Acquire An Indian Visa Extension
Published on: 16-09-2020

How To Acquire An Indian Visa Extension?

India has become a very popular tourist destination spot. Because of globalization and ease of travel, people have started visiting India now more than ever. India is a very diverse country that is loved all around the world. People visit India for tourism and vacation. However, in the past two decades, India has also seen prosperous growth in the economical and industrial sectors.

People from different countries visit India for business purposes and work-related projects. The medical sector in India is also on the rise which is why so many people also come to India for medical reasons. India allows international travelers and residents to travel to the Indian subcontinent. There is a list of countries whose citizens and residents can travel to India for leisure or work.

Anyone who wants to travel to India should meet all the requirements and needs. There are certain rules and restrictions and legal formalities that should be done prior to their visit. There is a legal document called a visa that allows the outsiders to enter India legally and stay in India for a specific amount of time. People must have this document when they are traveling to India or else their stay won't be justified and they will not be allowed to enter or stay in India. The Indian government issues the visa go the people wanting to come to India for studies, medical treatment, leisure, business, or any other condition.

Indian Visa extension

how Indian Visa extension works

Very recently, the government of India has also allowed the citizens of other countries who are stranded in India can apply for a visa extension of their visa has expired or is coming to expire. This visa extension allows them to stay in India legally for a few more weeks, or months, depending on the situation and cause of stay.

One will have to request the visa extension by filling out an online visa application on the visa portal online. This process should be done with great care and caution. To get a visa extension, you have to possess an original visa document. It is great news for such travelers as the immigration consultants can help the visa holders submit their documents from their residence. They will not have to wait in line at the airport. You can learn more about the visa on arrival and visa extension for international passengers.

What is a visa?

An eVisa is an electronic document that allows international passengers to enter India. This is an official document through which the people who want to travel to India get authenticated and verified to enter India legally. This is a mandatory document that one must have at the time of immigration. You can get a visa through the online application process. You will have to fill out the form and provide all the information it requires you to give. You can choose the visa that would for your purpose of travel. It could be a tourist visa, business visa, medical visa, depending on the particular situation.

What are the documents required to process the visa application?

process the visa

There are not plenty of documents that are required to submit for the processing of the visa application. The visa application process is completed using the following documents and information-


You will need to have a valid passport if your country. This document is essential for all types of international travel as it contains all the personal details of the travelers.

Return Flight Ticket

When you entering India, the authorities will want you to show them that you won't be overstaying in their country. The return ticket will also reveal the date you will leave India. It will also reveal the period of time you will be staying in India.

Accommodation proof

Accommodation proof could be hotel stay reservations or a letter written from the host of the traveler in India. This will tell the authorities where you'll be staying in India.

Email Address

You will have to provide your email address so that the visa can be directly sent to you as soon as it is approved. Also, an email will be the medium of any information exchange.

Payment method online

The visa applicants can use their credit/debit cards and other online payment options to submit the visa application fees.

Overstaying in India/Visa extension

If you are visiting India and are planning work-related travel or a vacation, this is a great place to come to. However, there are some consequences of overstaying in India or in any other country as a matter of fact. It should not be ignored and proper steps should be taken to legally stay in a country after the visa expiry. You must do everything that you can so that you can prevent the problems that could arise due to this.

There are many people coming to India India days. This is the reason why the government of India is taking powerful steps and increasing the penalties that violate the policies and regulations of immigration in India. It is advised to only stay for the time that is allotted on the Visa and return to their home country but in some cases, one has to stay back dues to contingencies and other important reasons. In this case, they can apply for an extension of a visa. However, this should be done at least a month before the expiry of the visa.

They can undergo the visa extension application process and stay in India for a limited amount of time. This should be done legally and one must follow all the rules. If you are caught staying in India after the expiry of Visa, this will be considered illegal. They will have to pay a financial penalty or legal penalty in such cases. The charges will differ depending on your period of stay after the visa has expired. To avoid fines, one must make sure to follow the visa extension guidelines.

Is the visa application process safe?

One can rest assured that the visa application process online is extremely safe and secure. The immigration travel agencies and immigration consultants will handle the visa application in the best ways possible. You can go through the visa rules and application process guidelines.?

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