Know Everything about Getting a Visa for India from Israel

Getting a Visa for India from Israel
Published on: 23-10-2020

Do All Countries Need To Have A Visa To Travel To India?

Various countries allow its citizen to travel to India without a Visa and those countries include Bhutan, Brazil, Cuba, Hong Kong, Maldives, Serbia, etc. There are more than 150+ countries, including Israeli citizens who would now be able to apply for an India electronic visa.?

You may be confused with lots of questions in your mind about going to India from Israel, this happens with everyone. The main concern is having a visa; we can solve all of your questions through this one article about getting a visa. We will explain how to apply for a visa from Israel to India and certain conditions because of which you may be confused whether or not you are eligible for a visa.

What is an Indian tourist electronic visa?

Electronic visa or E-visa is completely processed through the internet. You don't need to visit any Indian embassy's office to apply for your visa and get it. An e-Visa for India is an authorized document that is provided by an Indian embassy to the tourists. You need to apply for that visa using your passport and some other documents through any Indian visa Website like

How to Apply For Visa?

You can apply for a visa if you are an Israeli there is no problem with this nationality in India. The process is simple if you have a passport then you can also apply from your home, you can directly apply for an e visa for yourself and for your Family & friends. After checking that you meet all the requirements for the application you need to fill that online and when you are done with this you will receive that visa. You can also do it the traditional way in which you have to visit the embassy and apply for the visa from there.

What are the different types of visas that are available for Israeli citizens to travel to India?

The thing before filing your application for the visa you just need to make sure that you choose the right option, there is the following type of the visa applications:

  • Tourist Visa- Tourist is meant for people who are traveling to India as tourists. This visa cannot be used for any other purposes like business, education, etc.

  • Business electronic visa- In general, the types of visas are based on the purpose of visit to a country but this business visa is only meant for Israel citizens traveling India for business purposes.

  • Medical electronic visa- This type of visa is meant for medical problems. When a person wants to visit India for medical purposes, then it can work for him. Just attach the hospital documents with the application, and you will get a visa for that.

What is the validity of the tourist electronic Visa to India?

Earlier, the validity of the electronic tourist visa for India was 30 days, 1 year, and 5 years. The travelers will be able to obtain an Indian E Visa which is valid for a year and 5 years and allows multiple entries into the country and can also stay continuously for 90 days each time.

The Indian e-visa is mainly available for the purposes of i.e. tourist, business, and medical treatment.?

What are the documents required for an electronic E-Visa?

The electronic visa doesn't need any extra documents and is the same when you apply it to an embassy's office. The following are the important documents and easy to get also: --

  • Original passport- You will need to have Israel Passport and so check for the expiry date mentioned in it.

  • The Xerox copy of the passport- In this, all the details of the applicant must be visible.

  • Digital passport size photo of the applicant- You will also need a recent passport size digital photograph of yourself. It should be decent and with white background. Digital photo means you will have to scan it and upload it along with the application as and when asked for.

  • Copy of the business card and invitation letter- This is mainly needed when the travel is for business purposes. So, you need to provide proof of the same.

  • Reference of the medical in India- If you are traveling to India for medical purposes, then you will need a reference letter from an Indian hospital on their Letterhead.

  • Reference in the country you are living- You may also need a reference to the country you are living in (it may be the Hotel address and where you stay )

  • Select mode of payment- You will be asked to select a mode of payment like a debit card or credit card.?

You need to make some efforts, it is convenient to apply online as you can skip going to the embassy, and these documents are a must for you to have for yourself. Without the documents, you will not be able to get the visa so make sure you obtain these documents first.

How Much Does It Cost And How To Make The Payment?

The cost of the electronic visa differs as per the purpose of travel like a tourist, medical, or business, and the duration of the processing. You can choose any as per the following-

  • Standard processing- This will take 5 days for your Visa to be ready and is cheap among the three types. It is preferred by most of the applicants.

  • Rush processing time- It generally takes 3 days for your Visa to be ready and it's pricing is a little higher than the standard visa.

  • Super Rush processing time- If you have to leave urgently, then you may apply for this category and your Visa will be processed within 2 days?

This is easy to apply for any of these visas just mention what type of visa you need for yourself.

The payment options are available for you to choose from, you can make payment with your preferred option. There are several options and the gateway is completely safe to make the payment, you will not face any problems with this. After making the payment you will complete the application, it will just take your 20 minutes to complete an application so this is convenient for you.

Can You Apply For Others?

Yes, you can apply for others such as your family and friends in the same way but you have to make sure you have proper documents. Some people are confused about whether they need to apply for a visa for their kids who are obviously required, you will also need to do the same for your kids and apply for the visa. When you are applying for more than one application, after filling one you have to pay for that and after that again start a new application on the websites of ? Evisamart.

What is the information you need to fill up in the application?

The following are the three steps in which an Israeli will be filling up his Visa application-

  • In the first step, you will be asked to fill up some general details like name, email, address, passport information, marital status, date of birth, etc. In this, you will also be choosing the processing time and according to that, the pricing will be decided.

  • In the second step, you will be asked to revise the complete details that you have filled up and process the payment. Once you have applied, then you can't modify the information so give all accurate information.

  • In the last step, you will be asked to upload the digital photo and other required documents. Then submit the form and wait for the confirmation mail of the submission of your application form. Your e-Visa will be processed and you will get it in your e-mail within the days that you have chosen.

N.B. ?The e-Visa is mandatory for all age groups whether it?s a kid or a senior citizen to travel to India.

How fast can you apply for the visa online?

You will need a maximum of 30 minutes to complete the application. It certainly depends on your speed of filling in the information in the application form.

What do you need to do after filling up the application?

When you finish the application structure, simply pause. Your India Tourist e-Visa will be sent through email, at the time you recently chose. There is no compelling reason to visit the embassy's office. Evisamart does it for you. When you are come to the Immigration checkpoint simply present your Passport and a printed adaptation of your e-Visa letter. As it is an electronic document so you can show it at the airport when you arrive in India or else you can make a copy of it also.

Can you also apply for an electronic tourist visa for India for your family members?

Yes, it is possible as you can add an applicant while applying for it. There will be an option showing - New applicant' from where you can process the visa for your family members. Make sure, you have all the required documents at the time of application fill up.

Can you rectify the error in your application?

It is advised to double-check all the details that you have entered but even if you find any wrong details you have filled in the application, then you can easily contact the E-Visa service provider who will be ready for your service immediately.

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