Fastest E-Visa Application to India for Angolans

E-Visa Application to India for Angolans
Published on: 05-10-2020
Fastest E-Visa Application to India for Angolans

Getting a physical visa from the Indian embassy could be one of the most cumbersome experiences for an individual looking for access to a country. But for every problem in this world, there is a solution. Now, you don?t even need to visit the embassy to apply for your visa. It's possible for anyone to do it sitting back home with a lot more comfort and ease.

If you have the requisite documents in place, you will not have any difficulty in getting your visa approved. All this is possible, without a single visit to the Indian embassy. There is no other better and convenient option available for Angolans to apply for an Indian eVisa. All you are required to is to follow the process, choose your plan, and go ahead with your application. You can do all this sitting comfortably at your home. Here in this piece, we will look in slightly detail how it works.?

What do I need to apply for Indian Visa??

There are some things that only you need to get in order. You are required to fulfill these prerequisites well before the application process starts: -

  • Passport: You are required to have legal access to the country. Getting a passport issued is not an issue for Angolan citizens. You can get your visa within a week of the application. If you already have it, it?s nothing but icing on the cake.

  • Photo identity: To establish your identity platform will need your digital photos. The photos must be clear, with a solid colour in the background. Also, make sure when you click those photos, you are sitting straight.?

  • Mode of Payment: For paying the visa fee you can use your Debit / Credit card. All your payment information is safe and secure.

  • Business visa certification: If you apply to an e-Business visa, you will have to establish its documents. It would help if you were in possession of documents that substantiates your application. In most cases, only an invitation letter would work. In rare instances, you may be asked more documents and proofs to establish your claim. For all business visa applicants, it is mandatory to have at least an invitation letter issued by a credible company in India.?

  • Medical Visa: If you apply for a medical visa, you also need supporting documents to establish your claim. You are required to have an invitation letter from the hospital, duly signed by the concerned authority. Your medical note will be cross-checked by the embassy. So, make sure the note you are possessing is legit and has all the conditions mentioned in detail.?

How to fill the application form?

When it comes to the visa application, filling the form is the most dreaded part of it. If something goes wrong, you are back to square one. You will have to repeat the process all over again. Application for an Indian visa is no different; the process is even more complicated here. But online process of e-visa is simple and fast.

The Online platforms will provide you a different, ?easy to fill? form. The application form has only three subsections. Also, they have a very dedicated team to help you in case you need help somewhere. Generally, it takes about ten minutes to fill the form. Yes, it sounds too good to be true. But, then, that's the success story of these ventures. You need to fill all three subsections of the form mandatorily.

  1. The first subsection asks you to enter general information, which is mostly personal information. The story differs from person to person. But it's the section where nobody gets stuck.

  2. The second section of the forms asks you about your preferred choice of payment. You will be charged the same fee in all the modes of payment. Also, in this section lies the most crucial step, which is the review of the information entered by you. Once you move ahead of this page, you can no longer change the story. So, you are required to reconfirm the information disclosed by you cautiously.

  3. Lastly, you will be asked some security questions. Once you are through with it, you can finally upload your scanned photograph and other mentioned documents.

How much does the application cost?

As mentioned earlier, the eVisa Mart platforms understand the dynamics of the market, but they also understand the individual limitations. The eVisa Mart platforms did everything to keep the prices as low as possible. They have divided their services into three packages. And the pricing varies with processing time. The three-tiered process services are:?

  1. Standard: With standard processing, it takes about three days for the application to process. That is the most economical option available. If you are not in a hurry, you can quickly go with this option. It?s just the processing time; the quality of service is the same for all the packages.

  2. Rush: Rush processing package is the second most economical option available. With this package, you get your application processes well with two days.

  3. Super rush: This is simply the fastest option at your disposal. Suppose you are making an emergency application. That is your best bet. With this package, your application goes through well within twenty minutes.?

The online platforms are nothing but blessing so many Angolan citizens. The platforms understand the cost of time. The best part of their ventures is their accuracy. They can offer what they promise without putting any extra effort from their side. To be able to provide ease to customers, the business should be at ease first. The online eVisa Mart platforms are very much comfortable at that front. And they are looking to serve more and more customers in the coming future.

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