Indian Tourist Visa Quickly
Published on: 21-03-2020

How To Get An Indian Tourist Visa?

Are you a peripatetic person who is a travel enthusiast? Do you love to explore different countries and invite interesting experiences to you and this time you are looking forward to experiencing the mingling of different cultures in India? So, before traveling to India you must muster all the knowledge about the Indian tourist visa and the process of getting it!

Why I need a visa?

The Visitors International Stay Admission abbreviated as the visa is an authorized paper that is required to give allowance to the visitor to enter the country for a particular period for a specific purpose. If you want to travel to India, you are required to have a visa to enter and exit India for a variety of purposes. It is mandatory for everyone entering the country regardless of the purpose of visit, length of stay, or the country of origin and if a traveler is found without the visa, he will be immediately deported. Here, this article will let you know how to get this very important document.

How to get an Indian tourist visa?

You may apply for the visa at eVisa Mart before entering the country or you may apply online for the same. Tourists planning to visit India can apply for eVisa online. The Indian government launched the online eVisa in 2014 allowing travelers from over 160 countries to apply for a medical, tourist, or Business eVisa to India. Travelers applying for this program receive their electronic visa via email after filling the application form with the required information and paying the fee.

There are some requirements for getting a visa. The required documents are:

  • Passport which must be valid up to 6 months beyond the validity of the applied visa for India, having some blank pages for stamping during the validity of the visa application process. It should be straight and not torn from anywhere.
  • Visitor?s clear photographs which must be taken in the last three month of applying for a visa and with the plain or white background.
  • A valid driving license that serves as an id proof displaying one?s permanent residential address.
  • If a visitor is going for a business purpose, he also requires a certificate of incorporation of the company that is inviting him to India.

After having all the necessary documents with you, you can proceed with filling the application form. Some important instructions are to be kept in mind while filling the form. The visa must include the name as mentioned in the passport. It must have two signatures on it.

Generally, a visa can be obtained by visiting website where after filling the application form, either you will get your visa at the embassy itself or you may get an electronic visa on your email. The process usually takes 3 to 4 days but eVisa Mart make this job simple and easier for you. They fill out the paperwork and secure your visa at a lightning speed.

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