India visa for Burundians
Published on: 13-11-2020

How do Burundians go for an India visa?

The citizens from Burundi can get the e-visa for traveling to India as tourists. Their stay would usually be short with a period of about 90 days and the visa expires within 365 days. An applicant is not needed to be physically present when applying for the visa and a sum of about three documents are needed. You may also find some useful tips from your fellow travelers.

Tips for the India tourist visa

  • Electronic-Visa holders must enter via 28 preferred airports or 5 designated seaports.

  • The Indian Electronic Tourist Visa can be obtained only twice in a calendar year.

Nearly all travelers, including the Burundian, do not like going to the embassy for the visa. Apart from waiting and standing in a queue, you can also require to travel a tad bit depending on the country. But, if you're traveling to the country India, you may apply for the India e-visa instead. One can go on to do that whenever they like, not only at the time of the business hours, and all they require is the smartphone or a computer with an availability of the internet connection. And the finest part is that one can go on to apply for their visa from the convenience of them staying in their own home.

How do you check your eligibility?

Checking the eligibility will only take a few seconds. Any Burundian can go on to access these Visa providing eVisa Mart website, then go on to click on that Visa Checker option in a corner, and there you are you will get to know within a few seconds if or not you fit for an e-visa. At the very same time, you need to keep in your brain that an Indian e-visa is accepted and taken only at 5 seaports and 25 airports in India. Some other point of entry needs a trip to an embassy.

What is needed by Burundian?

Well, in this regard an applicant does not have to worry a lot as the forum itself will go on to do the most of your work to ease your burden, but you require to offer them a few of the things in order to get going. Below mentioned points are the list of things you are required to provide them:

  • The Valid passport: Nearly all Burundians will don't have any sort of trouble with getting the passport, and when you have one already, you got to make sure that it's not expired and hence, valid.

  • A digital photo of your own: One thing you have to make sure that your photo is recently captured. You'd not make any sort of facial gestures in the picture, and another thing to ensure is that the background should well be white. Simply scan it and stay ready to put it.

  • Passport scan?- The passport scan is needed where the information page showcases your details.

  • Means of the payment: These forums generally accept several methods of the payment procedure. One can utilize their debit or a credit card

  • Copy of the Business card and an invitation letter: These sort of needs applies to individuals who wish to travel to India on the business and demand for the India business e-visa.

  • A letter from any hospital in India: Again this is legitimate for individuals who go on to apply for the medical visa.

What about the Application form?

Like several other travelers, the Burundian may don't like forms as it is a little difficult when it comes to understanding. That doesn't apply to these online forums application form. It only consists of three easy and simple steps, and in case one needs any assistance, the firm has a great support service that's ever ready to take a call 24x7, day and night.

  1. The very first step will require you to insert all your general info. That should not take more than 5 minutes of the time. One must also opt for the visa kind and processing time. Both the choices will go on to impact the price of the visa, so you need to make sure that you are well aware of things before you choose anything.

  2. The next step will require the Burundian to again take a peek at what you have written in step one and then proceed to make a payment. It's highly suggested that you examine the accuracy of each piece of the information you insert as the correction is not possible once the application is processed.

  3. And the final phase consists of the set of all the personal questions along with the photo upload. One needs to upload some added documents. They may differ from one case to case, so don't anticipate having the same needs as the following person. Once you're done with all the 3 steps, you go on to hit that submit button and just wait. It doesn't get any simpler and easier than that.

India e visa for the Burundian, visa cost and processing time

The cost of the visa generally depends on a couple of things:

  1. Your Nationality

  2. The Visa kind

  3. Processing time

There are three kinds of visas:

  1. For Tourism purpose
  2. For Business purposes
  3. For Medical purpose

As for the processing time, you all have 3 options:

  • The standard processing: It generally takes about 96 hours. Simply because it's the cheapest alternative, most of the applicants go for this standard processing, and the visa will be up and ready within 3 to 4 business days.

  • Rush processing: It goes on to take about 72 hours. This time around the application will simply be processed within just one business day. But, the cost tends to go a bit higher when compared to standard processing.

  • The super rush processing: The super rush processing goes on to take about 48 hours. There's not a huge difference between this very option and that previous one. This processing option will have the application processed within just about 18 hours, but the six hours may go on to prove handy in emergent circumstances. As you may expect, the price sure goes even higher.

As you may see, the entire thing is quite simple. It'd take you about twenty minutes to get done with all the procedures related to the application form. Hundreds and thousands of individuals have done and are pretty much satisfied with the consequences. There is absolutely no reason that you will not be, so what are you all waiting for?

In case you are looking forward to getting yourself a visa for India, you too can try these forums and get yourself the e-visa.

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