Getting enlightened on the procedure of Indian e-visa for Lithuanian.

procedure of Indian e-visa for Lithuanian
Published on: 23-09-2020
Getting enlightened on the procedure of Indian e-visa for Lithuanian.

Lithuania in the list!

The age of the internet has hastened up the overall procedure of application, processing, and confirmation of the visa to travel to different countries. The same concept has also been applied by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India to come up with the concept of e-visa for about 150 partner countries. The major advantage of the entire process is that the large queue infront of the respective Indian embassies gets reduced and thus you can get the entire document delivered to your email address within a few days.?

One of the nations that have partnered with India for this procedure is Lithuania and thus the upcoming content clarifies in more detail on the entire process for Indian e-visa.?

What is the purpose of the Indian e-visa?

The Indian e-visa is solely meant for travel to India for a short term purpose and not intended for permanent settling into the country (which has an altogether different process). Thus, the list of purposes for which the Indian e-visa can be applied includes the following in general:

  • Visit India to attend special occasions with colleagues like weddings and anniversaries.?

  • Recreational trip to India at different yoga centers.?

  • General vacation with the family and near ones to explore the scenic beauty of India.

  • Medical treatment from one of the leading hospitals of the country for serious illness.

  • Accompanying the patients who have been referred to the country for further treatment.

  • A business conference with other associations or regional branches in the case of MNC.

What is the list of eligibility criteria to apply for it?

Apart from just satisfying the list from the above purposes, the applicant needs the given list to get eligible for the process:

  • Registered proof of residence/citizenship of Lithuania.

  • A valid passport from the country that has a minimum validity period of 6 months from the arrival date in India.

  • No holder of diplomatic or refugee powers during the application period.?

  • No criminal cases pending against the applicant in any court of law.

  • Financial proofs to support the ability to stay in India during the mentioned period.

  • No dependency on other family members for the passport.?

What are the types of e-visas issued to Lithuanians?

The following are the three major categories of e-visa that are issued to the Lithuanians based on their purpose of visit to India:

  • Medical visa, in case, if the traveller is a patient who has been referred to get advanced treatment facilities from the Indian hospitals.

  • Tourist visa, in case, if the traveller is visiting the country for casual purposes like meeting the relatives or roaming different corners of India.?

  • Business visa, if the traveller is visiting for official business work and has the letter of invitation for the same from the organizer.?

Are multiple entries allowed with an e-visa during the validity time?

Yes, multiple entries are allowed with the issued e-visa during the validity time. But this period differs in terms of the type of e-visa that has been issued to the traveller.

What is the validity of the e-visa?

The following defines the validity of e-visa issued to the traveller:

  • The medical visa is valid for 60 days from the date of issuing, with the cap on triple entries.

  • The tourist visa is further divided into three types- 30 days, 1 year, and 5 years. In the last two cases, the period of continuous stay is allowed as 90 days and there is no limit on the multiple entries until the entire period.?

  • The business visa is valid for 1 year from the date of issuing and the allowable period of continuous days of stay is 180 days. Beyond that, special permission needs to be taken from the Indian embassy in advance.?

How can you apply for the e-visa process?

Simply follow the steps given below to complete the entire procedure and process the e-visa directly to the given email address:

  • Visit

  • Open up the application form and update the details asked in it correctly.

  • Upload the required documents as per the specifications of file size and format.?

  • Complete the payment by any of the online methods.

  • Receive the confirmation email at the registered email address.

After receiving the e-visa, it can be printed out and shown at the destination airport for the stamp. Alternatively, the same gets linked digitally to the passport and thus gets stamped virtually by scanning of the same.?

What are the mandatory documents for e-visa?

Irrespective of the category of e-visa that you are applying for, the following are the mandatory documents that are asked in every case:

  • Recent passport-sized and colored photograph.?

  • Scanned pages of the passport (first two pages and the last page of the booklet).

  • Proof of Lithuanian citizenship.?

Apart from these, additional documents add up in the different categories.?

What are the additional documents for Lithuanians applying for e-visa?

The medical visa requires referral proof from any of the hospitals from India that states the purpose of visit, the name of the Indian hospital to which the patient is coming for treatment, and information of any family member or health worker can accompany him/her.?

The tourist visa requires return tickets for the journey and confirmed accommodation details i.e. hotel, friend?s home, rental space, and many such.

The business visa requires either of these two documents- company Business card in case of MNC or an invitation letter from the organizing body in India.

What is the application fee and processing time for e-visa?

Application fee is based on the period of processing of the e-visa and its type that has been selected by you:?

  • Standard processing within 5 days of completion of the payment.

  • Rush processing, within 3 days of completion of the payment.

  • Super rush processing within 2 days of completion of the payment.?

Thus, select the category based on your urgency for the Visa.?

Is the e-visa transferrable to other categories?

No, the e-visa issued to Lithuanian applicants is valid only for the mentioned purpose and cannot be interchanged to any other category or activity.??

Does every traveling member need an individual e-visa?

Yes, there is no concept of dependent e-visa and thus every traveling member has to apply for it, irrespective of the age.

What can you do in case if the e-visa is not sent within the designated period?

In such cases, escalate the matter immediately to the helpline number or email and give the reference number sent to the email address as a part of the confirmation mail. It would get resolved within hours on a priority basis.

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