What Is The Process Of Getting An India Visa For Mali Citizens?

India Visa For Mali Citizens
Published on: 24-09-2020
What Is The Process Of Getting An India Visa For Mali Citizens?

As more than 150 nationalities have been provided with the online version of applying for an India electronic visa, Mali citizens are also included in those nationalities. The idea has become very popular after it has been implemented. The main point is that Malian travelers do not have to make a trip to the Indian embassy for getting their visas. You just need your smartphone which has access to the internet. Before they start the process, they have to check their eligibility. There is a service called Visa Checker which does the task of checking your eligibility. You are asked to put your place of origin and in the destination space provided, you have to choose India. Within a second, you will be provided with the information you require.

What are the documents required?

The main work will be handled by evisamart.com while the Malian has to put a little effort into their visa process. The correct information should be provided so that eVisa Mart can work things from there. The list of things that has to be submitted or uploaded is not much. You can easily obtain the documents asked for in the visa application process. Below listed are the things that you need to provide:

  • Valid passport

For travelers, a passport is very important when they want to take traveling to places outside their country. The process of getting a passport is very easy but it comes with an expiry date. You have to pay attention to it and get it renewed at the time of applying for an India Visa. The passport should be active at the time of applying.

  • Your digital picture?

You should get a picture taken before applying for evisa because the latest picture is required for e Visa. You should refrain from making facial gestures in the picture. The background should be checked and has to be white to avoid any problem. Keep the picture until you are asked to scan and upload it.

  • Passport scan

There is valuable information in the passport which has to be submitted along with other documents. The information page has to be scanned and uploaded when asked.

  • Mode of payment

There are different modes of payment available for the applicants. Whether it is a credit card or debit card, applicants can use anyone according to their convenience.?

  • Business card copy and letter of invitation?

This document applies to people who are visiting India regarding their business. This means that they are applying for a business E Visa

  • Letter from the medical institution in India

When you are applying for a medical e-Visa, you have to show the letter by the hospital where you are going to get yourself checked.

Processing time and cost for Malian

The applicant has to decide about the processing time and which type of visa are they looking for and also fit their expectations. The cost of the visa depends on the type of visa you choose. There are three kinds of visas that are provided to the applicants- tourist, business, and medical. You can check the three kinds of visas below:

1.) Standard processing

People would want to save money while getting the electronic Visa. This is the option they should choose when they are choosing the standard option. Your visa will be delivered within 96 hours after making the payment.

2.) Rush processing

When you want the visa sooner than 96 hours, then you can go for rush processing which only takes around 72 hours. As you are getting the e Visa early, you will have to pay an extra for the service.

3.) Super Rush processing time

If you are seeking an eVisa within 48 hours, you have to choose the super rush processing because you will get your e Visa in 48 hours. With the time being less, you will be asked to pay a higher amount as compared to other processing times.?

The above cost will only be applied to a tourist visa. In the case of business or medical e-Visa, you will have to pay more than a Tourist visa.

The procedure with the application form

eVisa Mart has made the process very simple so that Malian does not experience any problem. There are three steps in the application form. If you have any problem, you can contact the eVisa Mart support service. You will be guided and attended throughout the process whenever or whatever you need.

In the first step, Malian has to fill their basic information like name, email, address, date of birth, passport information, etc. After this, you also have to decide on the visa type and processing time.?

The second step mainly revolves around your reviewing your form and making the payment. You should keep an eye on the payment information filled because once it has been processed; you cannot make any changes later on. You should check the application form twice before submitting it.?

Your personal information is required in the third step. The digital photo has to be uploaded now. Along with the photo, you have to upload other documents for the completion of the eVisa process. The type of documents to be uploaded is not the same for all Malian. Do not take any tension because you will be notified about the documents before uploading it. Once the three steps are done, the submission of the application form has to be done. You will get an email about the confirmation about the submission of your application. The process cannot be simpler than this.

With the help of the document, Malian is allowed to stay continuous for 90 days in India. They can make multiple entries depend on their visa type. Your eVisa can only be used in a fixed or designated point of entry. Right now there are 28 airports and 5 seaports where eVisa is checked for granting entry. Other than these points of entry, you will have to visit the Indian embassy for getting a consular visa.

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