Get An E-Visa For Visiting India If You Are A Malawi citizen

Indian eVisa for Malawi citizen
Published on: 23-09-2020
How Can You Get An E-Visa For Visiting India If You Are A Malawi citizen?

As a Malawian, getting yourself a Visa made for visiting India has become an extremely simple procedure with no complexities whatsoever. This has happened as a result of the introduction of a game-changer service, i.e., the e Visa application service.?

An eVisa is nothing but just an online version of your regular Visa that will give you official permission with the authority of the Indian Embassy to visit the country for a particular period as long as you are following a set of rules and are someone eligible to apply for it.?

While this may seem complicated, this article will do everything that you need to make the process as simple as possible. By applying for an E-Visa, which is an electronic or online document that is issued as a permit to visit India by the Indian Embassy, you can rest assured that you will not have to suffer in a long queue to apply for a traditional physical Visa document.?

E-Visa is like a virtual version of your Visa that you can use in the same manner to travel across the country as you like. For understanding this in detail, you can read the below FAQ.

With this, you can learn the things that you should be aware of before applying for the VISA online.?

What is the basic cost that E Visa applicants have to pay?

The costs that Malawian citizens are required to pay for successfully applying for an Electronic Visa online will vary largely, depending on the processing time as a major factor that decides both the time of delivery as well as the cost of getting an E-Visa.?

  • Normal or Standard Delivery Process:?

This is the basic option that is opted for by almost everyone who isn?t in a hurry and can deal with getting their visa through the regular process. In this method, you will not have to pay any extra price or charges for the processing of your electronic visa. All you would have to do is to patiently wait for your request to be completed and that?s about it. It is the most efficient option that is suitable for regular people.

As the general criterion, any person applying for a standard E-Visa will have to wait for up to 96 hours or 4 days to get their electronic visa request fulfilled without any hassles. This is the longest and the standard period that is necessary before you can even think about getting your evisa. This is the cheapest processing option that you have at hand. So choose this for saving money.

  • Rush-Process Delivery:

If you go for a rush-Process Delivery, you will have to be ready to pay some extra price as you enjoy a faster delivery time and a smaller processing period. This means that you will easily get your request processed within a short period as compared to your regular delivery period. However, you would need to pay some more money for your request to be delivered on a high priority basis. This is a great option for those people who don?t have much time to waste on getting their Visa requests processed and they can easily pay more to get faster delivery.

In this fast delivery option, you would be able to get your evisa easily within just 3 days or 72 hours in total. It delivers the Visa in a time that is one day less than the normal period specified.?

As it goes without saying, you need to pay more for this service.

  • Super-Rush Process Delivery:?

If you do not have any time to spare as you are involved in some kind of emergency or urgent situation where your biggest priority is to get your Visa in an instant then this is just the right processing option for you. In this, you will have to pay a bigger price for getting your Visa almost instantly, but it does fulfill the purpose of giving you the Visa in just a short period.

This means that you can get your e visa request fulfilled within just 2 days or 48 hours. That is the least amount of time that it could take and it will put your request at the highest priority basis. This means your application will be completed before the rest of the applications. You will enjoy a special procedure.

Good things come with a higher price and the same is true for this case.

What are the documents that are required for a successful application?

In general, you would need only a few documents for completing your e visa application process online. These documents are:

  • A passport that is within its validity period.

  • A scanned copy of the same.

  • A decent photograph that is not too old. It should be a recent picture.?

  • Scanned copies of the photo.

  • Other documents, if specified.?

  • Debit or Credit Card for Payment.

You would also need to provide a letter from an Indian hospital if you are someone who is opting for a medical e Visa and if you are someone who needs a business e Visa, then an official invitation letter from the business would be required.?

Once all these documents are provided by you, there shouldn?t be any further requirements.?

What is the process of application?

The process of application will not take much of your time as it is extremely easy and simple. At maximum, you would be needed to spend 15-20 minutes of your time in filling the application, especially if you have prepared all the documents ready before applying.?

Once you are ready with the documents and other details, you can go about the application process as follows:

  • Starting by only specifying some of your necessary and basic details such as your First Name, Last Name, Residential Address, Nationality, Date of Birth, and more. With this basic information, the authority will know who is asking for the evisa and it makes it easier for them to complete the request. Within just five minutes, you will be able to specify all these details and submit this first application.

  • After specifying the information, you would be asked to provide all the necessary documents mentioned above so that there is no problem in the process concerning the legality and the security issues. Simply scan all your documents properly and upload it onto the portal as and when required. Make sure to read all the minute details so that you don?t miss out on anything.?

  • It is an important step to revise and review all the information you?ve entered and the documents that you?ve provided so that there is no scope left for making any errors or discrepancies in your application. If there are errors, you could land in some serious trouble. This is why check your application again to see if it is 100% accurate.?

  • Once you are done reviewing the information, it is time for you to choose a specific method for payment and paying the fee that is required by the embassy to fulfill your request. At this point, make sure you have chosen the processing period as per your needs so that you won?t have any problems later on.?

  • Finally, you will have to submit your application and wait for the time that is specified until you can finally get your e visa delivered.?

Should you take the help of an agency?

To avoid any errors in the process, as well as to make everything extremely easy for you, it is a great idea to hire a third-party agency for providing you with the best services possible. These will do all the tedious work for you when applying for an Indian e-Visa and only ask you to specify some details about you.

All you have to do is to co-operate with them a little and they will do everything in your stead. Since they already know everything about this process, they will never make any errors and you will also get the best experience possible.?

You can lay low at your home and do nothing while you get your E-Visa approved in no-time! You will also be able to enjoy some extra discounts when you associate with such agencies.?

After you know everything necessary for you to understand before you can apply online for an official E-Visa document, you can easily relax and stop worrying about anything that might be bothering you. There is so much that you can do to make this process as simple as possible and if you?re still having issues, hiring a third-party agency is always a great option.?

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