion, easy journey to meet mates and family members.
  • A momentary yoga program, going to seminars on neighborhood dialects, music, gestures and artifacts, cooking, medicine and so on which may not be a formal or organized course/program because the courses not exceeding half a year and not with a passing declaration/certificate given and so forth.
  • Extinct work of short duration for the most extreme time of one month, which does not include any fiscal payment or any kind of outcome thought out.

Classification of Indian eVisa

There are various classifications of Indian eVisa, including e-conference visas, e-medical visas, and e-business visas. The completeness of the data within this article is also applicable to those sections, although the main focus is on the Indian e-tourist visa request process and the prerequisites for hikers and tourists. If you need to double-check the qualification for any classification of e-visa, you can have a good view of the eligible nations on the eVisa Mart site.

For those searching for an origin of Pakistan or with Pakistani parents or grandparents, it would be ideal if you note that you might not be qualified for an e-visa (whether you are a resident or an identity holder of an alternate nation). And perhaps it will require applying through an alternative visa process; If you still want to get visa approval, then you have to take the help of officials so that you can easily apply and get the desired visa.


Q. Is e-Visa useful for any part of India? ?

Ans. Not every part but the most. It is not valid for limited or assured areas, for example, in Northeast India, Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim, and parts of Himachal. ?

Q. Is it possible to apply for a visa directly before the flight??

Ans. No, even if you extend it for an "emergency visa," it will take at least two days through the process of a super rush. Individuals find it unsightly. Evisa Mart received many messages from individuals who had not understood until the previous night and needed to change the flights. Visas typically take near about three days to process, now and then quickly. In case you have not received it after three days, you are urging to call the officials or the customer support or drop an email.?

Q. Can anybody apply only to give a one-way flight ticket to India? ?

Ans. No. You have to apply for a return ticket or booked a forward excursion. This is a real portion of the Indian visa application process & they pay great attention to it. You may often be asked by the carrier even before you travel to India. ?

Q. How much does an e-visa cost? ?

Ans. Based on the recent updates, the administration fees for a US national are: ?

  • 30 Day E-Tour Visa for 26 USD
  • One-year e-tourist visa for 41 USD
  • Five-year e-tourist visa for 82 USD

It is equal for different countries.

Q. When does my e-visa timeframe start? ?

Ans. E-Visa will start from the date you show it in India. This is sufficient from the date of issue, and you can apply right on time 120 days before your planned arrival date. The most recent, you have been scheduled to apply four days before the flight. ?

Q. Who can get India's e-visa? ?

Ans. Most nations are eligible for e-visas, although not all. Check whether you have a nation of nations for e-visas to India. There are many rules to follow if you are traveling out of the country, so try to get all detailed information so that you may not face any issue. ?

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