The Complete & Fast Process of an Indian Visa for Czechs

Indian Visa for Czechs
Published on: 30-10-2020
Know the Complete Process of an Indian Visa for Czechs

Almost everyone in the world knows the importance of visas today. Traveling to a foreign country means taking into consideration a lot of things. Earlier things used to be tedious and time-consuming. Today the scenario is exactly the opposite. Everything happens in a short period. You no longer need to stand in long queues for hours as e-visa services have replaced the old traditional methods. The online services only demand a smart device, internet connection, and legal documents for verification. If you have the passport already with you then proceeding ahead with the visa is not difficult. The visa processing time, cost, and delivery depend upon the type of visa you are choosing. If you need a visa urgently the cost might be double the original cost. Usually standard visas process within 5 days and are the cheapest. Other than that visas in emergencies can cost much more. It is also important to apply for the correct type of visa failing which you can face rejection. If you want to travel to India for Business then a Business Visa is applicable. Similarly, if you are going for Medical or another purpose the respective visas might be applied. Once a visa is rejected you have to apply for it from the start. It is a waste of time as well as money. Hence you must fill every detail carefully at the first attempt.

Going to an embassy for a visa is something everyone hates. Thanks to the online visa services that can get you the job done instantly. Only a few seconds you need to give to get your eligibility checked. Once you are eligible and fulfill every norm of applying for a visa you can proceed with the other formalities. Your e-visa will be delivered to you via email which will be glued to your passport on arrival. Read the FAQs below to clarify all the queries related to the visa.

What is E-Visa?

It is an electronic visa which means you can virtually apply for an Indian visa rather than going to an embassy. It saves a lot of time and is simple to do.

What do I need to apply for an e-visa?

To apply for an Indian e-visa from the Czech Republic you need the following documents ready

  • Passport- It is the first thing that you need to get an e-visa. It must be valid and not an expired one.
  • Photo- A digital passport-sized photo with a white background is needed. You must ensure that the photo matches exactly your recent looks.
  • Business letter- If you are traveling to India for business purposes then you will need a business letter stating the same thing.
  • Medical letter-If you are going to India for medical treatment then the same must be stated in a medical letter by the hospital.
  • You will also need a scanned copy of the information page of the passport.

How do I fill the e-Visa form?

Filling the e-Visa form includes three simple steps.

  1. You need to begin with your basic information.
  2. In the second step, you need to recheck every detail before making payment. Make sure you check everything twice and thrice as it cannot be rewind again.
  3. Once you are done you will need to answer a few questions and submit them with documents.

What types of visas can I apply to and what are their costs?

There are three basic visa types of which you can choose anyone: - ?

  • Standard visa- It is the cheapest one. This visa is issued to you within 5 days.
  • Rush processing- It is issued only in case of an emergency. This visa is issued within 72 hours via email.
  • Super rush processing- It is issued within 48 hours. This is issued when you want to catch the next flight itself.

How many days can I stay in India by e-visa?

With an Indian electronic visa, you can stay in India for 30days, 1 year, and 5 years. If you stay for 30 days you have limited features like a double entry. Whereas in the remaining cases you can multiple entry features with not less than 3 months of continuous stay.

Do I need an Indian e-visa if I travel by cruise?

Yes, even if you choose to go to India by water you need an Indian e-visa. You will need to verify this at any of the 5 famous seaports of India.

Is getting a visa on arrival a good option?

It is preferably not a good idea as you can experience post landing troubles. You will have to stand in a queue for a long time. The country's government might change its airways policies suddenly forcing you in trouble. Hence seeking e-visa is the best thing one can do.

How do I know whether I am qualified for e-visa?

The visa checker does the job for you when you provide your documents for verification. The entire process is carried out smoothly in no time.

The above points best describe the process to get an Indian e-visa easily. If you follow the steps correctly you can easily get a visa for India and travel safely. Visa on arrival is not supported by every country and must not be encouraged by travelers as well. To avoid any complications, an electronic Indian visa is the best option. No need to visit embassies anymore. You can not only save your time but also your energy and hassles. Sitting at home you can get a visa instantly today.

So, if you are planning to go to India for whatever reason apply for an e-visa. Pay for the services you are availing. Abiding by the rules ensures that you are safe in the destination country. You can further read and research more on this topic. This will ensure that you have complete knowledge.

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