Things That Irish Needs To Know About Applying For Indian Visa

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Published on: 16-10-2020
Things That Irish Needs To Know About Applying For Indian Visa

There are so many reasons for you to travel but for this, you need to plan a few things such as preparing for your travel and getting an application for the visa. You may or may not be ready to go to the embassy and which is why you must know about the India e visa application online procedure. Many people didn't even know that they can apply for an Indian visa online. This is very simple but must be done carefully. We are here to explain everything through this article about filling the application for the Indian visa if you are an Irish.

The Indian Visas an Irish Can Apply For

You can apply for the following visas through their online websites: -

  • Tourist visa applications: - When you have to travel to India as just a tourist, you can apply for this visa.

  • Business visa: - You can apply if you visit India for business purposes. Fill this in your application. You need to upload some other documents for the application for the visa.?

  • A Medical visa: - As the name suggests, people can apply for these visas when they have medical needs. For this, they have to upload documents such as a letter from hospitals in India.?

Check out these types of visa options for yourself and apply for them online. If you have needed these visas you don't have to stand in queues at the embassy and follow a complex procedure to get your visa ready for travel.

Why Do You Need To Have The Visa?

This helps the government to let only permitted foreign people enter the country. There is no need for you to worry about getting an Indian visa if you have a legal purpose. This is related to national security so only a few people who are not the threat in any way can enter. Anyone without a valid visa would be deported back to their countries. So, make sure you have a return ticket before the visa expires.

What is The Validity of Tourist Visa?

Now if you have understood that a visa is important for any foreign traveler, you should make sure that your visa is not expired before your return. If you see that the visa could get expired you can apply for the extension of the visa from the same method. The visa is valid for up to 1 year with multiple entries but a tourist can only stay continuously for up to 90 days per visit in India with the Tourist visa.

The Documents Required For the Visa

You need to have the following documents for the visa application,?

  • The scanned information page of the applicant's passport. The passport should be valid, also scan the pages which are asked in the documents to upload. You should not face any special problem in getting the visa.?

  • Scanned passport size photograph, you should scan a photo with a light background. It should be your recent photo.

  • Business cards or copies, you can upload these documents when you need a Business Visa.?

  • A letter from the hospital may be required when you have to apply for a Medical Visa.

You should upload properly scanned copies of the visas and other documents, they must be valid. If there would be any problem with the documents then you will be mailed about this to re-upload the documents.

The Application Process

This is a simple process to apply for the visa. It is divided into three parts. In the first step, you must fill the information whatever is asked, such as your contact details, address and etc. You can also be asked about some other personal information, so fill them carefully. In the next step, you have to recheck every-things. This must be done carefully because it cannot be corrected once you confirm things in this step. In the third step, you have to answer the questionnaire where you would be asked questions related to the travel such as where you would stay and how long your travel would be, and your reasons for the travel. This will tale just 20 minutes for you to fill the application which is way convenient than going to the embassy.

When Will You Get The Visa?

You can get the visa after that is processed. The time and the cost varies on the type of visa and Nationality, you have applied from, which are as follows,

  • Standard visas: - You can apply for these visas when you have the time of more than a week in your hand to board the plane.

  • Rush processing of the visa application: - You have to make sure that you get the visa if you have to board an urgent flight to India. It will get processed within just 3 days and will cost you higher than the Standard process.?

  • Super rush processing: - You will get the Evisa processed in just 2 days. The cost is a little higher than the above-mentioned process.?

You can apply for the visa as per your needs, you just need to make the payment according to the visa processing time you need.

Payment Method

You can make payment by using debit cards or credit cards. Pay according to the visa you are applying for. Once you make the payment your application is complete. The payments portal on this site is safe and convenient for you to use.

You will receive your visa through the email address which you have provided. So, make sure you always keep it safe. You can also take the print out of your visa for convenience. You should know that whatever information is provided above is related to Irish citizens who want to apply for an Indian visa. The portal is always open for you to use and apply for the visa. There are so many reasons why this is a great initiative. It has made everything convenient for you. You just need to have proper documents to upload, a personal computer, or any other device with an internet connection to fill the application, this is convenient and easy.

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