Know About the Indian Visa for the Comoros Citizens

Indian Visa for the Comoros Citizens
Published on: 29-10-2020
Top Important Facts to Know About the Indian Visa for the Comoros Citizens

Introduction about Indian visa for Comorian

Comoros Citizens do require a visa to travel to India. An Indian visa is mainly required to enter the country legally. ?Some of the facts about Indian visas for the Comorian have been discussed in this article.

Different types of Visa availability for Comorian Citizens:

Comoros Citizens normally do require a valid visa to travel to India. The traveler must be sure to get the right visa for their travel which is valid for the purpose and duration of their stay. The Indian e-Visa is mainly issued for Comoros citizens for below 3 categories:

  1. The e-Tourist visa
  2. The e-Business visa
  3. The e-Medical visa

The required documents for the e-Tourist visa are the digital photograph and copy of the scanned passport of the applicant. One will need to provide some of the additional documents for an e-Business visa. One does need to produce a copy of their business card and for the e-Medical Visa one will require a reference letter from the Hospital.

Required documents for the Comorian Citizens to travel to India:

In order to travel to India and to get a valid entry when someone gets here, one will need to have:

  1. A valid passport or the travel document in good condition having 2 blank pages for the visa to be stamped and the passport should be valid for a minimum of 180 days at the time of the arrival in India.
  2. The traveler should hold a valid visa to travel to or transit through India. If someone has been issued an e-Visa, it?s a good idea to take the print out a copy to bring with them when they travel.
  3. One should make sure their visa is in the passport they use to travel to India.
  4. One may be required to show proof of their return ticket at the port of entry.
  5. A digital photo of oneself must be there. It is mainly recommended that the photo should be taken recently. Face gestures are mainly not allowed and the background should be white.
  6. The passport should be machine-readable.
  7. One should have a valid debit or credit card for ease of payment.
  8. A copy of the business card copy and the invitation letter is the primary requirement for those people who want to go to India for business and apply for an Indian business visa.

The Visa application for Comorian citizens:

The application form for the Indian e-visa for the Comorian Citizens is very easy to fill up. This mainly consists of three stages which will take very little time to complete. In case of any difficulty, one can take the help of the support service which is available 24/7.

The first step in this application involves filling out the general information and choosing both the processing time and the visa type. The second step is mainly about revision and payment. One should make sure that all the information provided by them is 100% accurate. One should check the spelling carefully. The third step will ask a few personal questions and ask to upload any additional documents if the traveler is required depending on their visa type. After someone is done with all that, they can check, click the submit button and wait. Apart from that, one should remember that the Indian e visa is mainly accepted only at 28 airports and 5 different seaports.

The fee charged for the visa processing for the Comorian citizens:

The fee of the visa mainly depends on two factors such as the processing time and the cost of the visa. For the processing time option, one can choose one of the three below options:

  1. Standard processing: This is usually 96 hours. Because this is the cheapest option, most of the applicants go for this one.
  2. Rush processing: This usually takes about 72 hours. This costs a bit higher than the standard processing option.
  3. Super Rush processing time: The approximate processing time is 48 hours. As one can expect, the price goes even higher.

Depending on which type of visa one chooses, they will pay a particular price. The fees for the tourist e visa will be shown at the end of the application form. Normally the business and the medical visas will cost an additional for different types of processing time.

Few rules to know about the visa rules for Comoros citizens:

  1. The business visas for the tourists can't be extended while they are in India.
  2. India's Immigration department has made an announcement that the foreign nationals who arrive at any of the Indian ports holding non-machine readable passports will be denied entry.
  3. There can be a double entry on 30 days tourist e-visa and the number of entries can be 3 if the entry is on a medical e-visa.
  4. When the traveler will arrive at the airport, their passport will be stamped and an expiry date for their e-visa will be handwritten by the Immigration Officer at the port of entry.
  5. One should check the date which is being written on their passport and make sure they leave the country before their visa expires.
  6. If the traveler overstayed, one must report in person to the FRRO or Superintendent of Police they registered with to get permission to exit the country. One will be fined and may be prosecuted or can be detained and later can be deported.

The travelers need to follow the rules and regulations properly for a safe and happy stay in

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