What Latvians Should Know About Getting India Visa?

Getting India Visa from Latvia
Published on: 22-09-2020
What Latvians Should Know About Getting India Visa?

People including Latvians, who love to travel, know the struggle of going to the embassy for getting their visa. You are required to stand in a line for getting your visa. You may also be asked to travel far depending on your country. In case you are traveling to India, the process of getting a visa has been updated for the travelers. The solution is that you can complete the process of applying for an India eVisa. It is considered the electronic or online version of visiting an embassy. There is no limitation on the days of applying for a visa which means you can apply after the business hours also. The only thing you need is a device like a mobile phone or laptop which has an internet connection. You can stay at home and apply for the visa comfortably is the most beneficial part of this process.?

Before proceeding with the application process, you are required to check your eligibility so that you are sure about your eligibility. The eVisa Mart website for Latvians can be accessed by clicking on the Visa Checker. It will be a matter of seconds and you will know if you are eligible for an electronic visa or not. In India, an electronic visa works only in 28 airports and 5 seaports. If you are planning to visit places other than these, you will be required to visit the embassy.

Requirements for Latvians

There are not many things required to get the process started. You have to gather certain things which are required from the Latvians which will start their Visa process. The rest of the process will be handled by eVisa Mart. The things you require are listed below:

  • Valid passport

There is no difficulty in getting a passport. Latvians should also check the expiry date of their passport before starting the Visa process.

  • Digital picture

You should make sure that you have a recent picture. You are not to make any facial gestures. The background should be nothing but a white plain background. When your picture matches the criteria, it is ready to get scanned and uploaded.

Along with the scanned photo, you also have to scan the information page of your passport which will provide important information to eVisa Mart.

  • Method of paying

For the convenience of travelers, eVisa Mart provides different ways of making a payment. There are credit or debit cards for travelers.?

  • Copy of business card and invitation letter

This is mandatory for people who are making a business trip to India and are applying to get a business eVisa

  • Letter from the Indian hospital

People who are going to get themselves checked in India need to have a written or typed letter from the hospital they are going to visit.

What is the procedure of filling the form?

Latvians do not have very much liking for forms because they are all same and complicated. The situation differs in the case of application form associated with eVisa Mart. There process consists of three steps. In case you need any help, there is a support service team that is available all day and night.?

  1. You will be asked to fill your general information in the first step and it will be done in a few minutes. You also have to fill the processing time and the visa type that you are applying for. These decisions are associated with the cost that you have to pay for the visa. You should pay attention to when you making this decision.

  2. In the next step, the Latvians are required to check the form that they have filled in the previous step. After they are sure of the form, they have to make the payment. While putting the payment credentials, you should pay much attention to avoid making any mistake. This is important because you will not be given another chance of making a change in it.?

  3. The third and the last step require you to state your personal information along with your latest picture. There are a couple of documents that should be uploaded along with the personal information. The requirements differ from person to person so you should not expect the same requirement. After you have completed all the steps, you should press the hit button. There is no easier way to do that.

The processing time and visa cost associated with India Visa for Latvians

The processing time and cost of the visa plays a very important role in filling the application form. This is why you should learn about different kinds of processing and cost to make the right decision. Your visa decision will be affected by two major things- processing time and type of visa. eVisa Mart kept in mind the important things and kept three ways of visa depending on the purpose of the travelers- tourism, business, and medical.

The processing time is divided into three types which are listed below:

1.) Standard processing

Most of the applicants choose this processing type because there is less money in it which makes it the cheapest option among the other kinds and will take around five days to get the processing done for your eVisa.

2.) Rush processing

As the word suggests, the process for your visa will be done in three days. As you get the visa soon, you will have to pay a higher amount than the previous option.?

3.) Super Rush processing time

This is the fastest process of getting an eVisa. You will receive your visa in a couple of days which is faster than any other option. This also means that you have to pay much higher than the last option.?

You should not panic thinking about the process. It is simpler than what you are panicking about. You just have to give ten minutes of your day to get done with the application process of eVisa Mart. Many people have gone through the process and are happy with the results they have received. Your situation is no different than those people. You should not take extra stress about it.

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