What Is The Process Of Getting E-Visa From Liechtenstein?

Indian E-Visa From Liechtenstein
Published on: 23-09-2020
What Is E-Visa And What Is The Process Of Getting E-Visa From Liechtenstein?

Applying for a visa can be a big hassle for many people who want to travel to India for various purposes. Going to the Indian embassy and then providing all the required documents and then filling up the form etc. can take up the precious time of the travellers. Also, the traditional visa tends to take a lot of time to get approved.

Therefore, to make everything easier for the travellers from Liechtenstein and so that one can apply for a visa only a few days before boarding the plane, Indian governments have allowed the travellers to apply for e-visa. This is an online visa facility for travellers from 150 countries to India. The travellers can apply for the visa online through evisamart.com portal, pay the fees and within 5 days the e-visa will reach them to their email address.?

What is the difference between online visa and traditional visa?

First, the online visa is applied through visa portal and can be done from home or any other digital device with an internet connection. In this, the applicant will have to submit scanned copies of the passport and other required documents. Also, they will have to pay the visa fees online through debit or credit card.

One can choose their processing time of visa as well, based on the departure date and emergency. This will change the cost of the visa application. The visa after processing if gets approved will arrive on email address of the applicant. One should take a copy of the digital ? ? e-visa with them while boarding their plane. After reaching India one will have to get the visa stamp on passport from the immigration authorities.

Traditional visa, on the other hand, needs to be applied for, through the Indian embassy. One will have to fill the form and do a lot of documentation to get a visa. This takes time as the process is slower than the e-visa. One will have to wait for the visa to get approved which can take days. Also, the offline visa is stamped on the passport, means one will not have to go visa on arrival after reaching India.?

What is the process to get e-visa?

The process of getting e-visa for India from Liechtenstein is pretty simple and straightforward. It can be done by anybody without much waste of time or complications.

  • Make sure all the documents are recent and the passport is not expired.?

  • In the case of the medical visa or business visa, one should have a letter of invitation from respective organizations and hospitals.?

  • Get the documents scanned.

  • Go to the e-visa portal of the evisamart.com.

  • Click on the visa application and start filling the form.?

  • Fill all the details correctly and carefully.?

  • Upload the scanned documents.

  • Upload the color recent photograph on white background.

  • Always make sure that the documents and the photograph are clean and that there is no mark or blotch on it, or the application can get rejected.

  • Complete the payment.

  • Within a few days, the e-visa will be sent to the mentioned email address on the application form.

  • Get a print out of the e-visa to carry it with the passport.

  • On arrival to India, one will have to show the same e-visa printout and the passport to the immigration authorities.

  • They will add a visa on arrival sticker to the passport which will then act as the visa while in India.

  • Also, one will have to get their biometric done before entering India.

What are the types of e-visa for India?

There are three major types of e-visa to India that one will have to apply for:

  • E-business visa: this is for those who are travelling to India for business purposes, for attending conferences or for being part of any project as a subject specialist. One should have an invitation letter from the organization to get an e-business visa. Also, this visa is valid for 1 year (Multiple Entry) with continuous stay up to 180 days.

  • E-tourist visa: this visa is for those who are travelling to India for tourism or for visiting family and friends. This is the most common type of visa that one acquires for visiting India. Normally this type of visa is valid for 30 days (Double entry), 1 year (Multiple Entry) and 5 year (Multiple Entry). You can continuously stay up to 90 days on 1 and 5 year visa.

  • E- Medical visa: this visa is for those who are travelling to India for seeing a doctor or get treatment from the hospitals in India. One should have a valid letter from the hospital where one will get their treatment done. This visa is valid for 60 days only and one can have three times entry in this period. However, for the family member, they need to have a separate e-medical attendant visa to accompany the patient.?

What is the cost of getting e-visa for people travelling from Liechtenstein?

The cost of the e-visa will depend on the type of visa one has applied for and on the type of processing time that one chooses. For emergency e-visa which takes less time to get processed will cost more than the normal processing time e-visa.?

Processing time of the e-tourist visa:

  1. Standard e-tourist visa processing: 5 days

  2. Rush e-tourist visa processing: 3 days

  3. Super rush e-tourist visa processing: 2 days

Cost of the e-business and e-medical visa:

  1. Standard e-tourist visa processing: 5 days

  2. Rush e-tourist visa processing: 3 days

  3. Super rush e-tourist visa processing: 2 days

The cost of the e-medical and e-business visa is more than the normal e-tourist visa.?

Getting e-tourist visa is perfect for those who are planning to visit India in a hurry or do not have time to apply for a visa at a traditional Indian embassy. However, one should remember that the e-visa needs to be stamped on passport at immigration check to make one a legal Indian visitor. Also, the e-visa is applicable only for air travel or by sea travel and is not valid for land travel. For travelling by land, one needs to have a traditional visa from the embassy.

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