Apply For An Emergency Indian Visa
Published on: 10-04-2020

How To Apply For An Emergency Indian Visa?

An emergency visa for India is generally offered to people of Indian origin living in other countries and want to visit India in case of an urgent situation. This emergency could be a serious illness of a spouse, family member, death of a relative or family member, sudden accidents or legal matters. Is the case if genuine, then getting an Emergency Visa for India is not difficult as long as the applicant is fulfilling all the significant requirements.

The applicants must have proof of all the aforementioned reasons and identification. Applicants who want to apply for an emergency visa will need to contact the Indian consultant or Indian embassy in the country they are residing in to process their visa application.

What are the types of Emergency Visas?

Emergency visas are given to people on medical grounds, legal commitments or family emergencies. If the visa is given on the medical account, the applicant must have proof of their illness or illness of a family member or relative. Un care of legal matters, you must have possession of the documents related to those legal matters to attain the visa. The family emergency visa includes situations where one is urgently required by the family members and have to travel to India. Family emergencies can include death, unexpected accidents, or serious illness.

Other kinds of emergency visa for India could be in case of theft or lost visa, urgent worked related matters travels dues to political, cultural or economic importance.

How to apply for an Emergency Indian Visa?

To get an emergency Indian visa, you must be of Indian origin or be Indian residents or citizens. They must hold a valid passport. To obtain an emergency visa, one must fill out an application form for the visa at the Indian embassy in their country. They will need to attach the proof of their emergency travel while applying. They must possess all the important documents to back up their situation. For example, if there has been a serious illness in your family and you need to travel to India immediately, you must have the proof and documents supporting your case. In such a case, you will need to attach a medical certificate for authentication to get your application approved.

For people who are minors must have their application signed by their parents and the application should be attached with copies of their parents' passports, birth certificate of the minor, and the resident status of the parents. Always note that emergency visas are always issued only on the working days.

Other Requirements

When you are applying for an emergency visa, you have to pay the visa application fee to get your application processed. The amount will be the determinant of your country's Indian embassy. You can also apply through an agent, but you will have to pay commission to the agent for their services.

Emergency visas are granted for a maximum of six months. You must consult the embassy for proper guidance on the matter and what documents are required.

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