Understand Everything about Getting a Visa Online For India from Fiji

Indian visa for Fiji
Published on: 03-11-2020

The world is open for you to travel if you live in Fiji. You can also travel to India as a citizen of Fiji. All you need to do is getting a visa. This is not a complex thing anymore as you can directly apply online for the visa. You may need to know about a few things to apply for the visa such as the documents you need and other terms and conditions. We will answer the most common questions or frequently asked question that anyone has to know about applying for a visa to India as a citizen of Fiji in this article.

Why Is A Visa Necessary For You?

The visa is necessary for not just you, it is mandatory for all foreign visitors in India to have a valid visa or a passport with themselves. Visitors without them are not allowed to stay in India and would immediately be deported back to their respective countries. There are many reasons behind the visa but the main reasons are national security concerns and avoiding any illegal immigrants.

The Ways You Can Apply For the Visa

You have got two options to apply for the visa; first, you can visit the embassy when you require a visa for more than 5 years to stay in the country. You can also get the Indian visa easily for your travels online for different reasons such as travel, health, medical and etc. A convenient way to apply for a visa is to apply online. You need to follow the simple process to apply for the visa and after that, you will revive that in the mail you have provided.

Documents Required For an Indian Visa

You need to have some important documents such as: -??

  • Your photo: - If you are the applicant should use the photo that belongs to your present face. You should not make any weird face in the photo you are uploading.?

  • Details that are mentioned in the passport scan the first page of the passport to upload.?

  • Passport's last page scan.

  • Other documents such as a copy of the business invitation card if you are going to do business in India or the letter of any hospital in India if you need to medical care in India.?

You must have a scanned copy of these documents for getting the visa.

The Process to Apply For the Visa

This is not a complex thing to fill an application for the visa; it will just take 20 minutes to get everything done. You can understand the process of applications in these steps,

  • Filling your general information in the form, they will just ask for some of your personal information such as name, mobile phone number, age, email address, and other personal information like them.?

  • Reviewing the information inserted in the first step, you must check things once again and confirm them to be right.

  • In the last step, you will need to upload your documents that were mentioned above. Make sure you have done that carefully.?

You will not face any complex problem with this so you must choose everything carefully for a better solution.

The Validity and Charges for the Visa

The charges vary from different types of visa, there are so many things that you should know about the validity of your visa as well,

  • The Standard Visa: - In this, the processing time is normal so when you have the time of a week for more than a week you should opt for this.

  • Rush Visa: - When you need the visa within just 3 days you can opt for this visa. For this type of visa, you need to pay a little high as per the standard process.?

  • Super Rush Visa: - These visas are processed within 2 days with only one condition that is with higher fees.

You can get the visa as per your needs.

The visa is valid for one year but the time you can stay continuously in India is 90 days, 180 days depending on visa type and validity for you. You will be deported back or fined after the expiry of the visa however you can apply for an extension of the date. You can pay for the visa through the payment options available after completing the application.

How to Apply For Others?

You need to follow the same procedure but instead of providing yours, you just need to give the information about them and upload their documents. Many people are confused about whether or not they need to apply for a visa for their kids. The same condition applies to the visa application that you need for your kids.

How Do We Receive The Visa?

After the processing period ends you will receive the visa directly in your email, the email which you will provide at the time of application. This is simple for you in every way so make sure you fill the email correctly as you are going to revive the visa through this.

Should We Apply Online Or Offline?

You can either go to the embassy to apply for the visa or visit the site of eVisa Mart. There are many doubts about using the online application system such as whether it's secure and reliable. The online mode is completely secure for anyone to use, you can apply online and get a valid visa. This is convenient for you to visit the site and file the application then go to any normal place and apply for the visa.

The online application is easy for you, in case you have any more doubts you can visit the site of eVisa Mart and find the answer to all of your queries. You should have a valid passport which is not hard to get for yourself. The reasons must be legal for the visit then only the visa would be approved and you will receive that conveniently for yourself. The procedure is simple so be ready with the documents and apply for the visa.

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