Understanding the procedure of e-visa for Japanese citizens

Indian e-visa for Japanese citizens
Published on: 22-09-2020
Understanding the procedure of e-visa for Japanese citizens

Highly simplified process

Gone are the days when an applicant used to wait in line for the slots in the respective nations. But, as the Indian culture goes by the motto of ?Athithi Devo Bhava?, it has ensured that the entire process becomes easy and hassle-free for the guests visiting the nation for different purposes.?

One of the steps taken for the same is opening up the concept of Electronic visa (popularly called as e Visa). Therefore, the upcoming content speaks in more detail about the procedure of Indian e-visa for Japanese citizens.

What is the overall eligibility criteria?

The following points define the eligibility criteria for Japanese citizens desiring to visit India with an e visa:

  • Registered identity proof that solidly depicts the citizenship of Japan.

  • Aiming for short term visits to India, that include but are not limited to recreational activities, short vacations, medical treatments, business conferences, educational seminars, and voluntary work for the society.

  • The validity of the passport at a minimum of six months from the date of arrival in India to the successful applicants.

  • Not holding any kind of diplomatic position or powers.

  • Sufficient financial proof to support the stay in India, which can also include to and fro journey tickets and proof of stay within the country.?

What are the types of E Visas that you can apply for?

Based on the purpose of visit to the nation, the type of e visas can be divided into the following categories:

  • Tourist visa, that is meant only for the Japanese nationals visiting India for recreational or vacation purposes.

  • Business visa, meant for only official purposes like a visit to another branch of MNC or attending a meeting organized by the company for all branches.?

  • Medical visa, that is used by only the patients visiting India for treatments or regular check-ups from the established hospitals of India.?

  • Medical attendant visa, that can be used by the visitors accompanying any patient to the country.

What is the validity of each category of e-visa?

The following defines the validity of each category of evisa (from the date of issuance) that have been mentioned above:

  • The tourist visa has three different periods of validity- 30 days, 1 year, and 5 years. In the latter cases, the maximum period of continuous stay within the nation is 180 days when compared to the standard 90 days for the other countries.?

  • The business visa has a validity of 1 year, with the provision of continuous days up to 180 days. In exceptional cases, it can be extended by filling up the special form and taking the permission from embassy prior-hand. It can also ask for further alignment with the existing MNCs to get faster approvals.?

  • The medical visa has validity for 60 days, with a maximum of 3 entries allowed within the nation during the entire validity period.?

  • The medical attendant visa has validity for 60 days, with the condition the same as that of the above.?

Therefore, plan much for completing the entire procedure of e visa and getting it on time.?

What are the general documents required for the application?

Irrespective of the category of e-visas, the following are the basic documents that need to be submitted by the applicants during the form fill-up at the website:

  • Recent and colored passport size photograph of the applicant.?

  • Scanned copies of the pages of the passport within the validity period defined by the Japanese government.?

  • Proof of finances to support the entire trip to India.?

Some additional documents would come up for the respective categories, that is answered in the next question.

What are the category-specific documents for e-visa?

In the case of a medical visa, the referral from an established hospital of India is mandatory and it must depict the reason for treatment and the name of the hospital to which the individual would visit in India.

In the case of a medical attendant visa, proper approval documents need to be present to define the need of the attendant or visitor with the patient to India.?

In the case of a business visa, either of the invitation letter for the conference or company identity card can serve the purpose of defining the purpose of a business visit to India.??

How can you apply for an e-visa?

The process of application of e-visa has become very easy and includes the following steps:

  • Visit the website of eVisa Mart.

  • Fill up the details asked in the form with cent percent correctness and zero tolerance against the mistakes.

  • Complete the payment procedure for the visa application fee by any of the defined online methods on the website.?

  • Receive the confirmation email with tracking details.

After a few days, the e-visa gets sent to the registered email address and can thus be printed out for showing at the destination airports.?

What is the speed of the processing of e visa?

Based on the delivery mode selected by you, the processing time differs and is thus categorized into the following types:

  • Standard processing takes up the delivery time of 5 days.

  • Rush processing takes up the delivery time of 3 days.

  • Super rush processing takes up the delivery time of 2 days.

Therefore, based on the requirements and urgency, the mode can be selected to process the entire application.

How can you report the mistakes made in the form of e-visa?

If you notice the mistakes immediately after submission of the form, then directly contact the helpline number with the application reference number to completely resolve the queries.?

However, if the application gets processed from the portal, then it would be impossible to change back the details and thus needs a fresh application to be filled up.?

Are you free to choose the entry and exit points within India?

Yes, it is completely free to choose the entry and exit points within India. Just refer to the list of registered 28 airports and 5 seaports to make the choice.

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