The Things That a Gabonese Needs To Know About Applying For Indian Visa

Gabonese Applying For Indian Visa
Published on: 04-11-2020

The Things That a Gabonese Needs To Know About Applying For Indian Visa

Traveling to any other country has always been stressful but not when you need to go to India, this is an amazing country with an amazing way for you to get a visa. India is approving visas online and saving you from the thing that most of us don't like, that is going to the embassy. You can visit the site of eVisa Mart which stands for an Indian visa for Gabonese and fill an application. This is a simple thing for anyone to do. However many people are confused about how and what they need to do for the proper application process of the visa online. We have covered some of the most important questions that people ask about online visa applications in this article.

The Ways to Apply For the Visa

You can either apply by going to the embassy or online. You need to visit any Indian embassy office for this. There is an official site where you have to visit and fill the form and then take a printout of it and documents and visit the Embassy to apply. But for online you just have to fill the form and submit it online with your scan copy of passport and photo with visa fee. You should have scanned copies of your documents for this. But when you compare regular visas or online e-visa you must prefer online mode as it is easier to use for you to apply for the visa there.

What Are The Documents Required For The Visa?

You need to have valid documents which are as follow,

  • Passport, as a citizen of Gabonese, you will not face any problem with getting an Indian visa. So you must have a valid passport for the application. Check the date when it will get expired if you already have one.

  • Digital photo, you must have the image in proper quality and it must be a recent photo. Make sure the background is light or just white. You need to scan that passport size photo and upload it on the website.?

  • Business cards or invitation letters from India for business, this will be required if you are going to India with the purpose of business.?

  • Other documents include various documents such as a letter from hospitals for medical visas. You must have them as they are considered proof of your purpose.?

You must have these documents as a Gabonese traveler. They must be scanned copies of the valid documents and without them, the application will not be accepted.

How to Fill the Application Form?

You need to follow the simple procedure to fill the application for the visa,

  • Visit the site and proceed to fill a new application, fill in all of your details that are asked. They include your name, mobile number, or email addresses, and much other information you should provide as an individual.

  • Double-check the information and confirm everything, you must do this carefully as you won't be able to change them again.?

  • Upload the documents, you should fill in the documents that are needed to complete the form. Check the list, scan them, and upload, make sure they are valid for you to use.

  • Making the payment, you have to pay depending on the visa you are applying for.

You need to follow this step by step, at the time of filling the application you won't face any complex problems if you are a citizen of Gabonese and the purpose of travel is legal.

How Much Does A Gabonese Have To Pay For Online Visa?

They have three option for the visas which are based on the processing time of the visa:-

  • Standard visa, when you have the time of more than a week to board the plan, you can choose the standard visa.

  • Rush processing takes just three days to obtain the visa. This is a very useful option when you need an urgent visa.

  • Super urgent processing, you can get the visas ready in just two days.

The payments should be done according to the time of processing you want. You can choose any of these three options for you, the parents portal is safe for you to use. Once the payments are done you have completed your application visa.

How Do You Receive The Visa?

You will receive the confirmation of the application and the visa in the email which you have provided. Check that in your email inbox. It will come after the processing period ends, you will not face any problems at the time of receiving it through your mail if the visa is approved. Make sure you keep the email safe and take a printout of the visa application.

Do We Need To Apply For Our Children?

Yes, you have to apply to everyone. Fill in the new application through the same process, and get the visa for them as well. Check everything and fill the application carefully.

The Mode of Payment

Many people are confused about the mode of payments, you can use any debit or credit card for the visa application fee payments. After you make the payment you complete your application for the visa.

Decide when you need to depart and make the application online. The online mode is a better option when you need to have a visit in the short term. The visa would be valid for a year, any visitor with an expired visa would be deported back to their countries. You need to have the visa to travel to India so plan things carefully for the visa application. The time is taken for the visa application is just 20 minutes, so you can understand that how easy this is for you to apply.

You should check your application carefully, in case there are any problems with the documents you have uploaded online. They will mail you for the same to re-upload those documents. Take care of the guidelines given at the time of application to make sure you get your e visa as soon as possible. You also need to answer a questionnaire where you would be asked the things related to your travel such as the time for which you are going to travel to India and where you are going to travel in India. Use these online benefits to make your travels more convenient.

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