Methods Of Applying Indian Visa For Hongkongers

Indian Visa For Hongkongers
Published on: 20-10-2020
Methods Of Applying Indian Visa For Hongkongers

Hong Kong is the proper administrative region of China. The nation expanded with the help of The HARBOR. The trade activities of Hong Kong has developed well over the years. The country is facing resources, trade, and overcrowding problems. Most of the Chinese people are living in this country. Non-Chinese citizens are much smaller. In that little portion, most people are Asian, and the other continent people are pretty less. The official language of the people is Chinese and English. The people do not specify the religion of the country. But most of the citizen follows Buddhism. The migration to other countries has been increased after 2016. Even Hong Kong people are coming to India.

What is the procedure to apply?

Before days, the only way to get the visa is to go and get from the embassy. But nowadays, the work has been done easily online. If it is the embassy, you have to wait in the queue and answer all the questions. Now the procedure becomes very simple. The digital version is pretty easy and convenient for you to apply for foreign countries. It can be of any reason. It can be for work or urgent personal activities or medical-related works you can apply online. You can do the application process with the help of android mobile or computer which is having internet facilities. Before apply to for the visa, you have to check whether you are eligible to proceed the next. If you are qualified, then you can start the works for applying for a visa.?

What are the mandatory documents?

  • Passport (Valid)

  • Photo

  • Invitation letter

  • Hospital letter

Before applying, you have to check these documents. It would help if you had a valid passport. The passport date shouldn't be the expired one. Make sure you have checked all these details. Then the recent photo of yourself. Scan the photo and store it. While applying, upload the photo. The scan copy of the information page in the passport. If you are going for Business, then you should upload the invitation letter. You can apply for a business visa in case you are going for a work-related process. If you are going for a medical purpose, then you should have a hospital letter. Make sure you have uploaded the same and applied for the medical visa. Check that you have given the exact information. Once the process of uploading over, then make the payment. You can do through the help of debit cards, credit cards.

What is the visa procedure?

The procedure is pretty simple to do via the internet. The queue can be avoided. The transportation charges can be used for any other reason. So, Hong Kong people prefer the online method. You can get the Indian e visa for 1 month to up to 5 years online. You will receive either a Tourist e visa or a Business e visa. A tourist visa is from 1 month, 1 year, or for 5 years. The Business visa is up to 1 year. The validity period depends on the visa type.

Application form

Applying online is very convenient. The Hong Kong citizen also prefers the same. The process evolves these steps

  • You have to fill up your general information and regarding what you are going to the other country. You have to fill-up how long you will stay and what type of visa you are required. Make sure you have mentioned the suitable visa for you to go.

  • The next step is payment. You have to review the details that you have entered and made the payment.

  • The last step explanations for the inquiry. You have to make the response to some of the questions that have been asked in the form. Then upload the photo and the documents that will require. You have to submit the form.?

The procedure is completely easy, right. You have to wait for their confirmation.?

What is the cost of a visa?

The amount of visa depends on according to the processing time that has been select by you. If it is standard, then the cost is less. You will receive it within four to five days. If you want the visa within two to three days, you have to pay a little more than the standard visa cost. It is called the rush process. If you want within 48 hours, then you have to pay more than the rush processing time. It is called a super rush processing visa. You could take the last one if you wanted to go for an emergency reason. But most of the people are going by the standard processing time. It is considered the cheapest option. The foreign country trips are planned by advance, so this process is accurate.?

Why people seek a visa for India?

Most of the people are coming to enjoy the tour in India. You can visit beautiful places in India. You can enjoy touring the world-famous Taj Mahal. It is the seven wonders. Many places are there to visit. You can go to the red fort, the pink city, Hampi, Rann of the kutch, and the lake in Odisha. In each state, you have places to visit and enjoy. For chilling, you can prefer to go to Goa. To experience the cool and cold climate, you can travel to Karnataka. Like this, the top best places are there to visit.?

The reasons to travel to Hong Kong to India

India is famous for its architectural works. Apart from this, you can go to the country for employment purposes. But the process of applying for a visa to India is very simple. It is not that complicated in online websites. It hardly takes 20 to 25 minutes to fill up the procedure that has been asked in the form. There are entry-level, medical, business, and tourist visas available to go to any particular country. While applying, you have to mention the suitable visa type. It is a crucial thing. You have to mention the timing of the stay in the country. The passport needs to have the validity of the time.?

Have a happy stay!

Make sure you have the required documents with you. Otherwise, it will be complicated while filling up the details online. It shouldn't support it. Do all the procedures and make the payment. Then you have to wait for the visa to come. Then you can travel easily from Hong Kong to India.

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