Know Why Colombians Loves Travelling To India by Applying Online For e-Visa

Applying Online For  e-Visa for India
Published on: 27-10-2020


Acquiring a Visa has become a part of life as people love traveling and exploring new countries. During the 19th century, as well as in the early phase of the 20th-century visas were usually not needed for traveling from one country to another in Western Europe. So, people had to adjust themselves to long train journeys. In ancient times, visas were considered as a type of travel document akin to a passport. There was no airplane at that time. So, People had to undertake sea voyages from Colombia for embarking to India country which would take a long time to reach. In the modern world, visas are considered as a secondary document associated with traveling to passports that are considered as primary travel regarding the same purpose.

Electronic Visa: A brief idea

Nowadays, computers and mobile technology have reached their peak. This has led India, a developing nation to achieve great progress in certain aspects compared to overseas countries. One such system is obtaining an electronic visa that's popular in its abbreviated form known as e-Visa. So, if you are a denizen of Colombia and you need to visit India for travel or, for business or medical purposes, Electronic visas can be obtained for the 3 purposes stated above. Getting hold of an e-Visa or Indian Visa for a Colombian citizen has now become more advantageous than before. Nowadays, apply for an e-Visa from your home. But for that, you don't require to visit the embassy of India. Instead, you can accomplish the task from your residence by having a laptop or a computer with a stable internet connection. Again, with the blessings of mobile technology, you can also get the task done via your Smartphone!

India: ?Why people worldwide love to visit the country?

India is a land of cultural diversity and has many places of attraction. The country abounds in cultural diversity. Various fairs and festivals are held in different parts of the country. Tourists love to have a glimpse of these festivals by visiting them. Moreover, the country houses renowned sites like the Taj-Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World (Agra), Victoria Memorial (Kolkata), Qutub Minar (Delhi), Indian Museum (Kolkata), Agra Fort (Agra), Ajanta, and Ellora Caves (Aurangabad), Golconda Fort (Hyderabad), Kite Festival at Kutch (Gujarat), plus historical temples at different cities and many other places of interest makes India an incredible country to explore. Tourists from overseas countries love clicking photographs and creating videos.


Is It Compulsory To Have an Indian Visa even having a Columbian passport?

Of course, a Tourist e-Visa is certainly necessary if you are a Columbian citizen who drivers to visit India.


The government of India launched e-Visa for making it easier for tourists to obtain a visa online letting explorers from approximately 150+ countries coolly apply online for an e-Visa.

Tourists can apply for an e-Visa by either duration of:

  • 1 month
  • 1 year
  • 5 years

These are validity periods that allow people from overseas countries to make dual or manifold entries depending on the authenticity. A novel kind of document has been issued associated with traveling. This is called the Self-Declaration Form. It needs to be offered as soon as the tourists arrive or one who has the intention to enter India. The said form with the e-Visa is received through email before travel.

The e-Visa and the Self- Declaration Form are obtainable only after the tourists accomplish the task of fulfilling the application form by filling up it with correct information along with paying online using a credit card.

Requisite document for applying: -
  • Applicant photograph
  • Scanning of the personal information contained in the passport
  • Passport?s Last page, but of course if it?s pertinent
What?s a Tourist e-Visa?

The India e-Visa designed for Tourists serves as an explicit official document allowing entrance to as well as travel anywhere in India and is automatically linked to the passport of yours.

How long a Colombian citizen can hang about in India holding a Colombian passport?

A Columbian citizen can stay within India for a maximum period of 90 long days but for that, the person is required to accomplish multiple entries.

What's the maximum validity time for an e-Visa?

The e-Visa planned for tourists has 30 days, 1 year, and 5 year validity period.

What's the processing timings?
  • The standard process meant for 5 days.
  • Rush processing meant for 3 days
  • Super rush processing meant for 2 days
How to apply for an Indian Electronic Visa?

If you are a citizen of Colombia then for you a secret is revealed, and that is, an Indian visa offers one of those trouble-free forms intended for the citizens of Colombo so to put you at ease. The process only involved 3 stages and the procedure is hardly a matter of 10 minutes.

  • The 1st step includes inputting your all-purpose information choosing the visa type along with the desired processing time.
  • The 2nd Step incorporates revision along with payment. Also, make certain that the data you put in the form are correct. Don?t forget to check the spelling.
  • The concluding step demands you to answer some personal questions. At times uploading of additional documents becomes obligatory.
What comes about after it's applied?

After you apply, you only necessitate waiting for the Indian Tourist e-Visa of yours to be delivered via email in your chosen timeframe. Dealing with the delegation is not at all essential. It's done giving importance to letting you not lose your precious time. Subsequently, once you land in India, just offer a printed edition of your e-Visa, of course not excluding your passport.

How to apply to family and even for friends?

Regarding applying for any other person, who you are close to, only make certain that you bear each of the compulsory documents. Then, just click on the place where it's written - apply here, introducing the person's information. If you want to apply concerning the above one individual, you can accomplish the task by pressing a click on a place indicating Adding new applicants that the application form highlights and finishing the mandatory details.

Is it necessary to obtain an e-Visa for kids?

If adults love visiting a worldwide famous country like India why kids will stay away? Yes, kids are also benefitted from obtaining an Indian e-Visa, also with the advantage of no age barriers.

What is to be done if there is any mistake?

There is less chance of making mistakes, as eVisa Mart application forms are simple. But, if any error has occurred on your part then there's no need for worrying as the customer service number is always ready to offer you help. You just have to contact them immediately and told them about the mistakes and they will correct it on your behalf.

These are mainly the frequently asked questions on the part of Colombian tourists.

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