Getting An Indian Visa For Bahamians Has Become Easy

Indian Visa For Bahamians
Published on: 22-10-2020

If the world had to agree on a one-holiday destination, it'd be INDIA. The moment we Bahamians hear about India, most of us go down a spiral of fantasies of traditional Indian dresses, humongous Indian meals, and beautiful heritage sites. Even the fussiest vacationers won't be able to find faults in India. India is famous across the globe for its cultures and taste.

If you are still not sure about traveling to India from the Bahamas, keep on reading to understand the reasons why India should be your go-to destination.

Reasons to get a visa to India:

  • People: - The locals of India are one of the most hospitable and accommodating people. The urban people have adopted western and modern life but still hold their cultures close to their hearts.

  • Taj Mahal: - No one will ever get tired of talking about the Taj Mahal. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and for a good reason. The great emperor Shah Jahan created the pure white marble mausoleum in memory of his beautiful late wife, Mumtaz Mahal.?

  • Food: - All food lovers know that nothing can compare to traditional Indian food. India doesn't just have diverse cultures, but the food varies every few miles. The northern part of India usually has some of the spiciest food globally, whereas southern India has Sattvic food that may be mild but is nowhere bland.

  • Rivers: - The world's most Holy River runs through the larger part of India. Starting from the Himalayas, it runs throughout India before meeting the great ocean at the Bay of Bengal. People travel across the world to come and take a dip in the GANGA.

  • Deserts: - Rajasthan, the northern state of India has some of the most beautiful deserts of the world. The fine sand and the scorching heat hold some of the most significant histories of India. The camels bred in Rajasthan are some of the finest breeds, and the jewelry made in Rajasthan is every girls dream.

  • Beaches: - Goa, the state that may not be big enough but gathers the most crowd during the holiday season. Some beaches in Goa may be remarkably crowded, but the southern beaches offer an escape from the city life and masses.

  • Chaos: - India holds the second largest population globally, so you will experience traffic jams, over-the-top honking, and don't be surprised when someone asks you a-little-too private questions.

  • Religion: - India doesn't get called "the country of temples" for no reason; locals are highly spiritual and bustling with energy. You will run into a temple every few steps. People hold their religions in high values and preach what their elders have taught them with utmost faith.

  • History: - India has had a long line of rulers and kingdoms, which means it's filled with palaces and beautiful monuments with deep meanings. Heritage, religion, and culture get found in the deepest roots of India.?

  • Adventure: - Is there anything India lacks? No! The spirit of the venture can get found in all the states. Whether it's hiking on the snowy mountains of Kashmir or Parachute gliding in Goa, you will nowhere feel that they lack the spirit. If you are a beginner, you can try some of the lee-dangerous sports, or if you often go seeking danger, there are extreme sports.

And all of us Bahamians can leave our worries of an Indian visa behind.

How can Bahamians get an Indian visa?

Each country has a different set of rules, but if you follow these steps, you are more or less prepared for a visa.

  • Identify the type of visa- Not everyone visits India on vacation; some travel for medical or business reasons. The types of "visas" get divided into Tourism, Medical, and Business. Keep reading to learn about them individually.

  • Medical Visa- If you are traveling due to medical reasons, you need to provide a hospital letter to get procured from the hospital; you will be visiting in India.

  • Business Visa- This will require a business invite or a similar document that proves that you are going on a business trip.

  • Tourism Visa- All other reasons, including vacation, visiting a relative or wedding, and other similar reasons, get filed under this.

  • Eligibility to get a visa- Ensure that you have a valid and authorized passport and check that it's not expired. Ensure that you have all your legal documents handy that get needed for visa approval.

  • Online/Offline application- You can choose whether to apply for an online visa application or offline. An offline visa application requires you to visit the visiting nation's embassy for approval. The forms are available to download online as well. Or Online you can do it from your home and office and submit it with fees online.

  • Visa interview- If you apply offline, once your application gets approved by the Embassy you will get called upon by the embassy for a one-on-one meeting, which will require you to be present at the embassy.

  • Ready to go- Once you clear the interview, you can start packing your bags because vacation time is on. Depending on which weather you choose to travel in, you are undoubtedly in for a treat, because unlike in the Bahamas, where the climate ranges from pleasantly warm to extremely warm, India has a diverse nature of seasons that can go from a minus degree to over 40 degrees.

What documents do Bahamians need when applying for an Indian visa online?

  • Passport- An obvious one. The license to travel internationally should be under the validity of at least six months and have a minimum of two blank pages.

  • Photocopies- You should have the first and last four pages of passport photocopied along with the photocopy of any other documents you will be submitting.

  • Photograph- You will need to submit a recent passport size photograph that is high in graphics and has your whole face clear and captured.

These are the rudimentary documents you will require when applying for a eVisa, but if you want more details, you have all the ways opened up to clear your doubts.

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