The Complete Process to Get an Indian Visa for Indonesian

Indian Visa for Indonesian
Published on: 17-11-2020

The Complete Process to Get an Indian Visa for Indonesian

Visa is an important official document for both the traveler and the government of the destined country. Visa is a legal permit for the traveler to go to a foreign country for business, travel, medicine, studies, or other valid reasons. The visa is accordingly issued asperse reason for the traveler. Unlike the olden days where one needed to go to the embassy and wait in long queues for a visa, the case is not the same today. One availing for an Indian e-visa can get it done in a few days. An electronic visa is also known as an e-visa. It is a measure taken by a nation's government to allow citizens to avail of a visa online.

It not only saves time but also requires minimum verification documents. After successfully applying for a visa, one needs to wait for 5 days to get their visa via email. The Indian government has allowed e-visa services since 2014. Today more than 150 countries are allowed to come to Indian via an Indian e-visa. There are proper rules and regulations for getting an Indian e-visa. One who abides by it makes the job easier for both himself and the government.

About Indian e-visa:

Indian e-visa, also known as an electronic visa, is a measure taken by the government back in 2014 to reduce traditional methods' hassles. You need a few valid documents and a scanned copy of them for the online verification process. Once your application is submitted, you will receive the visa via email. The visa is then attached to your passport at airport checkpoints. There is also the concept of a visa on arrival in most countries. This option is not always considered as safe as the destination country's government might change their policies anytime without prior notice. You might be in trouble in such a case. Also, one has to wait in long queues at the airport of a foreign country. It might take hours to get the process done. You might also face some payment issues sometimes.

The visa on arrival option must be considered a second option always to avoid post-arrival complications. Seeking an Indian e-visa is the best option as a visa on arrival is not valid at every airport in the country. To better understand the rules of an Indian e-visa, consider the FAQs below.


What is an Indian e-visa?

Indian electronic visa is a legal document for allowing any traveler to come to India. Without A valid visa, you cannot come to India.

For what reasons can I come to India?

You can travel to India as a tourist, a business person, for medical purposes, and as a student. Many people frequently travel as a tourist.

What do I need to apply for an Indian e-visa?

You will need the following things ready to apply from an Indian e-visa

  • Passport- A valid passport that is not expired is needed as a document during applying for an e-visa. You will also need a scanned copy of the information page of the passport.?
  • Digital photograph- A scanned copy of your passport-sized photo will be needed. The photo should be the recent one as it should match your face. Always prefer a white background in the picture.
  • Business letter- If you are going to India for business purposes, then a business letter stating the same thing must be with you.?
  • Medical letter- If you are going to India for treatment or other medical purposes, then you should have a letter stating the same.
  • Payment- today, the top and popular payment means are acceptable for paying the visa fees. You can also avail of any one of them like PayPal or debit and credit cards.

What is the validity of the Indian Tourist e-visa?

The tourist visa works for one year after the date of the issue.

What are the Indian e-visa cost and processing time?

Indian e-visa cost and time for processing depend upon the type of visa.

  • Standard processing takes 5 days and costs around USD 45. It is the most used one and also the cheapest.
  • Rush processing visa is available when you are in a hurry to go to India due to some reasons. It costs around USD 75 and gets processed within 3 days.
  • Super rush processing is available when you want to catch India's next flight due to an emergency. It is an expensive one and costs around USD 75.

What are the steps to apply for an Indian e-visa?

The steps to apply for the Indian electronic visa are very simple. As the first step, you need to feed in your basic details. You need to recheck all the details in the second step. Make sure you perform this step carefully as any mistake cannot be corrected later and can lead to visa rejection. Once everything is submitted successfully, you can make the payment and wait for the visa via email.

What is the process to apply for a visa for family and friends?

The steps are similar for everyone. Every member of the family needs to go through the same steps and fees.

What if I made a mistake in my application?

You can contact the customer care authorities. They will tell if anything can be done. Most of the time, you need to make a fresh start again. Hence one should fill his application correctly at the start only.

The above questions are the ones that many people want to know. If you have more queries, you can research on the net and then plan your trip. Indian e-visa has proven benefits for many travelers today. This way, one can easily come to India without the hassles of standing in queues and wasting hours.

eVisa services has been approved by the government long back and since then have gained a lot of popularity. It is advisable to refer to more information sites about Indian e-visa before planning any trip.

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