Cyprus Citizens Loves Visiting India and Prefer To Obtain an Indian E-Visa

Obtain an Indian E-Visa for Cyprus Citizens
Published on: 28-10-2020

Obtaining e-Visas: Why the Cyprus citizen loves visiting India?

To get an Indian Visa that's meant for the denizens of Cyprus now becomes more beneficial than before. Previously, there wasn't any second option but to go and explore the Indian embassy. But, the modern world has the blessing of information technology. In a more profound sense, it implies computer technology or the world of the internet. Gone those days are when, as an inhabitant of Cyprus citizen you have to rush to the India embassy to apply for a Visa. The task can be accomplished coolly with a laptop.

Nowadays, laptops are more convenient than computers but if you don't have one then you can apply via your computer or even via your Smartphone. Mobile technology is seen always in competition with computer technology nowadays!

Though there may be an excess of 150 nations or countries whose citizens can coolly apply for and so are keen to have an Indian or e-Visa. As a citizen of Cyprus, you are yet required to go under a check to confirm that you are re-eligible as a tourist to enter India. To accomplish this end, you can utilize the visa checker and you can come across it on the website of eVisa Mart. The task is not only an easy one but it will also save you a plentiful of research relating to visa policy.

Overseas people love to explore and the Cyprus denizens are no exception to this! And when it comes to visiting India, the excitement goes one step ahead! But it is mandatory for every tourist to obtain an e-visa so that the person can not only are permitted to enter but also can coolly explore exciting places in India.

Incredible India!

India is a beautiful country. It is the homeland of many eminent historical personalities and saints. Not only that, in India, you will be capable of exploring wonderful places with scenic beauty like Goa, Kerala, where Mother Nature has bestowed its blessings. Then there is Vishakapatnam, the wonderful combination of mountain ranges and the sea which is seen nowhere else in India. Then there is Mysore, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh, the perfect destination for pilgrims and explorers. Besides these, there are interesting cities to explore like Kolkata, Murshidabad, Agra, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Lucknow, Gujarat, Hyderabad, and the list goes on. Each of these places has its own significance and abounds in beautiful tourist spots that attract tourists all over the World. The more you will explore these places the more your thirst for seeing new places will increase. Many of these spots are religious and many are historical. Then there is Sikkim, which can be described as the Switzerland of India and other mountainous and hilly regions.

Again, if you love rain, you should visit Cherrapunji. Besides rain, the place is noted for its scenic beauty i.e. waterfalls and living root bridges and caves. So, because of housing these beautiful scenic spots and places of interest tourists from all over the world loves visiting India. So, why the people of Cyprus will be lagging behind? Will they leave these exquisite places of attraction unexplored? Never!

Like other overseas people, Cyprus denizens also cherish to visit India either during any time of the year or during festivals. India, the land of cultural diversity abounds in fairs as well as festivals of various types. So, people of Cypriot desire to get a glimpse of these festivals thus capturing festive moments in their high-resolution camera or making videos and sharing them on Facebook!

FAQ: There are 3 significant questions that Cypriot people place as queries:

What are the things that you necessitate to provide?

As a Cyprus citizen, if you desire for acquiring a visa, you need to prepare for (arranging) only some documents so that the process becomes easy for the visa-makers.

The first and the foremost document is the passport. Certainly, it's not a difficult task to acquire a passport. Again, if you're the one who already the holder of one, then there's no need for worrying except to ensure the fact that it's still applicable. Confirm its validity by observing the date of expiration. The passport should be scanned containing the information page.

The second important thing is the digital photograph of yours. It should be one that is clicked recently. It should be a photo with a white background and you ought to not exhibit any facial gestures.

In the third place, comes the payment. Now, eVisa Mart is accustomed to accepting manifold ways of payment. Make use of your credit card. You can also use your debit card.

Fourth, a copy of the business card and the letter of invitation are essential but only for those people who desire to visit India for business purposes and made an application concerning an India e-Visa.

Last but not least, a letter from the part of a certain Indian hospital authority (to whom you've contacted) is a must if you are to apply for a medical visa.

What is the cost of processing?

As a citizen of Cyprus, you must not ponder about the cost. eVisa Mart offers outstanding service at reasonable price rates. The visa amount of yours rests on two significant things visa type and processing time.

Tourist e-Visa Fees

If you want to accomplish the processing task at the cheapest rate, then go for Standard Processing. It will require 5 days. Again, if you prefer to pay a bit more than prefer Rush Processing, It will take you 3 days. But, most folks prefer to go for the 1st?option. The next is Super Rush Processing is accomplished in only 2 days. You are to be charged with higher price money if you go for it! Anyway, it?s entirely up to you which processing you will go for.

As far as types of Visa are concerned, it can be said that the people of Cyprus are capable of traveling to India with regards to not only tourism but also business purpose and medical necessities. But remember, medical and business visas will cost you more as you process them each time.

Is the application form is a difficult one?

No, certainly not rather it?s the easiest application form that you have ever filled before! It essentially includes 3 mandatory steps:

  • In the 1st?step, you are to fill the gaps with general information on your part and you are to choose your desired time of processing and select the type of visa you want to have
  • The 2nd?step highlights the necessity of revising the information you have filled the form along with the payment. Ensure that everything is exact with no spelling errors.
  • In the 3rd?step, you are required to give satisfactory answers to a few questions that are personal. You may require uploading added documents.

After you finish these three steps, click on the button on submission and wait. The required visa you obtain will permit a Cyprus citizen many entries and you are allowed to reside within India for a total of 90 days continuous. But, at the same time also note that Indian e-Visa is acceptable only at 5 seaports in addition to 28 designated airports.

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