Tourist E Visa To India
Published on: 21-05-2020

How To Get A Tourist Evisa To India

All the visitors to India need a visa, barring the citizens of the neighboring Bhutan & Nepal. Visitors are required to either apply for an e-Visa or a regular visa. An e-Visa is stress-free to acquire and will also be apt for most of the tourists. Here's all you require to know everything about it.


The pattern for e-visa in India resembles the visa on arrival, however, it is not the same. The applicant requires to submit the forms of India visa and then pay the required fees online. He will then be informed via email if a tourist e-visa is accepted or not.

One does not need to courier the passport or make a visit to a consulate or an Indian Embassy. Upon the acceptance of your visa, you are free to board the plane. The authorities will simply stamp the tourist e-visa on the passport on arrival.

Eligibility for The Indian Tourist E-Visa

  • Purpose: The Government of Indian only acknowledges 4 reasons adequate for acquiring this visa. They are sightseeing and recreational, visiting family or friends, conducting casual & short business, and medical treatment for a limited duration.

  • Passport: The authentic documents should well be valid for the next 6 months right from arrival. Also, it must have a minimum of 2 blank pages in order to fill up alongside Indian stamps. The ones holding the Passports of Pakistan or are of the Pakistani origin are sadly not allowed. The procedure for the passport holders of Pakistan is a bit different, streamlined, and not easy.

  • Then, you are fine to fill an Indian Visa Application.

Information On Application Of Indian Tourist E-Visa

  • Passport: One will be required to submit the scanned copy of the passport?s page of information after filling an application form.

  • Photo: When you have the digital copy of the passport-sized photo, you need to upload that to a site. Alternatively, scan the regular passport-sized photo instead & then upload it.

  • The Proof Of The Departure: The confirmed round travel ticket so they get to know you are not trying to begin a new life or sneak in.

  • Fees: An e-visa fee is dependent on a country of origin. Currently, the citizens from over 169 countries may apply for the e-visa.

Details of An E-Tourist Visa

For application to be worthy they should be submitted not later than four days and not earlier than 34 days prior to the date of arrival.

So if you are the type that likes the itinerary before time, you might go on to consider the traditional e-tourist visa for India.


Q. What Is E-Visa??

Ans. It is an electronic visa, that grants you an entrance.?

Q. How Long Is Indian E-Visa Valid For??

Ans. Indian E-Visa is valid for a year.?

Q. What Are The Things You Require For E-Visa??

Ans. Applicant Photo, Scanned Passport & last page of the passport.?

Q. Why Would You Need E-Visa??

Ans. For four aforementioned conditions.?

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