All about The Indian Visa For Guyanese Citizens

Indian Visa For Guyanese Citizens
Published on: 09-11-2020

All about The Indian Visa For Guyanese Citizens

Travelling from one country to another is a matter of many things like joy, entertainment, business, medical purpose and much more. There can be multiple reasons for going to a foreign country. Most of the reasons fall in the category of tourism while other popular reasons might include business, medical or studies. Everyone has a reason to travel to another country and to do so everyone has to go through a set of procedures. These procedures ensure that there is no illegal entry into a country. Visa is an important thing that every traveller must have when he lands into a foreign country. Visa is not only important for the traveller but also for the country. Visa has many benefits like immigration control and others. Immigration control is important for a nation to combat issues like terrorism, overpopulation and economy. Through a visa, the government of a country can check how many visitors the country has and what the reason for their arrival is.

Visa is also the best way to identify how genuine the traveller is. A traveller's criminal and other backgrounds are checked to ensure he is a true person. If the traveller fails to pass these tests he might be refused to get the visa. Work, residency, travel, medicine are popular reasons to visit a foreign nation. It is important to know the rules to apply for a visa before planning a trip. Fortunately, today applying for a visa does is not as difficult as it used to be. The traditional methods have been replaced by online visa approval, also known as e-visa. Indian visa for Guyanese citizens is not a tedious process anymore. All you need is a smartphone, internet and legal documents.

What is an e-visa?

E-visa is known as electronic via which you can avail from home. It permits you to travel within India.

What do I need to get an e-visa?

You will need a few things mandatory to apply for e-visa.?

  • A legal passport is the first thing that must be ready with you. Make sure the passport is not expired and has correct information

  • You will also need a digital passport-sized photo that matches with your recent looks. Also, the photograph must have a white background.?

  • A scanned copy of the information page of the passport is also necessary.?

  • Decide the best payment methods for paying the fees which could credit or debit card. Your bank must have sufficient funds.

  • If you are going to India for business then you will need a business letter stating the same. If you are going for medical treatment then you must have a medical letter.?

Which type of visa can I avail for as a Guyanese?

You can apply for a tourist visa, business visa and medical visa. The tourist e-visa is the most common one that many people seek. Keep letters ready if you want business or medical e-visa.

How long can I stay in India?

With an Indian e-visa, you can stay for 1 month, or 90 days continuous from the date of issue of your visa depends on visa type. With tourist e-visa, you can stay in India for 3 months with multiple entries.

What is the processing time for e-visa and cost?

The cost of e-visa depends on what type of visa you are choosing and the processing time of it. Other than the types of visa you also can choose from the three types of processing visa.?

  • Standard processing- This type of visa is processed in 5 days itself. It is the cheapest of all.?

  • Rush processing- This is when you need the visa urgently. It is processed in 3 days.

  • Super rush processing-This is availed when you want to catch the next flight itself due to some emergency. It is an expensive one.

What is the working behind the Indian e-visa?

In 2014 the government had introduced e-visa services for 43 countries. The reason to do so is to reduce the hassles of visiting an embassy and standing in long queues for hours. In 2017 many subcategories like tourist visa, business visa and medical visa facilities were also granted for e-visa. Today people from 150+ countries can apply for Indian e-visa. You can easily get Indian e-visa online with a few steps and documents.

How long does it take to apply for Indian e-visa?

It takes hardly 10-20 minutes to apply for the Indian e-visa. However, make sure that every single step is performed carefully.

What things should I keep in mind while applying for e-visa?

While filling the details you must fill it correctly. You can later review your details once again and at this step, you must check everything twice and thrice as once submitted you cannot come back again. If you fill incorrect details you can end up getting your e-visa rejected. Hence filling every single detail is very important.

What is the post-application process?

Once you have successfully applied to an Indian e-visa, you will receive your visa on email within the given time frame. Your visa will be in the pdf format which will be attached with your passport on arrival. You just have to take a print out of it

How can I apply for Indian e-visa for my family?

The process is similar for every member of the family even if it is a child. Every member of the family needs to go through the same set of rules. Just click on Apply now and get the e-visa for everyone.

The above points are the details everyone must know related to applying for a visa. The security of oneself is in one's hand only. To make your journey free on any complications in the nearest future or later you must securely apply for an eVisa online. Following the rules helps both the government and the traveller. Make sure you research well before deciding to fly to another nation.

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