The Complete & Easy Process of Applying Indian Visa for Cuban

 Indian Visa for Cuban
Published on: 29-10-2020
The Process of Applying for Indian Visa for Cuban

Visa is an important official document when it comes to traveling to a foreign country. Without this, you cannot ensure yourself a secure journey, as the checkpoints verify the same on your arrival. Every country has a certain rule when it comes to applying for a visa. Though most of them are common, still a few might vary depending upon the country's policy.

Today applying for a visa has become the easiest thing as the services have been made online. You no longer need to stand in long queues to get a visa. E-visa services work similarly to that of the offline ones and are equally legal. You can sit at home comfortably and apply for the e-visa. More than 150 countries are permitted to travel to India by applying for an electronic Indian visa. Ever since this idea was implemented it became popular instantly. If you are a Cuban traveler you no longer need to visit the embassy for a visa. Before learning the complete process to apply for an Indian visa for Cuban, one must know why a visa is important and what the different types of Indian visas are.

Importance of visa:

Visa is an important document that must be availed by the traveler before landing in a foreign country. One obvious reason why you should seek a visa is that you cannot get one after arriving in the country. Though some countries have this system, it is not recommended to use this service. Countries that offer visas on arrival might suddenly change their plans without any prior notice. This can put the traveler in trouble. Also, you might have to stand in a long queue for hours to get the process done. Visas can also get denied if you have applied for the wrong visa. If you are going to a foreign country for business then you must apply for a business visa. Also while filling in details you must not make mistakes as you cannot rewind the process. Even a single mistake in the application can lead to rejection.

What do I need for an e-visa?

To apply for an e-visa you need the following: -

  • Passport- without a valid passport you cannot apply for an Indian e-visa. The passport must be valid and within validity.
  • Digital photo- This must match with your recent face. Prefer a white background always for digital photography.
  • Payment methods- You can pay via the latest modes like debit or credit cards. This makes the payments secure.
  • Business copy- If you are traveling for business purposes then you had to hold a business invitation letter for approval.
  • Hospital letters- If you are going to India for treatment then you must have an invitation letter from the Indian hospital.

What is the Indian e-visa processing time and cost?

E-visa fees are depending on your Nationality and Visa type. To know the fee you just have to fill the application form and in the end, it will show the fee as per your nationality mentioned on your passport. You can choose from any of the three options below.

  • Standard processing- This takes around 5 days of processing. This is one of the cheapest visa processing.
  • Rush processing- This can be availed sooner if you have an emergency. The processing happens within 72 hours.
  • Super rush processing- This is processed within just 2 days and is the expensive one.
  • Medical or business visas can cost you an extra as per tourist Visa.

Is the visa on arrival a better option?

Generally, Visa on arrival issued only for some countries. A visa on arrival is not always recommended. It also has limited features compared to the e-visa. On arrival, you might have to stand in long queues for hours. Also if the destination country suddenly changes its policies you might land in trouble. Most of the time such events happen hence it is advisable to seek an e-visa.

How can I fill the e-Visa application form?

You simply need to go through three steps. As the first step, you need to fill in basic details correctly. In the second step, you need to review your form to ensure that there are no mistakes in it. Once submitted you will not be able to go back again. Hence perform the second step very carefully. The third and the final step are the final questions which you need to answer.

Does obtaining a visa in advance affect the fees?

This might not affect the actual cost but if you avail for the visa application formalities at the last minute it might affect your costs and might cost you more.

Does e-visa reduce travel stress?

E-visa reduces stress to a large extent by leaving no formalities for you to complete once you land in a foreign country. If you keep things for later you might experience post-landing stress.

How long can I stay in India?

It depends on the type of visa you're availing. If you go with the 30 days visa you can have only a double-entry allowed in India for the next 30 days. If you opt for a 1 year or 5-year visa then you can have multiple entries within India.

What if I have made a mistake in my visa application?

Since a wrong visa application will result in rejection, you need to make a brand new one from the start. This will affect your money and time as well. Hence you should cross-check every single detail at the first attempt only.

The above points were the most obvious reason why you need a visa. Failing to obtain a visa before traveling will create trouble for you when you land at the destination.

Some countries do not have the Visa on Arrival services. E-visa has made everything instant and has saved a lot of travelers' time. Hence one must always seek e-visa and perform every step carefully. This will ensure that your application is processed at the first attempt. You will receive your visa via email which will later be reviewed at the airport checkpoint. Hence if you are planning to go to India consider the above points and fly safely.

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