The All-In-One Guide For Belgians To Get An Indian E-Visa!

Indian E-Visa For Belgians
Published on: 17-11-2020

The All-In-One Guide For Belgians To Get An Indian E-Visa!

The process of applying for a Visa to visit India could be difficult especially if you are looking to apply for a regular one. This could often ruin your plans as you might not get the things exactly how you wanted. It could cause serious trouble and sometimes it could also delay the vacation if you end up facing any issues during the process.?

However, there is a piece of good news for all the Belgians who wish to visit India. If you are a Belgian National, who wishes to go on a vacation to the country of traditions ?INDIA?, then you can easily get yourself an E visa issued instead of a normal Visa to simply the entire process and make things a lot easier than before.?

Over 150+ countries can now apply for an e visa for India and Belgian Nationals come under this category. It is the best thing that could happen for the travelers. Since now you can apply for an E visa in just under 20 minutes while being right at your home. So you don?t have to go anywhere or make any appointments. You won?t even face any other troubles or issues. All you need is the internet and a computer or phone. Next, everything could be done easily without any complications.?

The E visa portal lets people apply for their permit whenever they want and it doesn?t even ask for any complicated documents which make things get completed in an instant. If you want to know about all the details you should refer to the information provided in this article for your use.

What is an Indian E-Visa?

An Indian e visa is a simple document that exists in a virtual form which means it doesn?t exist as a physical document but it is more of something that could only be accessed online by those who have an internet connection. This is why it is so easy to get your e visa application filled, approved as well as completed without any problems. The entire process will get finished within 5 days or less depending on the processing time that you choose. The application form also doesn?t take any more than 10 minutes to completed. It is the best way to get yourself an e visa to India if you do not want to get in the hassle of going to the embassy.

How do you check the eligibility for E-Visa?

It is simple to check the eligibility for an e visa if you want to make sure that your country is one of the 150+ countries whose citizens are eligible to apply for an online e visa document for visiting India. This can be done by simply search it up online and seeing whether your country citizens are eligible to get an Indian e visa prepared or not.?

If you are a Belgian Citizen, you don?t have to worry about the eligibility criteria at all since all Belgian citizens are allowed to fill-up the form for an e visa online. They can just go to the Indian e visa portal and get their request fulfilled in no-time.?

What documents would be required to proceed with the application?

To proceed with your e visa application, you just need to get a few documents ready before starting to fill the application form. For your convenience, all such documents have been mentioned below.

  • Scanned copy of your valid Passport?s last page

  • Scanned copies of your recent photographs

  • Scanned copies of basic documents specifying your personal information.?

  • Scanned copies of any additional required documents

You will also be required to mention your Email address which will be used to contact you further as well as notify you about the entire progress of your application.?

While the above-mentioned documents should be enough for you if you have applied for a general tourist e visa, it may not be sufficient in case of any other special type of Visa. For example, there might be some extra or additional requirements to furnish some specific documents related to your situation. These documents have been further listed below:

  • For a medical-based e visa application, you will be asked to further provide any letter from the Indian hospital that you visit for your medical conditions.?

  • For any business-based e visa application, you will be required to further provide some invitation letters from the business organization to support your form with additional details.?

How to apply for the Visa online?

If you want to apply for a Visa or e visa online, then you can easily do so by filling up a basic required form that will only ask you to put your basic details and proceed with the application easily. The steps have been elaborated further for your instance.?

  • To begin with the application process, first of all, you would be required to enter the online eVisa Mart portal for applications which can be accessed easily by anyone.?

  • Next, you will need to specify that you want to apply for an e visa, after which, you will easily be redirected to the page that has the application form which you are supposed to fill.

  • When the application form is in front of you, just fill up all the information that is required to proceed and mention any option information which you think is important as well. This task will hardly take anywhere between 5-10 mins, depending on how you fill the form.?

  • After you have filled everything, you just need to revise all of the information to ensure that there are no discrepancies in the information and everything that you have entered is 100% true. If there are any errors, your application will get rejected. It can also land you in trouble many times. You don?t want to face adverse consequences of entering the wrong information as it is a difficult process to fix the errors post-application.?

  • If everything is correct and you?re confident that your application has no errors, then you can just mention a specific form of payment that is preferred by you.?

  • Make the payment and submit with required documents.?

How to stay updated with your application

Post application, you can easily track all the updates regarding the application process online easily. If you have provided your email address in the form details, you will keep informing about the entire process, right from the beginning till the end. You will know when the application gets approval, when it is in processing and when it gets completed.?

This makes everything simple and prevents the risk of your application getting declined because of no response from your side.?

Do you have to get an e visa to India for your children too?

If you have children who want to tag along with you during the trip then you will have to get them a different Visa. As anyone who wishes to visit India has to get the visa document even if they are children. Every individual passenger needs to have his visa as it will be required for you to board the flight.?

Thankfully, you can apply for an e visa even for the children so the application process gets easier for them as well. As long as they can provide the portal with a passport and other documents, they can also get an E visa easily.?

What are the types of processing periods?

There are about three types of periods that you can choose for the processing time, it will also require a different amount of price that you would need to pay. The more price you pay, the sooner you will get your delivery of the e visa for India.?

In this case, you would have to choose between whether you want to save your money and minimize the costs or you just want to get the visa as soon as possible as you cannot afford to spend more time getting the Visa. The periods are specified below:

  • Standard: This option takes approximately 5 days. It will take you some more time to get your delivery but you will save on a few bucks so it is only a matter of preference.?

  • Rush: With this, you will get your E visa delivered in about 3 days but this option comes with a higher price.

  • Super-Rush: With this Super-Rush option, you can easily get the delivery of your visa within 2 days but the price is the highest in this one compared to the others.

Choose the best option for you in all these cases where you can get the E visa easily. Start applying for it on the online portal for eVisa Mart !

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