Get An E Visa To India Online
Published on: 29-04-2020

How To Get An E Visa To India Online

A visa is a necessary thing if you are planning to travel to any foreign country. Merely having a passport won't do enough for you to get a pass. Visa is a kind of an authorization certificate provided by the government of the concerned country to travel to the country without any legal issues. So, what is an E-Visa? Well, it is nothing different to visa. For getting your visa approved, people now can do everything online without the need to hassle anywhere. Everything can be done sitting at your home.

E-Visa refers to the application of visa applied online. The government of India has done the same which began in the year 2014. Since then, people are able to apply for their visas online and can easily Authorize their travel to the country without struggling a bit. The online application process has many benefits for people. Earlier when there was no online application service, getting a visa authorized was a work full of a hassle as there were many people for the same cause in the offices where Authorization was done. The online process has saved a lot of effort and time for the same process.

How To Apply For An E-Visa Online?

The following steps can be taken if one wants an E-Visa to India through the online application process:

  • Firstly, one needs to visit the official government website of the online visa application. One can easily find the website by searching the web.

  • Now, one can get started with uploading their photo and passport online. One should upload the passport page.

  • Now, the payment which is required for visa application needs to be made. One can make payment through credit or debit card.

  • After the payment is approved, one will receive the travel Authorization online on the email id provided during the process.

  • Now, one needs to get the received authorized document printed which later needs to be presented before the officials at the immigration check post, who upon a careful look, stamp the visa on the passport.


Q. For what all purposes an E-Visa can be applied for India??

Ans. A person can request for an E-Visa online for tourism in India, medical purpose visit, and business purpose visit.?

Q. What all documents need to be uploaded while filling the application for an E-Visa??

Ans. A person needs to have his photograph, Personal Details On The Passport (Scanned Copy), and the passport page.?

Q. How long is the E-Visa valid from the date of the issue??

Ans. There are three types of plans given by the government for the validity of E-visas. Firstly, of 30 days, secondly for 1 year and lastly for 5 years.?

Q. Is there Any Provision Of An Emergency Visa Through Additional Fee?

Ans. No, the government of India doesn't have any such provision.?

So, one can find it easy to apply for Visas online as the process is simple and hassle-free. One just needs to visit the official Indian Government website for additional information and terms regarding the issue of E-Visa for travel to India.

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